Do young kids still watch mtv? zoomers, do you watch mtv?

Do young kids still watch mtv? zoomers, do you watch mtv?

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19 year old zoomer here, only really watch ITV or crap on BBC when I'm home from Uni. Don't think anyone in my age group has watched MTV in years, although we're britbongs so who knows.


I knew it. We have lost.

No. MTV is sjw trash these days. They've got Francesca Ramsey screaming about how white men are evil and that's pretty much it. If I want to watch music videos I'll do it on YouTube.
t. Zoomed, 19

Youtube is the new mtv

Hopefully not. It sucks.

I miss when they used to play those video game music videos

I don't think anyone watches MTV much. I'm a late millennial (23 years old) so I'm almost a zoomer, and the last time I heard someone my age talking about MTV was when jersey Shore would come on.

I know that MTV has taken a very huge turn into SJW territory though. I'm a progressive leftist myself but I don't want to watch 24/7 feminist propaganda on my TV between reality shows about Italians fucking whores at the clubs and Future rapping "I ain't got no manners for no sluts, I'ma put my thumb in her butt". It's just very strange to me. MTV was supposed to be edgy.

But I guess SJW shit is edgy in a certain way. Peoples parents definitely aren't this liberal, so it's rebellious.

What is it with this generation's obsession with black dicks?! I bet you imagine yourself as the girl getting railed, don't you?

I am a 22 year old zoomer. I watched viva la bam and jackass on mtv, that was it.

Didnt know anyone who did, was that teen mom show on MTV? That might have been a few people, but aside from that no one. MTV is shit anyways. Last time I watched it was when they aired that very short lived Beavis and Butthead reboot in 2011.
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If it helps you lads I only listen to it as background noise since I've been raised in such a way. More of a habbit than an interest since there's nothing on TV I actually keep up with. And the battle was lost long before I was born.

>He listens to BLACKED porn as background noise

That's hardcore chief

Nah man the British Broadcasting Network is on almost 24/7 in the majority of British households, it's almost not noticeable as background noise

My god, it's even worse than we thought.

Im an 18 year old zoomer and i watch david dobriks vlogs and some shit on youtube trending. Nothing else really.

When i go to bed, i listen to some jiddu krishnamurti talks.

l dont know what any of those things are, oh god I'm dying

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28 here, not a zoomer but i didn't even realize MTV still existed.
haven't had cable since 2010.

You don't even watch the popular videos on the frontpage of YouTube? Are you 70 bro

what the hell is youtube, make time stop lads

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I'm a zoomer and I only watch PC videos or Family Guy/Archer.

nah I just watch anime, gaming and music reviews on youtube and whatever you would call the vids Metokur makes

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>what is youtube

It's ok grandpa, I'll go find your typewriter.