Grew up on a farm

>grew up on a farm
>father was a pastor
>didn't really use internet until I was in high school
>never watched porn
>never watched anime
>never even heard of transgender topics until adullthood
>have felt uncomfortable with my male body since before elementary school which severely ramped up at puberty and badly wished I was born female my entire life

Explain to me why my being trans isn't some kind of mental birth defect

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I cant, but consider suicide. The feeling will never go away, even if you do transition.

it was until recently. dont transition, our tech is barbaric atm. if you must, an hero instead

What's barbaric about taking hormones? The only downside is that I didn't get to start as an early teenager and prevent male puberty

You're always going to be male & changing your appearance won't even get you recognized as female in 99.5% of transitions. You can never know how it feels to be female even if you transition as you're born male, just a butchered concept of what you think it feels like & means. You will never get the same sexual gratification, it will be much worse. Get out before you suicide. The only solution will be body swaps if we ever have this in the future by magik occult arts.

Its not a mental illness at all if you look at it, but it is mental something.
Many recent studies have shown that the brains of trans people behave more like the sex they want to be than the one they are, quite literally, a woman trapped in a mans body, or vice versa.

Its called a soul

why do people actually wish death on others for wanting to be different

I'm telling him to kill himself because he'll never be happy.

Why do people think they deserve respect for being mentally defective and wanting to mutilate themselves?

fucking moron

"recent studies" don't mean as much as people think.
The vast majority of modern published studies and experiments are not able to be replicated reliably .

Mental defects happen. chemical imbalance in the brain is a thing. It doesn't mean thinking you should be a girl will make you one; that is stupid.
HRT and gender reassignment surgeries are not rational in any way and they only exist because pharma can profit off of mental cripples under the guise of "fixing" them.

You are not switching to a female body once you go through with it. It is the same male body but now irrevocably fucked up.

>irrevocably fucked up
Thats arguable. Yeah its a permenant change, but in 99% of cases nothing major comes of it
Also hrt is rational because its the only method proven to reduce hrt other than copious amounts of liver killing antipsychotics, although i do agree SRS is too much since the surgery is still primitive conpared to any others.
Id still say the studies are right though, no genes, no childhood pattern, nothing can be found attributed to being trans, its not farfetched to say that they could've just developed into the other gender late in the womb after brain development started so their mind developed female but their body male or vice versa.

maybe you lack testerone?
post hands so i can see how girly your fingers are

Truly I wish for their happiness, and media is brainwashing them into an unavoidably miserable path. I pity them.

It is a mental illness but like how you medicate or treat people with schizophrenia or ADD, gender dysphoria should be treated via therapy or medication, you wouldn't follow the delusions of a schizo.

Just like how if obese or deformed people are unhappy with their appearance they should get therapy and medication to be happy with themselves


I mean yeah therapy could help with eating disorders or chemical imbalances can be solved with the right medication, as far as deformations those are souly superficial there is no mentality saying that they are limbless or something because they feel it

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Take schizo meds, 2 milligrams, it will unironically help your disorder if taken regularly.

>The vast majority of modern published studies and experiments are not able to be replicated reliably .
Unfortunately most things in social sciences and even hard empirical science is not replicable reliably, surprisingly.

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its an intrusive thought, the "transgender" thought is a modern invention and a way to blame your body/society/fate for the fact you dont enjoy what you do

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Life is suffering lads.

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Same reason normies wish death to robots, fear of the unfamiliar.

The feeling can go away. This study shows that gender dysphoria can be treated with anti-psychotic medication. Ask your doctor about it. I don't know why more people don't know about this

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Just date a black chick

Mental illnesses only become worse if you feed into them.
If you were willing to put even an ounce of your delusional wonderment into the effort of meditation you would find that all mental problems can be solved yourself, it's simply a matter of unmaking and remaking the foundations of your mind.

If there were no other people in existence on this Earth, would it matter if you were male or female? If there were no cloths, no people to see you, no minds to talk with, why would you care?
It's all a facade you've fooled yourself with.

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Take hormones that correspond to your birth sex. Problem Solved. When depression hits, the pill even the hormone levels to normal. When people get gender dysphoria, they instead feed the fire. Like what?

>have felt uncomfortable with my male body since before elementary school which severely ramped up at puberty and badly wished I was born female my entire life
Most people feel uncomfortable even women, just ask them what it's like having period cramps and having to be beautiful.
for you the grass was just greener on the other side.
just because you grew up on a farm doesn't mean you were raised right.

Interesting but one patient alone is not statistically valid, though

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