Currycels have it worse than any other race


Whites have Chad
Asians have Chang
Blacks have Tyrone

Curries have ???

Nothing, we have no Chad equivalent

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>he hasnt heard of Chadjeet
Never gonna make it

You got Ramdeep

Ok bahatmaan stop making threads. I know your incel rage is hitting peak but come on.

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Every race has a chad except for gingers and albinos.

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Indians have gigachad

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You have arranged marriages unless you're poor so what else do you need?

Nah, I agree with him.
I've never once heard a girl irl, social media, tv etc. say they had a thing for Indian cock/guys. Every other race (minus aboriginals) has their niche.

Whos bahatmaan lol, ive seen him mentioned alot

Indians have T-Series I guess

Look at his left hand.
He could be teasing her nipple with his index finger and getting that reaction.

tfw no ablino gf

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She looks like a corpse

How is that not original

corpses are cute

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Siddartha Deepcock

Indian tranny chaser incel with too much time on his hands and too thirsty for his own good.

Damn that's qt actually. Good taste man

like a doll. perfection.

I fucking hate living in the west as a shitskin
get me out of this white/black boy hell, I hate it here
literally nobody likes us, not even ourselves

Oh i thought he was a tranny himself

Cant you get an arranged marriage?

>tfw will never cuddle with a qt lg

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We were talking the other day and he seemed cool to me, do I avoid?

I always see curry girls with curry guys. I don't see your problem. Just fuck other curries.

she cute. post more cute ablinos pls maybe even some cute albino boys like as a joke haha

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Spics have none either, but it's true that the currynigger have it much worse especially in the west.

We have pancho chadcano

He's fine, as long as you dont mind getting doxxed for images of your legs.

i really feel sad about white kids that have to deal with all these subhuman mongrels because of jewish indoctrination. good thing is at least as white people stop having kids, there wont be more suffering.

That's why those dirty freaks deserve no pity. They are crying because they can not get white womyn.

Western media has brainwashed multiple generations of non-whites to think that they're almost court appointed a blonde white girlfriend by 25. Turns out interracial dating is pretty rare in reality.

Indians smell so bad my eyes water when one of you comes within 10 feet of me. Why can't you just stay in your shit country?

India is literally overflowing with humans and their shit. It's a fucking breeding barn to rival industrial animal farming. They're desperate to escape.

Why are there badasses with the nickname name Barbarossa then?

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its by far the hardest for brown guys out of all the races, esp in the US

have good facial structure, tall, skinny, and great sense of fashion (have been complimented on all of these) and its still WAY harder for me to get with girls compared to other races. ive had a gf before but she was a chubby white girl. have had other chances to and sometimes girls flirt with me but being basically rejected and treated like shit for the first 18 years of my life made me not the best socially with women (can talk to guys fine tho)

if there was a scale of difficulty of getting with girls out of 10, take whatever score most races have and add like 5 and you get how hard you need to try/how lucky you need to be/how attractive you need to be when youre brown

By the stink of my dubs the pooboi Indian chad name shall be

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Indian Chads look like Roman Reigns.

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I Ghandi'd

What would a fusion of Chad, Chang and Tyrone look like?

I lived next to a pajeet chad during my first year at university. Every now and then he'd cheat on his girlfriend with a different girl.

I've seen more pajeet chads than I expected I would desu.

Currys have Pajeet

Champion of the Call Center

Pajeet is derogatory, the opposite of a chad equivalent

she's likely blind and retarded

well i said that but i have to admit she's adorable

start by pooing in loos

Indians are technically Asian so you guys have Chang

>fake name while Chad, Chang, and Tyrone are all real names
over for curries

You ever watched that show Victorious? Wasn't that Chad guy who dated that mean girl Indian? He was definitely brown or at least a mix of some sort.

Curries have Kerpal

Avan Jogias father is OF British Indian descent while his mother is of British-German descent.

At most he is 1/8th curry

You have arranged marriage. You don't need to have any positive characteristics, which is no coincidence.

Neither of them are races

chadpreet oregano

You must be another pajeet. We all know indians are the lowest of low when it becomes to dating. Even your own women despise you. The only reason most indians marry within their race is because of intense familial pressure or the out marrying rate would have left the Asian women in the dust. Kys subhuman

>not being Sanjay Deepdik

>Every race has a chad except for gingers
this, people dont even see us as humans

t. ginger

black people are an oxymoron