My gf broke up me please robots cheer me up

My gf broke up me please robots cheer me up

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She's just another skank. Be free. Don't provide free rent to whores.

its ok! even if you never get over her youll always have the happy memories! thats how i lived with my bf abandoning me!

fell for the vaginal jew. how often did you post here during your tenure? are you one of those guys that ghosts your friends for some pus?

I thought I made some friends but now they are hanging out and I'm uninvited. We're all hurting some way bro. At least you had a gf.

No, she's a beautiful human being, an individual gift to the world

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You will change your tune once you have some lady to cuddle you in bed

Nah not living with me. Too risky even that anymore.

if it makes you feel any better I had some nigress flip out on me just because I wouldn't pay her 120 dollar apple pay request. I ain't a bank nigga baka

Die you fucking normalfag scum
i hope you fucking end yourself tonight


>having a gf
okay normalfag

Fuck off normalfag. Why the fuck so many normalfags coming here looking for support? Fuck off.

>having a trip
okay tripfag

Fucking this. Wtf is the matter with these normies complaining to actual robots as if we would give a damn. They dont belong.

desu ill take normalfags over trannies and faggot spam any day. For all you know OP could have been here for years and finally made it.

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Been here for 3 years got my gf 7 months ago she was my first im 22 it fucking hurts

Can you tell me how to get a gf?

>my gf
Normie just get out please

It lasts a little bit but in a couple months you'll realize focusing on your own improvement, financial status etc to be free when you're 30+ is more important than a gf. (aka part-time job for negative $) then you can get the REAL waifu. The grind is what gives men happiness, user. Never credit this to a woman.

Try not to autistic care about her interests be a good dude try to man up and be a chad a little bit

>Been here for 3 years
newfag get the fuck out

>my gf
why the fuck are you even on here, you're not even a robot

Misery loves company right? If it's any consolation I just got back this Thursday after flying over 3,000 miles and an ocean to see a girl from here. It didn't work out.

fuck off this board nigger, kys while your at it

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