Bros, what can we do to help improve the lives of the fembots? I don't want to see them suffer any more

Bros, what can we do to help improve the lives of the fembots? I don't want to see them suffer any more.

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Get me Xanax!

I donate generously to charities (anonymously, of course).

Reintroduce me to the Mommyanon from the dead thread. She was wonderful and just wanted someone to dote on without any sort of sex stuff it seemed.

We kill em. We just kill em.


Let them fuck Chad.

ffs are you guys retarded? wake the fuck up you bluepilled beta cucks, FEMBOTS AREN'T REAL

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Not a real thing. Womens cant be lonely so they cant be robots

We need to make Jow Forums fembot friendly.

No, please let's not do that.

lol they deserve to suffer. we should not bother ourselves over their issues.

there's no such thing as a fembot, even 30 year old virgins will cheat on you when you give them the self confidence to do so, all women are whores.

the trick with femanons is you have to play a very careful balancing act with love and abuse. they need both

I don't want to abuse them though. Only love.

Hahaha nice try roast

But if we so must, we will just fill em up with Xannys, Wine, and Cum.

Also telling them that they are pretty every 10 minutes

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I want to strangle fembots to death. They won't suffer anymore after that.

I want to give a fembot a comfortable and carefree life

there are no fembots.
only women who reject anything else than chad

They idea is to improve their lives, not end it.

Give me a massage every day

What kind of massage? Back? Feet?

head, back, feet, arms, hands, legs

Sounds like a full treatment. I would massage you as much as you wanted if I could.

Fly out to California and let me leech off of you.

That's good I have lots of videos for you to watch and then do the same thing on me
And don't forget brushing and playing with my hair or doing something like this

Do you like ASMR? I'm interested in what other videos you like.

Fuck fembots. They deserve everything that's coming to them.

they deserve faithful and obedient robot partners to care and provide for them

how much do you think you need per month?

Yes I like ASMR, my favorite are massage videos and playing with hair etc but I also like the other type of videos, my other favorite one is visual hand movements/touching things. For example is someone squeezes an item with their fingers or runs their finger across the item that's a huge trigger for me. I also like inaudible whispering to some degree.
I hate eating sounds, tongue clicking and crinkle sounds

Yeah, the eating sounds are gross and the crinkling just sounds like static. My favorite ones are where the person is typing something or writing on a piece of paper while talking to themselves under their breath, like you're listening to someone studying or doing work.

Send fembots money, buy them things

If a person consistently posts here ending their life would be an improvement.

so we looked at the data...
original incoming

>Bros, what can we do to help improve the lives of the "fembots"?
Can't help something that doesn't exist.
Also bros before hoes.

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