Confessions thread

ITT Confess a wrongdoing or just reveal something a little "scandalous" about yourself

Time to get it off your chest, brobots

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I started pissing in snow and it turned me into an exhibitionist
Now I get a kick out of shitting in public or walking around a parking lot naked at night

I sell heroin as a full time job.

I was supposed to stop once I had enough to pay the tuition for a full school semester but now I just take classes part time and sell dope.

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I ERP'd with a married milf on pornhub. I brought out a bunch of /d/ tier fetishes and she said she was masturbating to it after it was over.
It was unsettling and I want to forget about it

I only get off to my reflection in the mirror, literally nothing else arouses me and I wish i could fuck myself

the firsr blowjob i ever gave was in a movie theater

How much does heroin cost?

There are clips of me on pornhub and xvideos which have over a million views. And it's mommy stuff with my ex gf

Once a week I'll jerk off in the changing rooms at my local mall. It works best at times near closing or as they open. I've never recorded myself and posted it but I've been tempted. And I always take the cum tissue with me. I'm not a savage.

how much do you make a month from that?

A 16 year old girl I work with constantly asks me inappropriate questions.
>asked how big my dick is
>asked me what busting a nut feels like
>asked how many girls I've slept with
>gives me details about her sex life and how young she lost her virginity
>she knows I'm moving into my own place soon
>making subtle suggestions about hanging out alone at my place once I move in
>I'm one of her managers so I see her often during the week
Wtf I'm not trying to catch a statutory rape charge. If my HR department caught wind of any of this they'd fire us both.

I tried to kill myself late last year and played it off as an accident.

I've taken knot and I want to again

>How much does heroin cost?
Your life.

But I sell tar at 60 dollars a gram and street ready (powdered H) at 25 a gram. Dime bags or a single "fix" i sell at 10-15 dollars and each fix is about 1/10th of a gram

I'm sure price varies by location

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I don't list my finances and earnings like i should so I can't give you an accurate earning of how much i make in a month after living expenses but I make roughly 150-200 dollars a day on the regular though I can get lazy at times and most junkies have more than one plug. If I'm feeling particularly motivated during the holidays, or during citywide events like fiesta, I'll buy a 2 or 4pack of meth and move that over a week or 2 and make some pretty good earnings but the "Pura" is what I always got 24/7

Sometimes i feel like touching him but i stop halfway.

I tell myself i want to be the best but everything i do in my life i do for other people.

I hate myself

I love him but we'll never be together, yet i still have hope and reject everything else because he's the only thing i can think about.

But how much it cost for you?

How was your experience of it? Why do you want to do it again?

Elaborate I want all the details

well, is she hot? worth it if so desu

I love panties, I can't stop thinking about them. They're cute and fun and I like how feminine they are. I buy them all the time in the hopes that the girls at Victoria's Secret will catch on to the fact that I'm buying them for myself and subtly make fun of for doing so.

My sister is also my daughter. Everyone including her just assumes sister only though.

It varies and obviously I don't buy it by the gram so I get a pretty sweet deal. Gotta know your Mexicans

I want to fuck almost any woman I see. I even fantasize about how it must be to fuck the driest, most ancient old ladies.

I've showered with my 9yo niece quite a few times

Is she hot? did she comment on your dick at all?

Go to hr, user.

For years now I've been selling pot and alcohol to teens at a middle school in my town, then beat the shit out of them and take it back, I've sold the same bag of weed about twenty times now. I've actually heard a few people say whoever's doing it is alright since it scares the hell out of the little shits and makes them afraid to buy.

I'll admit she is very cute. She has 3 brothers so she has seen dicks many times, nothing really new or different for her

Would you ever consider... doing stuff with her?

You both need to be lined up and burned on fire.

>burned on fire

What's wrong, incel?

Honestly, no. I'm perfectly fine with our current family relationship

Would you ever consider... suicide... for the.... betterment of society

as a child i stole mt best friend's spiderman watch

i feel bad for it up to this day

i had an orgy with my girlfriend and i now prefer the other girl over her

I'm into light femdom. Yea not anything hardcore or things that would put me on fetlife. But I like spoiling the girls I'm with, having them give me directions, "serving" them (with alot of oral sex).

I also like doubling as my girls' "boy toy" and do alot of married MILF roleplaying. Part of me wants to try hotwifing but I understand thats a slippery slope and I enjoy being her "stud".

mommy kink?

absolutely not. get the fuck out of here with that shit.

I'm a horribly abusively manipulative asshole.
I used to get a kick out of gaslighting friends and family because I thought their descent into madness and confusion was funny. Now I habitually lie, use others for my own gain, and even indirectly convince others to give me what I want through manipulation of their environment and what I say. I want to stop, but I just can't. I feel like a criminal; even having not committed anything against the law. I don't even work a job I indirectly steal from a friend through me managing to convince them to let me keep their money in storage

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just wanted to say your response made me laugh so fucking hard on a bad day. thanks user

Wait 2 more years then rail the fuck out of her.

I'm only 27, but I appear to have fallen for a 38-year-old man. This has never happened; I've always stuck to my own age range. I'm highly confused with myself & somewhat ashamed. I love them though. All his friends though aren't particularly fond of me, and are dead-set that I'm 'using' him. It hurts a little because it's already caused issues. I don't think I'll ever be able to convince his friends that I'm not trying to use him or that I've not got anyone on the side. I really do just adore everything about him.

Been in a relationship with a v& aged girl for a couple of years. Love her but can't help but share her pics online. Especially when they have no clue of her age and they ask for more. That shit turns me on

the fact that you get off to other people jacking to your girl is fucking repulsive you tofu eating cuck

He makes that much money?

If you love him you can over come. In the end it will be just you and him. Friends come and go.

ofc now this whore will make this into a fucking thot thread.

You just admitted to posting CP retard, better be behind 23 proxies

No. He doesn't make much money, but women don't need riches to use people. They can use people for sex, a place to stay, alcohol, for a car ride, for drugs, for food... the list can go on. They can date someone for affection and self-esteem, but be fucking other people on the side. As it was once said, "If a woman is using me, I'm letting her use me." Like I said, it's caused some skirmishes. I don't fault him, or even his friends really, but it does hurt that the people closest to him will likely never accept me.

Yeah I know
It's a secrets thread. Besides I'm larping

I used to crossdress, and it was for purely sexual reasons. I'm not trans, not into men, not really into agp. I think it was mostly an exhibitionism thing, really turned me on to wear a shortish skirt and know that all I had between my dick and the world was a thin pair of panties. I passed pretty well too, got hit on by a lot of guys who then recoiled in horror when I'd reply back and they'd hear my voice, and I think I really got off on the idea of fooling everybody around me too. I wish I could still do it but I got way more masculine as I got older. I'd probably be better off just doing "normal" exhibitionistic stuff but I don't have the confidence for it.

Boo-hoo, cry little bitch. Wah. You know, some men like the penis.

I diddled and fucked my sister in her sleep once and live with that sin in my shoulder
It was years ago but I still want to kill myself

Back in my middle school kids used to go to these houses to get ecstasy from their dealers and then sell them for $10 a pop at my school. Was a major epidemic there and teachers had no clue. Was kept surprisingly under wraps.

what does she think about it? she couldnt possibly been asleep the hwole time

I want the guy I met on discord to fuck the living shit out of me. I want him to climb ontop of me and breed and mate me until Im broken and cant even speak. And he wont let me cum and just drive me on and on until I cant take it anymore and allow him to impregnate me from desperation. Leg lock him as he holds me closer and feel his breath and legs get tighter and gradually more intense as hes closer to climax. I want his hot gooey cum to drip out of me as he forces me to kiss his balls and pet my hair and call me a good girl.

Geez I didn't know you felt that way about me. No need to keep it a secret. I'll breed you don't worry Id love to

i fucking CAN'T stop ass-masturbating

i'm not even gay, it just feels so much better, fucking god damn it

I have a shitty chronic masturbation addiction, that I'm fighting as much as possible. I easily get horny sometimes and it's hard for me.
I also have lost all my self esteem recently and lost myself in life. I feel like I no longer have intuition, there is no inner voice and no motivation that would drive me, no stimulation that would drive me mad to go further, things feel sluggish, depressing, and boring.

Please come here and fill my insides. I am aching and need it so bad. I want to be breeded please fuck just fucking breed me I want to be your cumslave any time of the day. Please own me and make it so that you are my everything. Please spit in my mouth and call me a dirty whore and fuck me deep and passionately. I want it so bad I want it so bad I want it so bad.
I masturbated to you earlier today and got so wet that I needed to change my pyjamas. Every time I stuck my fingers inside I could just imagine how amazing your cock would feel filling in all my crevices. I have never been horny in my life.

I'm a failed normalfag and making friends is my biggest regret, they didn't help me find a girlfriend and my life has just gotten worse and worse as I keep trying to escape but it keeps backfiring. No matter what I do everything is shit, I wouldn't wish my situation on anybody.

When my nephew stays with me I let him shower with me and my gf. His parents are jesusfags and he is pretty sheltered especially when it comes to sex/nudity, they would not be cool with it actually an orange man sporter, AKA a literal Cheeto Hortler.

how does he react to it?

The first couple times he was shy about it but now it's kinda fun for him, he usually watches her the whole time. She is the only girl he has seen naked

you're a pretty cool guy but your gf is a whore

Wow im turned on

how old is he and has he ever touched her before or something like that?

I can't stand religious people and I never vouch for the promotion of programmers at my office if I find out that they're religious.
Luckily, most programmers don't believe in stupid shit, so I don't have to be an asshole very often.

yeah you're so fucking woke right? with your richard dawkins and fucking rick and morty.

I want to write to a criminal in prison once the initial attention wears off. I have a gf but I am just so infatuated with her. She's so fascinanting and just as much of a shit person as I am, I don't know what loyalty is.

le criminal mind meme
holy shit grow up

I don't care about Dawkins or cartoons.

I am so edgy and cool. Criminals are edgy and cool too. I'm basically perfect for her, I'm a broke loser but she could totally rip me off.

go eat tofu

I remember telling my parents I was going to get my dad a car and be a good person with a good job and family. I'm 27 and for the past two years I ended up getting involved with escorts to get rid of my loneliness and curb my depression. I could have paid off my student debt at this point. Things have been pretty....grim.

The only thing worse than spending money on people who don't care about me is avoiding telling the people who do I don't care about me anymore.

you're a loser that's nothing special

>Child prodigy
>Ended up selling weed just for fun
>Basically have episodes of extreme psychosis once in a while
>Fell into extreme bdsm both receiving and giving
>All around degenerate and sodomite
>Watched the girl I wanted to fuck have sex with one of my friends and another guy in front of me after she crased my car
I basically lost my mind after going in the army

Don't worry.
According to the literature, child prodigies rarely amount to anything special as adults.
It turns out that being ahead of the curve as a kid is not strongly correlated with being a clever adult.

I punched the local retard when I was 8.

At some point I also told him he's retarded. The teacher who walked by scolded him for telling me to shut up but left me alone.

Don't worry.
Everyone who are identified as "child prodigies" are really not. You were just fed a lucid dream. You were never meant for anything great.

My girlfriend is fat but I like her anyways.

I was okay in high school, I started losing my shit slowly out of depression and other factors didn't help
I didn't really believe myself to be a child prodigy others did, also I won a bunch of contests but I mostly did so for the cash prize. I'm in a good major with a lot of money but I'm a broken man so it doesn't even mean anything to me

Try to keep an eye on her for two years, also isn't 16 the age of consent in a lot of states?

Is she rude? My fat ex was rude because she was teased for her weight and so she became resentful.

i did so many terrible things to my ex. neglect, embarrassed her in so many ways, was just an all around dick. she wasnt perfect, but she was pretty close to it, but i was still terrible to her. i dont know why i did it, but i dont think i could stop myself. i.e went to washington for the summer to spend time with her dad's side of the family and i spent almost the entire time on my laptop and pressured her to drink her dad's liquor
im going to end up being "that shitty bf" she tells people in a couple years

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I have a lot but it's mostly stuff that I'm not comfortable admitting but there is one: I've been becoming increasingly suicidal over the past couple of months or so, to the point where I'm genuinely considering doing it soon. I've been laying in bed all day after work, neglecting my school duties (thankfully my grades haven't dropped yet although I do have an exam and another assignment that's due today), neglecting cleaning up my room (I didn't put my sheets on my bed or put my clothes away for a solid week and a half or so, which is probably the messiest my room's ever been) and I've been making plans to do it that are becoming more and more concrete. Initially I've wanted to kill myself one of the most efficient, guaranteed ways by just blowing my brains out, but I have no access to a firearm and can't obtain one per state law. I was thinking about maybe taking an Uber or a Lyft to a shooting range and blowing my brains out there somehow, so that's always my Plan B. But lately I've been thinking about just grabbing a razor and slitting my wrists down the vein. I can't take this shit anymore, can't take being a virgin at my age who hasn't and probably never will find romantic love. I know I'm crazy and super insecure but it feels like fucking everyone and everything is subtly letting me know how much of a massive loser I am. Sure, I COULD pull myself out of my situation, but it's so fucking hard to do it. It's like being a NEET. I was one for fucking years in my early-20's, and when you've gone so long without any job experience, companies are going to wonder why you haven't been working, and will instantly reject your application on the basis of inexperience regardless of how easy the job is. It's the same shit with dating.


When there's a big gap where you went so long without ever finding a partner or you've gone so long without ever finding anyone despite trying, it's basically a huge red flag and actually pulling yourself out of that is incredibly difficult, especially if you don't have much of a life or a social circle to find anyone in. The thing is, there's like no real resource or no movement like the slut pride thing for people like me, so I kinda just have to grin and bear it and just live with the idea that I'll be foreveralone. And to me, that's just heartbreaking. I wish people would sympathize with me more and maybe offer me pity sex, at the very least.


Years ago. Met this guy he fell in love with me. I was basicly his first commited girlfriend. He was a good guy. For a while i accepted he wasnt a dream for me but he was loving, kind and never made me feel like i was just some dumb bitch like my previous bf. He wanted to get married, i wanted kids. While out with a friend I slept with another guy. I end up pregnet. For a while i was just going to lie to him and say it was his. I chickened out and told him i didnt want to see him anymore. He begged me that we could fix anything that was wrong and he loved me. He cried as i closed a door in his face.i end up with the guy i slept with. Im happy but i know he isnt. Still fell bad about it.

Hang in there man get some help. Join an activities group and have something to live for.

Thanks, man. I do have an activities group of sorts that I haven't checked out in awhile sadly and I do have something to live for. I want to become a vidya designer.

If you're still here could you share the pros and cons of being a career drug dealer?

I've always been fascinated by the illegal drug trade, and I love reading articles or watching documentaries about said topic.

I'd be delighted If you could share some interesting details about your lifestyle and the lives of your customers. Do you sell anything else besides heroin and meth? Why not just sell weed? Is there more money to be made in harder drugs, I'm assuming?

In 2009, I ate a girl's ass on the second date. She was cute, had a sexy slim body and a nice pawg butt. To this day, I'm incredibly thankful that I didn't get any diseases.

I make moonshine in my room.

>money everyday. Never broke
>no boss
>no need for alarm clock
>networking oppurtunities?
>degree of respect if youre not a pussy
>bunch of people that'll do favors for a fix or hookup
>most junkies are morning people so no sleeping in
>dangerous if you're a pussy (and even if you're not)
>illegal. Not even worth the risk.
>fingers might smell like vinegar a lot and tar can be gooey and annoying
>dealing with hardcore addicts can be super annoying
>if you sell to your parents they'll demand ridiculous hookups
>looks questionable on your resume
>clientele is easy to lose (they die or get locked up) and kinda hard to attain, unlike other drugs

It's also hard to get out of the lifestyle after being in it for awhile. They call it the "trap" for a reason. Not a recommended line of work for robots.

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Do you sell it or is it for personal drinking?

Send link bro

My older brother died of an overdose. I sincerely hate your kind and hope you rot in prison or get killed by a rival dealer.