Give your daughter a horrible name like Hildegard or Burp

>give your daughter a horrible name like Hildegard or Burp
>she now focuses on school or activities like shooting instead of fucking Chads
I've solved it

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>instead of fucking chads she fucks niggers
you've not solved it

>naming your daughter "Burp"

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Colon is also a good one

That's not gonna stop anything bro

You think I wouldn't fuck pic related because her name is Imogen Poots?

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>naming your daughter "Burp"

Holy shit fucking based.

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>naming your daughter "Burp"
Holy shit you just made my day nigger

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>naming your child Burp

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Heres an even more fail safe plan
Abort your daughter

>first day of class
>a girl taps your shoulder and you turn around
>"h-hi, I'm Burp"
What do Jow Forums?

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>"Hey burp!"
>Turns head
>Some random guy literally burps
>"Not you! Fuck off burp!"

I can only imagine

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No but making her obese works.

>naming your daughter "Burp"
holy shit user

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>"Fuck off thot, I'd rather hang out with Gaben."

>tfw no Burp gf

imagine introducing her to your parents

Imogen is a great name tho

Hildegard is a nice name, Burp is just cruel though

I've been laughing myself stupid over this for like 2 minutes, now I have hiccups.

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hey are you the new kid? your names burp?

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>naming your daughter "Burp"

I can't breathe

She just becomes a mentally ill tranny and changes her name and gender.
I know because I'm a mentally ill tranny, just with the genders reversed.

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I thought discord trannys were a myth

Imogen Gay Poots, to be more precise.

>or Burp


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What the fuck is a gender change going to do? Are you implying that being Mr. Burp is better than being Ms. Burp?

Poots is not. Imogen Poots is worse. But I would still fuck her.

female last names dont matter cuz they change em dummy

I would also fuck her

For the few people who don't hate me, I would like to present as female. I want to feel a connection to my body, and I'm desperate enough to try taking hormones to achieve that.
I'm in a near constant state of dissociation. I use drugs to cope with it.

>female last names dont matter cuz they change em
Not quite, gramps.

What if she doesn't want to change her name, in fact she wants to hyphenate?

And what if your last name was Gay?

Imogen Gay-Poots

>open thread
>laugh uncontrollably for one minute
>come back an hour later and read responses
>laugh uncontrollably for three minutes
Best thread I've seen here in months, anons. Please screencap this.

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What were her parents thinking? Jesus

Please go the fuck back to r e ddit.