Why can't we just admit some people are screwed from finding love because of their genes and no amount of manning up...

Why can't we just admit some people are screwed from finding love because of their genes and no amount of manning up can save them? Would it be the end of the world if we admitted that?

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We dont need to admit it, nature takes its course.

Also, remember that its a roll of the dice. Two beautiful people can make an ugly baby, and two uglies can make a pretty one. Its all random

>it's all random
Shitstorm inbound. Ever heard of genes dude? It's not "all random".

Because they still have an ego and feel they are entitled to the luxury of life's blessings
They are unfit for competition and cannot accept reality because they are afraid of being wrong so they sit home all day post charts and bar graphs confirming his assumptions on why women act the way they do and continues to bring others down with him because misery loves company

Yes, because then you just admit that you have lost and there is nothing you can do. All of that precious to get laid juice called "passion" dies out and you will turn into a living corpse bum that absolutely nobody wants in their existence.

This is especially true for males. Passion is as valuable as gold or time. Women can find love from almost nothing. t.fembot We live on venus.

We have to tell less desirable men they have a chance or else they'll lose faith and the economy will collapse.

I discriminate against people all the time because of their faces. Not their clothes, not their haircuts, not their attitudes, not their body language, but their faces which they have no control over. If I can admit this why can't normies?

That kind of ideas break the bubble that is the world of the normal people
You dont want to make them angry user trust me

The problem is everyone knows a fat balding short ugly homeless guy who fucks a different model every week, which makes it seem like no one has an excuse.

Everyone says they know this guy but they never provide a real example. Sometimes they post a picture of Danny Devito or Verne Troyer. Thats it.

>google image search

if you actually research the story he didnt actually do anything. he had a "journal with fantasies about raping women" and tried to get alone with a woman. and that somehow got him 30 years in prison. meanwhile chads get away with actual rape.

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why do we need to admit the obvious?
There's always surgery tho.

Because believe it or not there is a LARGE segment of our population who are actively spreading the misinformation that ugly men can have sex and there's no such thing as "incels". I don't know why they do this. It's actually pretty insulting.

yes, some people have the gene where they don't talk to any girls. i admit it

Incels are mainly ugly men with horrible personalities.
In my city i see a lot of ugly men with really ugly and fat women.
So yes, ugly men can have sex

sigh at all the shills and faggots disagreeing with op. why do they do this? is it part of some psyop operation?

anyone who has been to a walmart in america knows that fat, hideous, disgusting, manlets get married to goblina women, and reproduce to create disgusting goblin spawn. incels are just sexually frustrated man children who think they deserve better than that awful fate.

yeah it's a psyop. i was told to create millions of ugly people with terrible genetics, and i gave them all wives and children. but i specifically made sure that OP didn't get any sex, no matter how hard he tries. and to nobody's surprise, he's never tried.

Because normies buy into the just world fallacy.
>Yeah bro if you try hard enough that 9/10 will date you
>Yeah it totally doesn't matter that you're 5'2 and a total skeleton
Normies are the ultimate retards.

there is more just world fallacy in saying you're too lazy because of "muh genetics" than saying the plain truth that ugly people still have sex.

>plenty of ugly people get laid. its just a few angry virgins on the internet with bad personalities who arent getting laid!! you guys believe me right???!?!

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>ugly people still have sex.
With other ugly people, dumbass

>Yeager spent months compiling a list of more than 200 real estate agents and their backgrounds with plans of luring a female real estate agent to a secluded model home and raping her.
I wonder why it was specifically real estate angets

>that face
>fetal alcohol syndrome
a woman fucked his entire life up even before he was born

Nice cope their roastie. Youre still a shallow cunt.

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my genes fucked me so hard I've got 0 chance of love unless I some how won millions

Alright. Genes can make you tard ugly and no one will fuck you because of it.

Get over it, get a job, and stop being a faggot and complaining about women not fucking you because you're ugly.

They have horrible personalities due to being judged for their looks. Not everyone can just have a massive rack or wear some tight pants or wear makeup. Girls have life on easy mode and have zero empathy for Men.

>resents women not lowering their standards for him
>won't lower his standards enough to date an ugly woman
way to prove that you're responsible for your own misery