Sit down at mall to eat

>sit down at mall to eat
>see this

how do you react?

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I continue to eat my family-sized meal in bitter silence, as usual.

Seething blackcels. Nubian queens are for ginger MEN

I know I'm weird but DAMN!

as I am dressed as a clown that day, I take it to mean my outfit is on point

>eating in a mall
Are you guys rich? Those places are expensive as fuck

What were they originally laughing at
Must of been pretty funny

who the fuck goes to the mall?

it's not the 90s anymore

Im used to be laughed at people laugh at me all the time cause im slow and they hurt my feelings as a kid

Reminisce about the past and how this shouldn't never be.

I continue playing my DS and tune them out

the fact that some creep is recording them

I would just ignore it desu

It's just niggers being niggers

Hope it gets better for you user :(

Stand up turn 360 degrees and walk away at a brisk pace

I love seeing black women laugh I have no idea why...

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Look down away from them eat my food as quickly as I can without making even more of a fool out of myself throw it away leave the mall and never come back all the while telling myself in my head
>"I knew coming out to a public place was a bad idea I'm so stupid"
go home and rage/cry and then repress it all and think about it months later when I'm trying to sleep

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Seems like such fake laughter

>Hehe we're not mean like other black girls we laugh gleefully in public hehe xD

You fat shitty nigga

>Those negresses want some white cream to become full fledged oreos.

Laugh along with them and pretend to understand what's so funny.

Then later contemplate whether either of them really did like me, or I'm just delusional.

Its ok i no longer get sad when people call me retarded or make fun of intelligence

if I'm at the mall I'm with my boys, and if I'm with my boys then we're gonna fuck with them, simple as

>360 degrees
> walk away

ummmmmmm miss geometry much???

>360 degrees
> walk away
Sounds like Jacko moonwalking.

I wouldn't notice in the first place, I'm autistic and tend to avoid looking at people in public like the plague, especially niggers.

Im pretty sure this is from a prank video where they revealed to the girls that what ever they were doing was a joke

Are these fucking sheboons laughing at me?

they're such a musical people

i thought that was michelle obama

Probably because some loser is recording them. They look more surprised and amused than anything though.

t. blackbot

With my appearance this would never happen to me but if it did I would walk over and push their food off the table. If they became violent I would put them on the floor. Both very predictable outcomes so again this would never happen in the first place.

I feel bad for anons that can't respond to harassment.

Because we often do it with genuine joy and humor.

It's impressive how wrong you non-blacks can be about reading our body language. They're actually pretty amused in that gif. Also, black women aren't typically mean if you aren't approaching them with a negative energy. You might find some in a bad mood like everyone else but you gotta be the judge of that. Basically you will get what you give with black women since being fake hardly ever serves us well.

The problems come when people came up with this shit logic that black women must always be tolerant, gracious and nice to any clown that disrespects her or be labeled ghetto, angry or rude which is dehumanizing but people, afraid of being accused of being guilty of this behavior don't wanna talk about this.

Pull up a chair and find out. If they didn't curse you out for filming them, it's more than likely they'd like it if you tried talking or flirting with them afterward. It's simple body language. I don't know why people act like the rules are different with black women.

Why do women do this?
Every time I take the train this happens usually more subtle tho

This sent me

>make sure I still have my wallet and phone
>360 outta there