How do clubs/strip clubs makes you feel?

How do clubs/strip clubs makes you feel?

after i go to the casino on weekends i usually go to a strip club and watch one of my favorite girls i just sit there and watch her, been watching her for 3-4 years im pretty sure im in love, the feeling is insanity. my heart beats out of my chest when i think about her

>i have never spoken to her
>i have never thrown money at her

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I've had some weird experiences with strip clubs. My first time I was so nervous I didn't even get hard. I was with friends and it felt weird. Second time I line wolfed it and spent $150. I made a stripper feel uncomfortable when my hard dick got soft. I was diatraught, i was nervous around women again. I went to the same club the next day, like I was trying to prove something, and dropped $200. Best time I ever had, one of the strippers let me finger her. I sucked on thicc titties, a girl even rubbed my dick through my pants. Recently went to a ghetto black strip club. I was the only guy there. There was one girl. No shit she took initiative and started grinding on me for free. I spent $100 on her that night, I got to play with her boobs while she was grinding on my hard dick for an hour. What a starlet. Went to the same place again, that girl was not there and i was disgusted by the bbws they brought out. I Offended the bbws by not giving them money and leaving. Now realizing I don't have the money to spend on strippers and the emotional roller coasters make me feel too self conscious

I have only been once. It was slow that day so the girls were all over me. I got better service than at a restaurant, the girls sat and talked to me, a couple sat on my lap, they let me touch and motorboat their boobies, one kissed me on the cheek. I had a good time, but blew about $180 on drinks and $80 on the strippers.

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Don't fall in love with a stripper.

we're all so emotionally and mentally destroyed that we'll probably fall for you too and eventually destroy our relationship through self destructive habits and paranoia

I went to one strip club with a friend who dragged me along. Drinks were okay, and some of the girls were pretty hot but the whole atmosphere of the place felt too artificial. I know it's a business for the strippers but I honestly would rather date normally than pay someone money for physical attention.

Posting stuff like this only tempts me more, user

I plan on joining the Marine Corps soon, will you be my stripper wife?

i don't really like the vibe of places like casinos or strip clubs. makes me feel out of place and skittish almost immediately

Why would I marry a soldier? I've never understood that.

Went once and felt super depressed. I just cant get my mind passed the point that they dont actually want to be near me. It makes me feel ashamed

Tits then gtfo cunt whore.

Stripping in a military city is really easy money, especially if you are actually attractive. The idiot 19 year jarheads get their first ever paychecks and cant wait to blow them on stupid shit. A 7+/10 girl can make an absolute killing in a town like Jacksonville NC or Oceanside CA that exists right outside the front gate of a major military base.

I do pretty well where I am though. I don't think that the opportunity to leach off of young soldiers is worth marrying someone.

Have you ever done anything sexual with a guy you met stripping?

I have sex multiple times a week. I work in one of those clubs. It's not technically a brothel but it essentially is.

I enjoyed talking to one stripper. She knew Javascript, so I don't know why she was stripping, but I'm not going to judge her for it. She let me touch her boobs so I gave her a ton of money before I staggered home and passed out drunk.

what makes you decide whether or not to sleep with a customer?

Money and whether or not they weren't too aggressive or abrasive.

Why would you spend money on someone who will forget you once the money runs out?

nigga i rotate what stores i go to so the workers there dont get comfy with me

let alone blow cabbage on some dummy slut so she can shake her worthless whore ass in front of me i will drink over priced piss water

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I've been to a few when I was deployed in Alaska and a few in California.

Hated it. Some of the chicks are hot but most are mediocre at best. Throwing money at a girl to cock tease you is dumb. Only went because I got dragged their. Rather buy a hooker.

I'm paying them to strip, not to remember me

I have a fantastic time at strip clubs. I love strip clubs solely for the fact that its the one last place where men can actually be men and act in a masculine fashion and women are women, show off their body and celebrate sex. Strip clubs are a celebration of sexuality its a refreshing breath of fresh air compared to the SJW PC madness going on.

I've had many private dances that have escalated to straight on sex in the VIP room. But granted strippers are quite superficial like many other women and know their worth....I work out and try to look good, so I dont think all men get the same treatment. Of course some strippers are just cash fiends and will fuck anyone, but I've had other strippers confess to me that they only fuck people they like, some that I've grown close to.

I've never dated one because most have major issues and many have kids. But I'm not opposed to asking out the right girl.

But yea strip clubs are great the dancers are great too. Any red blooded male should hit themu up, they may not last forever.

Actually, I talked to a stripper once who said that stripping in military towns can be very annoying. Said there were a lot of "you need to work for this dollar" types who will wave cash around and its hard to get them to actually spend it.

Do you prefer OTC or ITC?

tired, too old for that shit now, its only fun for young single people

Sounds annoying. I put in the effort but you aren't selling cash to me, I'm selling my body to you. Know what I mean?

I'm exclusively ITC. It's a high end club with a handful of regulars. Plus I get lots of attention since I'm on the pole. For some reason people think I'm more exclusive because of it.

The last time I was at a strip club was my 21st birthday. I was pulled onstage, handcuffed to the pole, and spanked with my own belt and a paddle by a short Asian stripper. It was a very humiliating, but extremely hot experience.

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>I put in the effort but you aren't selling cash to me, I'm selling my body to you. Know what I mean?
That's why I like to give the money up front and just enjoy what I get

Usually I reach a point where I've pocketed enough cash and just let them do whatever they want. I really don't like having to try so hard for every dollar. Just give me what I want and I'll return the favor.

Is it common for strippers to have work phones to give out phone numbers to text customers?

I don't. We have a couple that will reach out to a select few guys but I think they REALLY big spenders. The type to cover your rent in a couple visits. Most of us do fine with just whoever comes in.

That's weird, practically every stripper I meet gives me her phone number. I don't consider myself to be an especially large spender. I usually spend between $100-200 on a girl per visit.

Do you ever get to abuse guys for their bachelor parties?

Most guys at strip clubs are old af. They look at me in the club like I'm a fucking baby.

Must just be different kinds of clubs. I don't know what to tell you.

I haven't done any sort of special party stuff before.

What are the most creative stripper names you've heard and what are the worst? Do you ever wear a special costume?

What do you think about StripperWeb?

I never went to one but I had two ex strippers fall in love with me. Both were crazy chicks so I guess the clubs are okay so long as you do not talk to the girls.