How the fuck do you NEETs do it?

How the fuck do you NEETs do it?

I've only been off work for three days and I'm already so fucking bored. Vidya and /tv/ have lost all enjoyment for me. What the fuck do you do all day?
>There aren't any movies or tv shows I want to watch
>Vidya just seems shallow and pointless
>Friends are busy/probably don't want to spend time with me
>Gym only takes up 2h at most
Please, NEETfrens, how do you stop life from feeling so pointless?

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Well I wake up, play vidya games, make myself some breakfast, then I play vidya and eat at the same time all while waiting for my dad to get home so my day becomes more interesting, cause can't live without human interaction. Have no desire for a gf or friends. I don't really like people anyways.
In my afternoons, I usually spend my time chatting with people on my vidya games or on Discord so I can learn how to be sociable. I usually stay up all night too. One time I stayed up for three days. That was wild.

I don't do that much, honestly. I just don't find being bored to be all that bad. It certainly beats having responsibilities and work, boredom doesn't make me dread life like those do.

>I've only been off work for three days and I'm already so fucking bored
Is there any better litmus test for being an NPC than how fast you can get bored without being told what to do?

I'm SMI (Severely mentally ill) meaning that I get a check every month if I'm not working.

I still work however, because being a NEET is boring. I've been on both sides of the issue in the past, a ragie wagie jealous of smug NEET threads, all the way to becoming a NEET myself.

I have to tell you, don't listen to smug NEET posters. It really is no way to live like you're saying. They may say you have a slave mentality or something else equally stupid. They're disabled and unable to work because they're mentally ill. They take that out on others by acting smug to cope with that fact.

>Inb4 I'm happy as a NEET

Yes, happy living on a subsistence wage, looked down on by society, likely to have no friends, it's all bullshit. Work helps you contribute to others, and interweaves you into society. No man is an island.

why the hell would you look at this society and think "Yes, I want to labor to contribute to this"?

I help take care of my mother and father because they love me deeply, partially because I'm such a good son. I also have pets. Someday I'd like a family of my own

>Inb4 cuck
>Inb4 lol a family XD
>Inb54 lol i never wanna grow up and be responsible for others!
>Inb4 Change my diapie mother! get me more tendies mcdonalds man!

It's called growing into an actual responsible adult.

When I'm bored I just go to sleep or lie in bed under a blankie. Pretty comfy desu. But yeah it's a bit terrible.

Also, every now and then I'll do something out of the ordinary. I live right behind a park, so sometimes I'll go for a walk in the park or a bike ride around my neighborhood.. But I don't do those things often. I only do it during the winter because I'm afraid of pedestrians or people driving by in their cars. During the winter, there's ice on the road and snow on the ground so it's not an issue for me to try and feel alive because nobody is outside!
To make things simple. My life is pretty generic and dull. But I like it this way. It's the only way I know.

As far as society at large? I think it's doomed and will fall. But that doesn't mean I can't thrive as an individual or with my friends and family.

>>It's called growing into an actual responsible adult.
it's like that other thread about "why are men so childish!". There's no good reason to "grow up" and voluntarily take on responsibility. There's no reward for it, only more work.

The work is fulfilling. You are rewarded with the pride of raising a beautiful family, the embrace of your children, the legacy and dignity they provide. It's a deep fulfillment, that keeps your heart whole to provide for others. It's like eating vegetables, they don't taste as good but they make you feel better than the cheeseburger that is empty hedonism.

You become proficient at squandering time. I play old MMOs, other grindy games, shitpost all day. I post in a forum or two and shit around in discord all day with other lowlifes. If I get some extra money ill drink a bit and binge watch some anime or something.

Learn something. You can find college level textbooks online for free (look up Open Stax). Now educating yourself is less pragmatic without a degree to show for it but if you've got nothing better to do learning stuff never hurts

Thanks user. I'm sure you're right but
>Work helps you contribute to others, and interweaves you into society.
I think I need something more than work. I definitely need something to do right now.

>You become proficient at squandering time
That's exactly it. I've spent the past year just squandering time and now I want something more than that. All the old standbys that got me through high school and uni (vidya, shitposting, binging tv, reading webcomics) just aren't doing it for me. Feels like every year is just 365 days closer to death without anything to show for it.

That might help. I've been toying with a trial of that online ed site Great Courses Plus because I want to broaden my knowledge of the humanities. Maybe that's the way to go.

Basically just find something to become invested in, I've heard a lot of NEET's get into philosophy fx. For me it's ASSFAGGOTS (league of legends) I'm just trying to become good at the game so people will watch me so I can get more money than just NEETbux.
I play it all day then go to the gym, smoke weed watch anime go to sleep, rinse and repeat.
I think most NEET's that are actually comfortable living are trying to achieve mastery at something to fill the void.

Wish I was a NEET so then I'd have the time I need to get my shit together. Right now I always end up counting down the hours before I have to go back to work and get worked up about not wasting any time.

boredom is the sign of a weak mind

>im severely mentally ill
>being a NEET is boring
checks out

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Jow Forums and YouTube all day. Sleep twelve hours. Rinse and repeat.

And more music
Then even more music