Hey everybody, I am going to do a presentation on circumcision in front of 30 people next friday and I need your help...

Hey everybody, I am going to do a presentation on circumcision in front of 30 people next friday and I need your help. I want to make a strong argument so that I can save a few baby boys from being mutilated. For the presentation, it is required that I use Ethos, Logos, and Pathos (credibility, logic, and emotion) to persuade my audience not to mutilate their children

I'm a sperg. I stutter. I forget to make points sometimes. I will have slides, so I will be able to make a cohesive argument. Along with that, I will be able to show my peers a clip of the operation (this should help with the emotion piece and shock them).

The presentation needs to be about 7 minutes long... Please help me outline!

For the videos, right now I have access to these:
and I think I will be able to show only one of them.

I'm thinking about starting off like this:

"Hello everybody. Human rights are very important to us, they prevent us from being abused (yada yada yada). Although we are protected by these rights, what if I told you that 25% of Americans have one of their human rights violated."

or I can do something dumb like
"Hello everybody, today I will be talking about a very sensitive topic" *change slide* "baby dicks* (audience applauds, Oprah is there, the crowd starts cheering, I'm handed the Nobel prize by the president)

I want to make these points:
- Circumcision violates Article 3 of the UDHR
- Circumcision is done without consent
- Circumcision causes harm 100% of the time whether we know it or not (those circumcised cant because it happened so soon)

I want to counter some of these points:
- Reduces Penile cancer
- Reduces HIV and other STDs
- Risks out way the benefits
- Takes away from the human experience (think of seeing the colors of OP but then having it removed without your consent)

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My heart rate speeds up just thinking about it. There are two jewish people and I think the professor is also jewish... But he's very leftist, so I think I can wake him up.

Seriously though, it's a week away and I'm sweating bullets. I need to get this message across though, my temporary sweaty hands are worth saving the foreskin of maybe 10+ baby boys

I also want to touch base on why it hasn't been abolished yet. I want to specifically tell them that it goes like this:

A group of infants are circumcised
the group thinks their 25% of pleasure is 100%
group doesn't see a problem with circumcision
group circumcises another group of infants

and I also want to tell them that hospitals don't want to abolish it because it's extra money for them and usually if it's done early the insurance will pay, so that's why they pressure young mothers into the operation

you posted on /sci/ didn't yuo?

Actually I went on /sci/ to take that image from the other OP because I think it really demonstrates how much is lost. We literally can't imagine how good a foreskin feels the same way we can't imagine seeing new colors

I browse /sci/ sometimes, but mostly Jow Forums :(

Record your presentation for us so we can see how you do/critique you

I don't think I'm allowed to. I can probably record its audio using my phone, but I don't think I can set up a camera there because I would probably need a tripod and need to fumble with it before starting. My heart will probably be pounding out of my chest seconds before I start... I'm so nervous I'm shaking

Hey man
Calm down. You'll be ok. Don't worry about what the other people think. Your presentation has merit and stuttering doesn't make the facts untrue.

Thank you for the assuring words. I'm just scared that if I don't do good enough, people will think that being anti circumcision is for nerds... First impressions count, right? And especially since they will probably never think about it again after I do the talk. I'm thinking about handing brochures out so that people can get more information later, but more importantly so they will have a second look at the topic later on and not forget it immediately.

Everybody else in my class is doing piss easy topics like "why you should care about women's rights" or "why we should care more about minorities in school and in the workplace"

Again, thank you. I've calmed down a bit.

You're not gonna get any help out of this website.

Jews cutting is one of the most legit forms of joining the club that I can think of. Out of all the ppl who can show their devotion to god, who does it better? Cuttin off a bit of your fuckin holy place earns your jewishness or whatever you wanna call it imo. It just happens to not be for everybody.Thats the angle I would present it to your jewish teachers, if I were you.

Good luck, this is a very noble cause. Hopefully more and more people wake up the damage circumcision is causing. Here is a presentation that might give you some material


The various national medical association statements on the matter may help as far as ethos goes.

Be aware that circumcision does reduce rates of penile cancer and certain STDs (iirc) - your argument would have to be that these small but real benefits do not outweigh the potential harms or the violation of the infant's right to autonomy.

I'd also suggest referencing female genital mutilation / female circumcision. Type 1a and some forms of type 4 FGM are essentially identical to male circumcision and remove/damage homologous structures but there's far greater criticism of it - hell just look at the new 'official' name of female circumcision.

Make sure to hand out black cocks as party favors

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>For statistics related to survival, see Survival Rates for Penile Cancer. Penile cancer is rare in North America and Europe. It's diagnosed in less than 1 man in 100,000 each year and accounts for less than 1% of cancers in men in the United State

>Penile cancer is rare in North America and Europe. It's diagnosed in less than 1 man in 100,000 each year and accounts for less than 1% of cancers in men in the United States. Penile cancer is much more common in some parts of Asia, Africa, and South America.

For penile cancer I can just tell them the facts and point out how rare it is and that in the grand scheme of things it isn't worth losing pleasure for a cancer that makes up less than 1% of all cancers. Also, what is the new name they call FGM? I can't find it online Honestly, I don't think I want to mention FGM because it's already hard talking about circumcision. I might talk about it abstractly, but I don't think I can get into the technical details of it... I might just add that 20k nerve endings are removed vs the 8,000 on the clitoris just to help put things into perspective for the other half of class. Thank you for the help!

>For the presentation, it is required that I use Ethos, Logos, and Pathos
this sounds like some freshman year of high school shit

You should compare male genital mutilation to female genital mutilation. Also, one thing I've noticed is that people complain that uncut peepees are gross. How will you counter that?

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Uncut and Cut look exactly the same when they're both erect except the uncut looks pink and juicy. I will probably counter it by using Chinese foot binding as an example. People used to think that small feet were cute and would bind their daughter's feet while they were developing, causing constant foot pain. Then I'll explain that we let our culture blind us sometimes, and that we shouldn't force our sexual preferences on our children

Circumcision is like suicide in the permanent solution to a temporary problem department. Not only is it a permanent solution to a temporary problem, but the problem hasn't even occurred yet and in all likelihood WILL NOT occur at all. Chopping off a part of your penis because it might get infected at some point if you're a dirty grub is an unbelievably extreme solution to an utterly banal problem.
It's completely retarded and illogical. The only reason to circumcise is well into life if one develops serious problems with the foreskin where there are no other options. Everything else is just insane paranoia and mindless tradition following.

>Risks out way the benefits
This drives me up the wall. Think about masturbation from a mechanical perspective. The foreskin is the fucking anchor, it is the pleasure dome of the penis. Without it there is no natural lube and nothing to grip and slide along the shaft/head. It's like a portable fleshlight that lives on your cock. It also protects the penis from drying out and losing sensitivity.
So, you get a free in-built fleshlight and bonus sensitivity.
As for the risks, WHAT FUCKING RISKS?
A minor increase in infection that I would only get if I were extremely careless?
Do we cut off our eyelids to prevent eye infections? What is this madness?

One thing you didn't mention that I hear get mentioned is idiots saying uncut dicks look weird/gross.
These fuckers don;t know what an uncut dick looks like. They think every one has phimosis.
John Holmes and (nu John Holmes) Danny D, both the king cocks of porn and both uncut.
They don't realize that a lot of them like uncut.

don't know how much of my tirade is useful but hope i could help

>One thing you didn't mention that I hear get mentioned is idiots saying uncut dicks look weird/gross.
Oh and adding to this, the only reason 'murrican women prefer (or think they prefer) cut cocks is because that is the norm. If circumcision were eradicated and we went back to what is actually natural people would look back at cut cocks and think it looks disgusting.
Imagine if in an alternate timeline, or actually don't imagine, let's look at those weird African fuckers.
Imagine if everyone walked around with huge disks in their mouths.

why do you care about babies penis, are you gay or something?
also i can make fun of you cut fags kek, i can be unique with my amazing foreskin.

why the hell did you pick this topic? yikes.

that said, you can probably get away with ripping off most of the adam ruins everything video on circumcision.

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Hello, how are you? Fine thank you.
Uh I wish I were a bird

You can get information from the website foregen.org. They are the only reason I haven't killed myself yet.

OP, you MUST watch this before your presentation

I can point you out two sites to start off with, OP.

Circumcision increases rates of autism:
Circumcision causes brain damage, and other issues: www.cirp.org/library/psych/immerman2/

Also, something to mention is that, as a nation founded on "christian values" (if you live in the US), the bible actually says to not circumcise because that's the old covenant and doesn't apply anymore.

Not to mention the entire reason circumcision became popular in america was puritan values. it's not popular in europe, and they're still christian, but over in america Kellog fucking invented cereal to serve as an anaphrodisiac, a pleasure killer.

Does that massive bulge in his pants ever get addressed? That's a prop, right?

Don't do it. Normies will despise you and think that you are weird. Than they will yell at you (particularly women). You won't change anyone's opinion on the topic anyway, so there is no benefit for anyone whatsoever. Believe me I've been there. If you ever gain a true friend and you know them for a while, you can tell him/her.

Make sure to bring up how virtually every country besides America views circumcision as genital mutilation and not the norm.

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Hey Op, is this for a school assignment? (I wouldn't think so because it is summer...) I ask so that you think about who your audience is. A stupidly shockingly large number of teenage to young twenties males have a fundamental misunderstanding about the nature of circumcision. You may inform someone that they are when they didn't know.

You should know that its common courtesy to warn people before showing them graphic images. (meaning: make sure they have the ability to not look if they don't want to)

If I were you, I would keep the tone of the talk serious and formal. So keep the jokes about baby dicks (or any jokes) to a minimum. If the presentation is not just to inform but to convince then I would end the presentation with instructions as what you think they should do. Which could range from raising awareness, donating to research organizations, political activism, ""not mutilating children,"" etc..

Try to approach the subject in a way such that the victims in your audience don't feel antagonized. So don't merely say circumcision is bad without informing those in your audience of options they might not even have known existed, such as prosthetics like senslip or manhood (btw, senslip is trash) and also the option to "restore" the foreskin (look up foreskin restoration) or the option to get a skin graft (not popular, poor results reported) or to wait for technology to improve to the point where a person can grow a new one with stem cells (somehow not a pipe dream and could be around within a decade. See foregen.)

It's very good that you are planning now and not just winging it. Try to practice the presentation out loud repeatedly so you don't get flustered when your audience is visibly and perhaps audibly uncomfortable.

Good Luck.

Yes, its part of my final for a public speaking class. My school works on a quarter system, so school should be ending in 2 weeks. You're right about the content warning, but how should I manage that? It's a graphic procedure, and I really want the class to see what happens behind closed doors. Obviously I wont be using real dicks in my presentation, but I really do want to show them one of the videos above.

I will totally mention restoration, but I will be blunt about its reality. It's not a silver bullet, and the damage has been done.

I will totally end on a positive note and mention foregen and restoring. I actually did not know about senslip! Thank you for the information

Yeah, I've already seen Eric's presentation. It's what really got me to hate everyone involved in perpetuating this barbaric procedure. I will probably rewatch it just to refresh my memory

small bump, I really need more help

this is a bad idea
you are trying to make a statement out of a class assignment
the teacher just wants you to do whatever BS that shows you understand those concepts, not actually make a serious controversial argument

this will follow you out of the classroom

you can do a presentation about how double stuff oreos are actually inferior to normal oreos, and as long as you take it seriously and use the concepts properly, it will go down a lot better than fucking circumsicion

I'm Jewish and I'm not exactly happy about being circumcised. I don't agonize over it, not like there's anything I can do about it, but I wouldn't do it to my own kids if I ever had them.

It's not like it's a choice you make for yourself, though. It's some shit that gets done to you when you're a helpless baby.

Actually, let me correct something there. I'm a Jew, but not Jewish, and I didn't have a religious upbringing at all. I dunno, might be different if your classmates and professor are practicing orthodox or some shit, but chances are they aren't (if they don't wear yarmulke to class they probably aren't) and that they're no happier about being cut than I am.

EVERY single argument FOR circumcision is fucking RETARDED and based on LIES.
It is very easy to debunk with the information already in this thread. What are you expecting? Us to write the entire speech for you and post it here for you to read verbatim?
Get to work you asshat.

Turns out the professor is actually Saudi Arabian! So he'll probably be accustomed to it. He honestly looks very jewish lol

Yeah, there is one orthodox jew and one liberal female jew in my class. The orthodox one is really jewish, and he even told the class his Hebrew name and stuff

He wants us to choose a topic that really matters. I doubt it'll follow me outside because it'll be the last day of class. As long as I don't show any dick and only models, it should it alright.

what about breast reduction ???
and teeth correction ???
and about body dismorphia that most of you incel have ??

and about crying about your height ??

yet , the most important is circumcision , GTFO YOU INCELS . KEEP JACKING OFF PORN.

the reason you dont get pussy is not bc of your cut foreskin , its bc you are a fucking incel.

if you want any of those you can have it done when you're 18+ and can consent. You should not force cosmetic surgeries on unconsenting minors, period.

is this an attempt at bait?

> I will probably rewatch it just to refresh my memory
just take the most important parts of his and repeat them. his presentation on the topic is insanely good and covers everything important.


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Yeah your problem is gonna be coming up with a lot of content in the first place.
Mutilators have two or three or points they parrot, then it's over.
>it's healthy
More infants die of circumcision than from foreskin complications.
You don't slice off any other body parts just to not have to clean them.
>it looks better

You should spend some time on the history of circumcision.

No it's the truth
I'm cut and my penis is perfectly fine

>I'm blind and my life is fine
>sight must be overrated
Check your logic. Think. Use brain. Activate those almonds for half a second.

>I'm cut and my penis is perfectly fine
it probably is

but it could be 100x better

you will never know how it would have been if you weren't cut

the definition of cope, honestly

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here is a nother pic OPP

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