Tfw I'll never be able to wear lolita fashion

>tfw I'll never be able to wear lolita fashion
>tfw I'll never be able to attend meetups with the local community
>tfw I'll never be able to post my coord ideas online and get critique before modeling it in person
>tfw I'll never be able to express myself in the most intricate and elegant clothes that exist
>tfw just the fact I want to wear these clothes makes people hate me
>tfw no one can relate to these feels

Should I just actually kill myself

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I can relate but from the point of view of sissy degeneracy.

>tfw one of the biggest reasons people hate males into lolita is because they assume we're creepy perverts and it's just a fetish
I want to hate you but at the same time I know you just want to be free to do what you want like me

you can still make your coord and get someone to dress them, i doubt you wouldn't find a girl to wear them for you

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That would just be pure torture, why would you suggest that user?

Aren't there male cords user? I don't know much about this stuff but why do you like it so much?

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I like it for the same reason girls like it I imagine. It feels nice to feel pretty and express yourself creatively through your appearance. It feels nice to put in a lot of work in yourself and for other people to appreciate that work. I imagine it feels even nicer to be able to do all of those things confidently and show the world your own version of your best self.

I could wear masculine styles but they don't appeal to me personally, just like I imagine most girls aren't into wearing those styles.

why would it be torture? you actually like lolita fashion or you just want to dress up as a girl?

>why would a person in a wheelchair be upset at the suggestion that they watch other people go running and swimming since they can't join in?

this is why i wouldnt join a comm, im still free to do it at home though and nobody will mind

Why do women wear lolita when they can just order the outfits and look at other people wearing it?

so someone in a wheelchair can't be a team manager? again, i think you just want to show up, not make coords, dressing up a cute girl sounds pretty fun to me

says whom OP?
this could be you

>Should I just actually kill myself

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I'm not fat, I take care of my skin, I don't have any piercings or tattoos and obviously I'm self-aware or else I'd just be wearing coords in public anyway without caring what anyone though. I'm nothing like that pic.

Being a team manager is a completely separate desire compared to playing in a sport. If a person in a wheel chair would be happy managing a sports team then that would be great for them. If they wanted to play in sports, managing a team would not be enough of a substitute for their actual desire.

From browsing CGL a lot and attending meetups, the main consensus is that for you to not be seen as a creep you need to do/be the following:
>dont be too old
>good at makeup
>put a lot of effort into your coords, dont use cheap stuff or imitations
>not autistic personality wise
>dont hit on girls
>seem genuinely into the fashion
>look feminine enough (don't have to pass but don't look like an ogre either)

For further security if you happen to be gay or have naturally feminine mannerisms, they will be less likely to see you as a creep.

yeah, thats what i said on the 2 last posts, you don't like making coords, you just want to wear them

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So women who wear coords instead of purely designing them and never wearing them disgust you?

they wear them because they can, the fact that you can't shouldn't stop you from making them

anyone got any good recs for girls that do lolita fashion

i love that shit

go to sleep dude its like 6am in london

You would probably end up an ita, sorry user, it's better this way!