Fellow anons, can we get a sad stories thread going?

>be me
>depressed and anxious as shit
>read online that going outside and exercising helps
>decide to go the the skatepark cause I used to like doing that
>group of sketchy looking guys at the park drinking
>put my bag down thinking to myself it's a good spot I can keep my eye on it
>start skateboarding, having fun for the first time in a awhile
>get carried away, forget to check for my bag for 5 minutes
>look up, bag no longer there
>phone wallet, keys, basically everything I needed in there
>have to walk to my friends place for an hour to use her phone
>by the time I get there $850 dollars have been taken from my bank account
>call bank and they say I need a police report for them to look into it
>now 100 times more depressed and anxious than before
I should've never went outside : -(

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>be me
>go to papa johns
>no garlic sauce
I should've never went outside : -(

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thanks for the chuckle, anoneet

>start going for walks
>people walk far out of their way so they don't pass too close to me
>no one will return my eye contact
>only interaction is with the occasional dog that is off its leash but the owner always yells at it to get away from me and come back
>develop plantar fasciitis and now I'm even more sedentary than before
I should've never went outside : -(

I'm sorry user, I'm sure you're not a bad person at all

well that fucking sucks, sorry that happened to you robro.

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user, I get you are sad, but eventually you will have all of those back, it's just a matter of getting enough money, and fill the police report. Remember to next time go to a safer place and keep stuff with you. Don't be afraid of going outside, you're parents didn't teach you how to look after your stuff, but now you learned your lesson. Best wishes for you my man.

thanks anons, I really appreciate it

>has a girl friend.
fuck you

Sounds like bullshit about the missing money from your account. How would they have known your PIN number?

this. he spent it on weed that faggot skater

>be me
>low self esteem loser
>somehow luck into a gf
>she cheats on me regularly for 1st year together but I give her all my love because I'm retarded
>she later leaves me for some guy cuz he gives her orders better
>doesnt quite leave me. Strings me along for a while and is very possessive of me. Doesn't want me to move on
>I eventually end things with her and post girls from /soc/ on Instagram intermittently with hearts to make her jealous and have it relatively untraceable
>6 months later calls me crying begging for me back
>she is begging and begging
>think it's time for payback
>plan on leading her on, make her drop all her friends and then dump her ass and expose her somehow
>instead fucking fall for her again
>been together for years since
>she is actually more submissive than ever and molds herself to what I want and is trying to become a great wife for me and is always talking about us and our future
>hasn't cheated on me
>today over some stupid pet argument says she doesn't want to live with me and I'd be a poor father especially due to my anger issues
>I do have legit anger issues
>realize how much of it stems from my insecurities and how little I do in life. I'm a fucking waste of space.
>I'm a shitty manipulative asshole

I thought I was making real progress on myself over the years. I was just masking myself from myself. I'm an angry autist pretending to be on the way up. I've done nothing but sit on my ass for years now and I've somehow found a way to be a pretentious and angry asshole

Not going to greentext, but I've had three relationships, all of which have been online. My latest one fell through pretty quick, but my first e-gf is married now with a kid. I was curious about my second e-gf, and found out she's probably married now as well. This feeling is so shitty.

im fucking bumping this butch

>be me
>early 20s robot loser who likes anime and all that shit
>"luck" into a GF, move 400mi to live with her
>She's great to look at and we have a good time for the first few months
>She gradually starts to become more and more bipolar
>Turns into a massive cunt
>Cuts me off from all my friends
>Becomes incredibly manipulative, constantly threatens suicide when she doesn't get her way, believes I'm going to cheat on her someday and attacks me for it
>Finds all of my insecurities and plays on them 24/7
>Almost entirely stops having sex with me
>When we do have sex she isn't into anything I am, only gets off if I choke and hit her and shit, which is scary as fuck to do with somebody who treats me like shit outside the bedroom
>Put up with years of this as what little self esteem I had slips away and I get more and more anxious and neurotic myself
>Become somebody who's on eggshells all the time, afraid of even simple shit like eating potato chips (because the sound of chewing them annoys her and she'll fly off the handle)
>Finally hit the point where I have to see a doctor because I'm having like 3+ hours of diarrhea every day, doc says it's IBS-induced stress, relationship is only major source of it
>She goes off to a con we were supposed to attend together, I can't because aforementioned IBS, first thing she's done without me in almost five years and she immediately finds a new guy there and cheats on me (I didn't know until later though)
>I dump her a few weeks later, can't take it anymore
>She immediately goes maximum offensive, starts telling everybody that I was abusive and shit, most of them believe her
>Lose pretty much everybody I thought was a friend overnight
>One person is at least nice enough to tell me about the cheating
>Find out that ex moved in with the new guy within a few weeks
It's been six years now and I still haven't recovered. Not my life, not my friends, not my self-esteem, I'm still racked with anxiety, still have IBS, still can't date, etc

>sitting alone at the library when I was in college
>girl pulls up chair next to me
>before she sits down she looks for a second who she will be sitting next to
>she pushes her chair back in and sits three chairs away from me

>an hour later another girl pulls up next to a chair next to a chad
>"why are you sitting by yourself chad :^("

Does it really have to fucking be in my fucking face? Like seriously, I understand that not everyone will like me because of my looks but to actually cater and wanting to make someone not feel alone just because of their looks alone is really suicide fuel for me.

>not my friends
Lol they were fake friends if they believe her over you.

You're right, but they at least made me feel like I had a social life and stuff. It also meant my cosplay photography days were over, and that sucked because I really liked doing it when it wasn't with my ex. (Who was always an intolerable bitch about it the whole time, despite the fact that I was her fucking meal ticket.)

>be me
>thrown out of house
>put in social assistance program
>counselor checks in on us every day
>gradually fall in love with her even though I only see her 10 minutes a day
>my entire day starts to revolve around seeing her
>everything else becomes boring
>she gets a new job
>ask to remain in contact
>she declines
>never see her again

Related to skateboarding
>be 12
>ask parents for a skateboard since all my cousins have one and it's all they talk about and do during birthday parties or holidays.
>mom buys me a cheap wallmart skateboard
>cousin and I go to a skate park
>random group of guys from my middle school just so happened to be there
>"wow user, didn't know you skateboarded"
>"uh... Yeah I just started" I respond
>he asks to see the back of my board
>I turn my board around
>he starts laughing and says that ain't a real skateboard, it's a piece of shit, you can't skateboard bro
>everyone else laughs at me
>walk away feeling like absolute garbage for not having a real skateboard and for being poor
>even my cousins laughing at me,
>try to go down the tiniest ramp since I had 30 minutes to kill
>bust ass like nobodies business
>everyone was looking and laughed.

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Its not coz you are ugly
Its coz you look creepy

>eating dinner with family
>me, parents, sister, and sisters husband at the table
>sister had just gotten married
>conversation about the family name
>parents ask sister if she will take husbands name
>sister responds:
>"Well I don't want our family name to die-"
>sister quickly glances at me then awkwardly looks away
>"Nevermind I don't want to talk about it right now"