How tight is she guys?

She is very smol.
Do we know if she has real bfs? or is she an femcel who just shows some skin online for money? she seems to be into meme culture and very socially awkward

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You're not actually falling for this are you?

Logan please get off R9K

Grandpa please get off R9k youre killling our bandwidth

bitch off

i will never pay a dime for her content but im curious about the real belle.
she uses her body to make money, but she doesnt do nudes. its interesting because so many girls cannot replicate this. Shes like the new jessica nigri except belle doesnt have any implants either and is probably making more money.

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>but she doesnt do nudes
>he's not a PLATINUM member

stop being a NEET

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How is she such a successful businesswoman? How did she enter a state that no other woman has entered? Selling sex, without actually selling it. Literally a magician.

I think it's a case of "all publicity is good publicity" cause I remember hearing about her when she was just some random thot. She seems to be the poster child for e-thots now, which I guess only gets get more traction and incel followers

shes probably the closes thing to an anime girl and elf
>big eyes
>v small nose
>great figure
she is a betamales wet dream come to life.
she also is really good at hiding any relationship if she has any and pretending to be innocent while still sultry. its possible shes a femcel, but someone is filming her and i think its a bf

i saw her in a pewdiepie video. i think on meme review. there was a variation of this video:
this was before he mentioned her name on his channel. i thought she was hot and had an interesting sense of humor. its weird, i know shes a thot and taking advantage of incels, but shes a cute

>he doesnt just look at leaked nudes for free

Pls link originally

>he doesn't have the nudes collection
lmaoing at u desu

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Fuck off im not gonna beg you for porn. Im going to jack off damn it.

where do ye found that?

i five up. see you later then

Her snap videos have a cameraperson filming every time. Her FB used to have pictures with her BF on it as well

its shopped

>Her snap videos have a cameraperson filming every time. Her FB used to have pictures with her BF on it as well
>imagine being such a cuck

>its shopped

Either virgin or complete roastie

No in between here

I'm willing to bet money she was abused/molested as a child.
You don't turn out like that just from being a regular slut.
There's something off

>falling for well known shops
Fucking zoomers...

She's not the only one who has done this, friend. It's called softcore pornography. There's an entire niche for it.

There are literally vids of hear bathing nude online just search better guys

I was about to say... yeah, she does nude shower and bath videos alongside the occasional nude image. It'll just cost you and arm & a leg, and those paying aren't so willing to hand out freebies.

Everything is free online tho

youre welcome

you think she'll ever regret theses? she only like 19

Regret that she made more money in 1 year for being a slut then other people make their whole life ? hell no

Like 5 semi big youtubers made videos about her and saying they spent 5k on her to make a meme video for them

also pewdiepie talked about her more than once

Roasties fuck for free then marry some cuck beta when they are all used up and they dont regret it so my guess is no



If you look hard enough, yes.

Ok, somebody link the leaked nudes please. I wish to masturbate.

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>she is into meme culture
dude she just looks up the new memes or whatever gay shit faggots like you are interested in just to cosplay and get all the money from idiots who beat their meat to a girl they will never touch

how many of them are pulling 150k+ a month

I just had a ducking killer idea, how about we all do one of those crowd funding things. Except we all pool out money in so one of us can leak her nudes every month. and if she figured it out we just switch accounts bros.

That was a one time fluke when she got the spotlight the first time. She makes much less now.

she doesnt do nudes

I hate that I want to fuck her

shes really a dude too

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>some chad definitely had a threesome with them after the shoot was over
>while I am desperately searching for so much as a peek of her nudes
I hate living like this. I want that good living lifestyle.

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She is a biological girl. Left pic looks like your average pimple faced teen.

Ehh, they're not that great. :/

stop making assumptions. work on yourself. if you are out exercising, gaining skills, working on yourself, doing hobbies, and working you wont have time to think about it

you will be gaining the skills to have a chance at stuff you want instead of just staring into the abyss and hating yourself.

an user did confirm she had a bf
don't have the image