Why are all Autists ugly?

I have never met an aspie who was above average looking

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Because we don't care about societal beauty standards

I did but he was straight, I wanted his dick so bad :(

You just decided that in the womb? ''Fuck societal beauty standards I'm coming out fugly''

Maybe im socially retarded because i was born as an ugly person and i was isolated for this reason

physical unattractiveness is usually a sign that something is wrong on the inside for what ever reason. There is a correlation between the two. Its natures way of making sure nobody fucks you because we don't need more aspies running around

Me neither. Its because they dont care to look good since they are doomed by they social inaptitude anyway.
Which is exactly what meant.

I'm often told i'm cute by my sister's friends and my cuz's gf.
Being a turbo autist though i just kind of stand there and laugh nervously and run the moment they break eye contact.

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No, but my style of dress is very casual and I have a hard time maintaining a good hairstyle because I don't care.

Because they are hypermasculine

Autistic chads exist, but they're seen as "strong and silent" or aloof and tough, instead of nerdy manchildren

Is it a meme or is it really true? Can I make people think I'm chad by just being quiet and mysterious? Will it just make things worse?

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only if you are super attractive

Being called cute as an adult by people in your age group is an insult

Natural selection. Somehow they still manage to breed

Maybe, but I've had multiple opportunities with interested girls growing up.
I just don't know how to socialize properly.

I actually think of myself as an above average looking aspie. I dress with like stupid colors that dont go well apparently but they still look good bc skinny bod.

I'm an above average looking aspie.

I don't think autism really has much to do with your physical features unless you are severely autistic. But for simple aspies, I don't think it should effect how you look at all.

You're fucking retarded..Guess every ugly person has something wrong with them

I find aspie girls quite attractive.

A study in the United Kingdom found that attractive people were more intelligent by 12.4 IQ points.

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Harrowing to think that some women would fuck a severely autistic man before you.


my boyfriend is an aspie and he's definitely above average. he is very attractive

I have autism and cute girls have said that I am very pretty U v U
Muh insecurity is still pretty bad

>my boyfriend
Yeah right. He is a chad with light autism
Kys and never come back roastie.

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if you are a femboy or trap then post discord

>pic related
>5"7 manlet
>loved by all teen white girls

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You need to get to an advanced level of virginity to believe this

Not her but
>he's not an aspie, he just has light autism
Asperger's IS light autism

Agreed, I can't stand even being near them. This one creepy little autist kid came up to me and my gf. Ended up spooking her out and she wanted to leave. Fucking hate spergs

Your face is shaped by your muscles, always frowning will make you look accordingly.

Who'd have thought that since people gravitate to good looking people that it'd correlate in increased social iq after years of practicing being social like it was an instrument.

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Because you judge personality by attraction. Nobody bats an eye at autistic chad: he's just "offbeat"

I know a few pretty decent looking aspies. I have a childhood friend who's one and went to a high school for aspies, and I've met a lot of his friends from there over the years. Most of them are pretty normal looking, some of them are even decently attractive, and the biggest thing they have going against them aesthetically is that they all dress like shit, have shitty haircuts, etc. My friend himself looks like a chad, tall and fit with a really defined jaw and he's half Cuban and half Irish so he has that light latin look chicks are into, but he's way too much of a sperg to take advantage of all the female attention he gets. It's actually frustrating as fuck to watch.

I'm above average

People want to be around attractive people. Less isolation will cause you to have more experience in social situations and just be more likely to be similar to other people around you.

>He would see faces in movies, on TV, in magazines, and in books
>He thought that some of these faces might be right for him
>And that through the years
>By keeping an ideal facial structure fixed in his mind
>Or somewhere in the back of his mind
>That he might, by force of wilI
>Cause his face to approach those of his ideal
>The change would be very subtle
>It might take ten years or so
>Gradually his face would change its shape
>A more hooked nose
>Wider, thinner Iips
>Beady eyes
>A larger forehead

That's because intelligence is perceived.