Hanging with friend

>hanging with friend
>leave room to use bathroom
>come back
>see this
What does it do

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I would start asking questions.

stick my hand down his urethra

user, that's fucked up. He's supposed to be you're friend. The least I could do is have 911 on standby in case it pops.

How do femanons feel about this? Because I got nothin

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>not using a water pump
what a faggot, see you at 7inch girth loser.

those gains don't last for more than a week maximum

That can't possibly feel good. What the fuck.

The keys to permanence are consistency, warm compresses, and cardio

Keep telling yourself that whilst I've gone from 5 inch girth to over 6 inch cemented & held 2 months without pumping. 6.5 post-waterpump & no color change besides being veiny as fuck now. Stay cucked.

So this is how dicklets cope?

sure ya did
all the real scientific studies show that there are no permanent gains to any size enhancer but extenders

extenders are the only thing with real studies done on them and those require like 1000 hours

What type of fag waits for studies when he can see the results for himself? Imagine knowing about extenders yet denying girth can be increased permanently. What is your reason for not trying? I find it impossible to believe you tried & got no results as early on it's very prevalent.

does this kill penis? can i make penis bigger this way?

This is a weird fucking thread and topic. That dick looks diseased and horrible.

If you got sucked out into space, This is what would happen to your entire body.

no. & yee. see above. I've only heard of little results with airpumps, the sizes you can get is massive but for some reason doesn't retain. hydropumps tend to retain size much better & over long periods grow, complimentary manual exercise increases much much faster.

Pornstars use this shit. People are not naturally 7 inch girth veiny fucks. They pump & do manual exercises to force blood flow into the dick & expand the tissue but it takes months. Inch girth in a year is pretty easy, but the increases slow down a lot the further you increase.

If pornstars were naturally 7 inch veiny fucks you'd see people ABOVE 7 inches girth because this would work for them too. Instead they increased to their max potential (around 7 inch) and pretend "I'm born with it."

if porn actors actually pump their dicks then you my friend have saved me many many years of shame and self-hatred

They do, ask yourself this. Why do you get advertised penis enhancing pills when pumping is never spoke about? Have you even heard of hydropumping? It's a way to gatekeep the industry, have pornstar friend can confirm he uses & clamping (more advanced exercise.) and is literally asian starting sub 5 inch length now 7 with 6 girth. Length is also possible to increase but you can research yourself, it's much easier. If you do get one, get a water based one. Bathmate works. Not shilling it's just the best which exists & don't bother with the max price bullshit on their site, Hydromax is fine. There is lesser brands which offer less pressure but yeah, Hydro wont make u look like OP, this shit is impossible with water based & redundant. Knew about this since I'm 20, started mid 21 now 24 & 9 inch length 6 inch girth. From 7 inch 5 inch.

If you care about length autoextender.com/order.html is the only extender I've ever found & been comfortable with. I got 1 inch over a painful period of 2 years to swapping this & getting an inch within 6 months. It's cheap too compared to the alternatives & ran by 1 man. But if you have 0 commital don't bother, it's a long process, length work is anti-fun but girth work is very fun with immediate size increase.

Base Extenders (no vaccum attachment)
Modified VacExtender v4.x

are the purchases for the 2nd site, you can get a more mainstream one but they cut the circulation off of your dick or cost 400-500$ if they're vacuum based. I prefer cheap & better job.

Google penis extension or PE if you want others results/pictures, shit is real.

how to get ED for life 101

post dick pic with time stamp or else i call bs. never seen proof on any forums related to this of progress.
only viable thing ive found is self-induced priapism... but that shet is something to only happen if you have sickle-cell anemia.

Listen, if I posted pics and I'm 9 inches it makes no difference on proving if I really made the gains or I'm natural, best you can get is progress pictures. Take what I write and research for yourself I'm not here to prove I'm me but you should probably try manual and see proof for yourself in 1-2 month (Look up any beginner stretching routine you'll get a CM easily and it's not temporary.) I merely want to help brothers out since people don't know this is even a thing and Jow Forums is probably a good place since this thread exists & most people here have insecurity/social issues. Here's a thread of a guy doing the same exercises as me with better results.

Mattersofsize.com > seven_wants_ten / kingsnake both documenting with pics 2inch+ of gains & girth is more fun to watch though because it's 100% undeniable they're "semi-erect" in previous pictures. Many more exist on other sites Thundersplace etc. (Their forum seems to be down now or I'd link the threads directly.)

MoS is very shilly so watch out (But their info is very good.) Manual can accomplish the same goals but expect many more years if you really wanna 0$ it.

how would you suggest i go from 8"x5.4" to something more like 9"x6.5"?
i tried manual clamping and only gained 0.25" over the course of 6 months..
cant figure out length at all...
thundersplace.com did help a bit tho
im just afraid of the shilling since these guys are selling a product that just simply creates a vaccum through water for like $200... sounds like a snake oil scam m8...
but dont get me wrong im content with my dick, i just a bit more just to completely dominate my fwb's pussy on the first thrust.

Clamping in general is tricky because you can't half-ass any of it.
>make sure you're clamping from the right spot (bone-press the clamp)
>keep your erection as hard as possible for the duration
>do it often enough (typically three times a day for 10-15 minutes at a time)
>keep your dick warm after each set (10 minutes with a hot compress, hot water in the shower, etc)
Itake every other day off
>do kegels every day
If you get poor results even while keeping all of that in order, there might be some other issue like poor blood circulation to the penis or a thicker than normal tunica impeding tissue expansion.

what about length?

If i just do this once just to experience it will it fuck up my dick permanently ?

you can try this on a micro scale and still risk ED
id only recommend if your truly a dicklet at like 4" in length or below because you have nothing to lose at that point

Oh ok damn that's sad.

I wanna go to space then and look like a roided out son of a bitch

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Set up your extender at the right tension and forget about it for an hour. Then use a hot compresd for twenty minutes. Do that every other day and you're set. Length is easier than girth because there's less steps but it takes longer for results.
Only if you're careless or impatient. You need to pay very close attention to the directions and how your body reacts to the exercises.

>if I posted pics and I'm 9 inches it makes no difference on proving if I really made the gains or I'm natural
it proves your 9 inches and not just making shit up.

this. but he won't budge.
it does work (at least a bit in terms of girth)
but don't give a cent to any of the products advertised (especially if its overpriced like the hydromax)

okay bro but really.
post your dick so i can believe you, because right now, all that's going through my mind is this is some scientology tier shit.

Im gonna show you a new way to livetwitch.tv/jsonsday 6

What have you seen in the way of flaccid gains? I'm pretty happy with the size of my dick when it's hard, I'm already way at the upper end of the scale in length and above average in girth, but I'm a definite grower and I'd really like to have a more impressive bulge when I'm soft.