Explain this, racist dumbfucks

Explain this, racist dumbfucks

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white chocolate costs more

Na, I'm btfoing the whiteys with this thread

>It ismore expensiveto produce than darkchocolatesince it containsmorecocoa butter. The cocoa butter givesWhite Chocolatea subtle hint of chocolaty taste, then it is combined with sugar, butterfat, milk solids, lecithin and other flavorings.

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what are you originally coping for

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and what is that cope for?

Well clearly Twix has a sense of humor. This is something I appreciate, honestly.

Honestly this would be good bait if it was on pol, here it doesn't really work.

because im the alpha mail

>the leftover waste slop from regular chocolate costs more

>closeted homosexual

na Im not gay, just like owning you fucks

White chocolate costs more so they can't make them as large.

Well you're doing a bad job at it

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>na Im not gay, just like owning you fucks

Alpha mail like priority postage or really good armor? A black knight or a dark package ;)

White chocolate is not the waste for regular chocolate, it is the lard of the cocoa beans generated in the production of cocoa powder.
Also, the demand for white chocolate isn't as high as regular chocolate, so that means it sells less, thus it costs more to produce.
Anyways, most chocolate is just vegetable oil with artificial flavour and some cocoa, so really, I don't know shit.

>explain my white literal 9inch dick then

You're lying.

You're holding the ruler the wrong way. You want In. not mm.