Not thinking of life as a video game

>not thinking of life as a video game

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>walks through fire to see if it causes damage

Of course I don't, I'm fucking sick of video games.

ITT h4x

Pray to God in the name of Jesus, and he will do anything that you ask in order to glorify the Father.

>fucked up the character creation both appearance and stat wise
>you can't lower the difficulty setting
>fail every dialogue tree
>everyone but you is hacking or has cheat codes
>can't complete romance side activities because I fucking fail the dialogue trees
>paid DLC getting worse every year and more expensive
>have to grind for money 5-6 days a week to afford the DLC
>It's 'funner with friends' but don't have friends to play with
Thinking about killing this character and trying again tbqh

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you realize you can use cheat codes and upgrades right?

I've tried the 'be yourself' cheat code but it isn't working. I'm not sure if I'm not inputting it wrong or what.

The in-game ones? I've been using all my currency on consumable items

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caffeine and adderall are boost packs and fruits and healthy foods up your xp

What i'm experiencing must be bugs, need to install the latest patch and reboot.

V 1.02
*Autism no longer carries a stat penalty.
*Opposite sex no longer run in terror at sight of player.

buh buh buh based

I don't think the developers would ever do this given their track record.

Life isnt fun, interesting, or beautiful like my video game worlds

If life was a game it'd be a pay-to-win mobile game where you need microtransactions to level up or painfully grind and wait for everything
and some players start with a much higher level than you can ever get

It's not a bug, it's a feature

t. Todd Howard

>there are people in this thread without the big tits mod for every npc woman

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There is some beauty in the world, user.

As always big boobs will fill your hands but small tits will fill your heart

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>At McD's
>Someone sets their food down and goes to the bathroom
>Take burger and leave
>Worker says, "Uh, excuse me!" but does nothing
>No consequences befall me
Its just like the games.

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Life is a video game, and I'm losing

You can't hack your bank account and get away with it unlike vidya so real life will NEVER like any video game.

If life was a game you would be able to have an easy time getting mandatory items and use your free time to teach new players how to get on the same level.

My life is like a video game
Trying hard to beat the stage
All while I am still collecting coins
Trying hard to save the girl
Obstacles, I'm jumping hurdles
I'm growing up to be a big boy

No, it's not. There is no goal. There is no leaderboard. There are so many different ways to live a satisfying life. It's not a fucking competition. You should really rethink your values if you think the most important thing in life is to be "better" than other people.

Not every game is about competition, progress can be made in different ways

>wanting to play shitty videogames

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Drugs like uppers and steroids are like microtransactions cause they make the game easier but you still have to pay for it

cause debuff to overall health stat and this stat lowers with your character age.

of course it does, what you should be looking out for is those sweet invincibility frames