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>hey dude, you and your sister cant smooch
>your sister can only be lewded by people outside family.

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Wtf dude you like your sister? Lmao

its not just society its genetics you mong

Inbreeding causes genetic defects, which is why people are naturally repulsed by it (unless they suffer from some kind of mental illness)

in all honesty there's no valid argument against brother-sister incest in 2019

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Me and my first cousin banged when we were teenagers. Had a friends with benefits deal going on for a long time, until I eventually called it off because I couldn't look my aunt and uncle in the eyes anymore and the strain of trying to keep everything a secret was gnawing away at my sanity. I regret it, honestly.

But I don't intend to have kids with my sister, and the likelihood of genetic defects with a family member isn't guaranteed. It isn't even much higher than normal.

The repulsion is still there. Same reason why most people are grossed out by homosexuals.

>other people being grossed out by something means its inherently bad
NPC 101

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enjoy hell you normie piece of shit

>men are allowed to fuck other men
>but incest is illegal
explain that one faggots

Imagine defending other people fucking your sister, there is nothing more cucked than that.

kissing doesn't hurt anyone

>haha dude, how can you fap to your sister, are you weird?
>Dude, you should be glad your best friend is going out with your sister. Your sister is in (((safe hands)))

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Shut the fuck up, anime faggot.

Based monarchist

i know this feel, why are first cousins so hot all the time

>hey son, you are grown up now. cant sleep and snuggle with mom anymore.
>proceeds to cream your mother

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god her eyes are so empty
she's attractive but her eyes have the look of a dog

I feel cucked by my dad after he gave me my mommy fetish.

>mom still called to make sure I'm bringing him a father's day present

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I love my sister but I don't think about her sexually. I just want her to hold me.

>hot mother, below average dad but with money and donkey dick
>will never know he snagged her early when she was shy teen
>watched them fuck 2 times. primal, tribal with lots of vulgar words
so jealous of (((Dad))) ;-;

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I'm sorry, user. I can kinda understand the pain.

>be preteen
>cuddle with mom
>play with gameboy but on my side and facing away so i probably look asleep
>dad comes in to visit with mom
>:he hops in bed and under the covers
>all I hear is a wet sound
>eventually the bed rocks a little
>intense breathing from parents
>i'm just lying down looking at my gameboy but too afraid to press buttons or even move a muscle
>it stops eventually and dad goes to work
>nothing's ever the same again

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>tfw (((society))) brainwashes women even harder

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>son, we cant bath together now. you are grown up now and your cock will throb as you look at me naked
>what did you say? its normal biological thing
>umm i get it but still it feels icky.
>Yes, i imagine other cocks. its only normal

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I hope OHB and his sister are doing well.

>you are supposed to cheer when your sisters find some stinky cock outside of house to settle down and stuff

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who is ohb lol, originally

>fucking my cousin is good you just arent redpilled enough

How do I get my sister to ride my ding dong bros?

>bro you find your sister hot? WTF is wrong with you.

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Is it incest if she just fingers your asshole?

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I must have really fucked up in a past life. I really need to repent and be a monk in a monastery for the rest of my life, hopefully this will grant me a decent next life. or is this a simulation to see if ill snap?

Your female reletives belong to you by right user, are you really going to let society keep them from you?

Oops *relatives

>what did you say son? you want to cuddle me and sleep with me just like childhood
>no son, your willy gets big now. its immoral
>yess (((dad))) can sleep with mommy. he can make your mom's asshole gape too
who wrote such rules

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>Everyone is fine with abortion

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>people with down syndrome have sex
>Two family members have sex

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>son, what do you mean you cant control your cock?
>only people not related to me should get hard. you are not supposed to get hard for my curvy body

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lel this dumbass whore ruined herself with fake lips and tits. She also supposedly doesn't even have different colored eyes and has been using it as a gimmick.

Just be gay then it's fine

>t. biology depends on calendar year

>t. people being grossed out by degeneracy, must be NPC

>t. doesn't have an ugly stinky landwhale sister

summerfagging this hard