Are we alone?

>Robots save pictures of cute 2D/3D girls

Do females do the same thing with 2D/3D boys?

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No because they never feel that kind of loneliness


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I save photos of men. It's my most shameful folder even though they aren't naked or anything.

I don't save any pics of girls since they only remind me of the things that I'll never get to experience.

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Yeah but there's just not enough reaction images of cute 2D boys floating around.

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what kind of characters do you like?

Post some, cunt.

Had an ex who had a hentai folder of big dick anime boyos if this counts.

I sometimes save pics of young 2D girls that I think are cute. Unlike robots here though I don't have 3GB of that stuff. Just some pics that make me feel happy. I'll post the cutest 2D boy I got in next post.

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It varies but in the past year I've been big into anime-nerdy characters with glasses. I dunno if that makes sense but something like this pic.

Also childish, whimpy boys.

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Shigeru is alright I guess.

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Some streamer, doesn't get many views. Someone made him say ''nick gurr'' and his reaction and laugh was so charming. He's my ideal type

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>Tfw have the exact same eyes that Kaneoya draws

Never knew anyone liked my eyes.

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that's a low bid if I've ever seen one

Females, why the FUCK does every tumblr hoe obsess with Levi Ackerman? Don't get me wrong, I think he's cool, but I see him EVERYWHERE

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I think I get what you mean. If I was into boys I would probably go for those as well.

I never knew how to describe those eyes but yeah, those are pretty sexy, user. You're very lucky.

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I disagree. I've always been self-conscious about my eyes and I've always hated them. They're deeply set in, which means they make me look constantly tired, even when I'm not, combined with the upper eyelid exposure.

I guess it's all a matter of taste though.

>2d/3d boys
nuh uh, anime girls for me too

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I bought Kaneoya Sachiko's artbook. I save pictures of lots of people, but I take note of the qt and make sure they are categorized in the right folders
Exactly no one cares about qt 2D boys only the girls >:(
Kaneoya boy eyes are best eyes