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>Hahaha, that doober guy is just like me! :)

Literally the "I'm not like the other girls" for men. You can be a depressed young man and not turn into some fashion trend. The meme was amusing at first but now it's become another hijacked Reddit trend. They will probably begin pandering to doomer culture in the mainstream and it will become what nerd culture has been in the 2010s.

Doomer is wholeheartedly the shittiest meme on Jow Forums in a long long time. I'd take any of the other wojak edits over it any day, even NPC posting.

Doomer garbage is so fucking gay I want to strangle everyone who has ever used it. The fucking picture they use is such a laughable stereotype of the dark edgelord that everyone hates, it boggles the mind. They are so unaware of themselves...

The biggest problem is that we don't collectively bully and the redditors who post this shit

fuck the fucking doomerfags

wholeheartedly agree, it's just fedora tipping atheists all over again

>listens to rap
>doesn't like black people

What's the point? To me they're just a slightly different flavor of shitty redditors that infest every corner of this site now. Jow Forums has been a reddit outpost for a long time.

This isnt me being an ebin edgelord, this is my whole hearted honest to God advice to anyone that has ever made a doomer thread, or posted in one unironically:

Buy a shotgun and paint the walls of your house with the innards of your brain

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The doomer meme is inherently shit because posting it instead of blowing your brains out automatically makes you a faggot by your own assertion.

Not that many considering a popular video is 18-34 million. Really popular 100m+

This is the part that bothers me most. If you're going to be dark and edgy at least listen to some good darkwave, goth rock or black metal.
These people claim to hate normalfags yet they listen to one of the most normalfag types of music. The fact is most of them are just late bloomer normalfags that will grow out of their angsty "depression" phase and become the well adjusted drones that they obviously want to be so badly.

>haha actually im not the doomer why im a depressed shut in internet addicted faggot is a lot deeper than any cliche. Its different okay

If you're such a doomer then kill yourself faggot

Suck my dick retarded doomer faggot. I hope you are depressed. Kill yourself so your parents will finally be proud of you for something

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It's literally made for mass appeal. Having a few things in common with it doesn't automatically mean you have to make it your identity.

did i misunderstand doomers or did these youtubers? always thought it had more to do with hopelessness not nihilism

no shit its made for mass appeal its a fucking meme
way to miss the point completely. online faggots still want to accessorize their mental illness and complete inability to function in such a retarded way that is unique to them and distinct from any meme... when the reality is that the doomer meme is a pretty fair assessment of pathetic limp wristed morons that spend too much time on this board

I don't get it, what is it that you hate about the Doomer meme so much? If it helps these people to cope with their mental illness, where's the problem?

This is such a terrible take. Like feelings are an accessory or part of your identity or some shit. You gotta pair your sadness and despair with the right kind of music or it's not real.
Do you only listen to shit music because it's not what le normies listen to?

The doomer is just a nihilist.
Its nothing special.



Had to samefag so it looked like someone agreed with him. Remember "doomers" are just failed normies and once this meme dies out they will join some other Reddit trend.
You are not special because you wear black listen to muh depressed soundcloud niggers and have edgy political views.

recycling Jow Forums and reddit content on youtube is a cottage industry

Jow Forums is reddit now OP, there are dedicated 4ch channels with hundreds of thousands of subs, let alone pewdiepie and other ecelebs mentioning it constantly.

Imagine being this jewish.

>not original which gives me hope

except it's not a fashion trend when it's shared on an anonymous imageboard you fucking fag