Hello r9k

Hello r9k

Please hear me out. The Great battle of /b/ is upon is and I need boots on the grounds. It is time to stop normies posting nudes and webms of them fucking or people they have fucked. Do you guys remember a time before mentally deranged trannys started taking over this site. How many of you are into gay shit because of memes?


All I ask is you go to /b/ and do the following things

>Bump all yellow threads
>hit porn threads with yellow pictures idgaf what it is
>fight the good fight

How long until this board becomes invaded with tranny porn discords and trap threads.


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What are you guys going to do once all the porn threads are gone? You believe suddenly the board will be occupied with quality posts? It is the way it is today for a reason.

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How long until it hits your board friendo? How bad will it get on r9k?

/b/ was always a shithole, but it was never a porn board.

Eliminate the normie perverts from Jow Forums and cleanse all the boards from these creepers.

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The days of /b/ being good are long gone. Getting rid of the porn won't change that. The Internet in general is pure cancerous shit now.

There's a lot we can lose if we actually help you and you lose. Our board get flooded even more, and we get even worse content than faggots talking about gay stuff.
What do we gain by helping you?

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The internet was always cancer my guy.

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Because you don't fight with us. The battle is in /b/ RIGHT NOW but how long until r9k suffers the same fate. You let happen to your neighbor and think it stops there? It is already coming here look around friendo.

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We've already had our storm on this end with all the rampant tranny threads, discord shit, steamfaggotry, camwhores, and all that junk. Unlike you people we didn't spam some shitty forced meme like absolute retarded children. We went into their threads, told them why they were shit and now they are either gone or contain themselves to their faggot threads. Whatever shit seeps into this sanctuary from your cesspool of a board will be dealt with swiftly by the locals.

You dug your own grave by becoming the very thing you hated about your enemy: an annoying little shit spammer. Go back to your containment board and stop bothering us. We are (somewhat) at peace here.

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From what I've heard, you've lost this war multiple times against pornfags, and they seem to decently respect our board enough to keep a decent ratio of porn to Jow Forums to random. There isn't an actual reason for us to get involved, and 'hurr durr your next' is unreasonable paranoia.

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You arent our neighbour. More like a retarded distant cousin. We want nothing to do with you people. Leave

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>they seem to decently respect our board enough to keep a decent ratio of porn to Jow Forums to random

They're next to us robots on the main catalog my guy

You are not deep or some kind of sociopath you are an idiot who is so insecure about being an internet hipster who would still insult someone coming in peace. The only psychological game you play is on yourself lol.

Look at your frontpage bucko

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>"im cool because i hate on the first board everyone gets introduced to."

wtf is this shit all about, anyway. You're ruining /b

Stop pornposters and goimg back to gore threads and summer fags

But, it's like... shit now. It was easier to just browse around the shit you didn't want to see instead of being confronted with a wall of yellow.

Because it is happening right now we are in the heat of a battle friendo

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bumping for the glory of /b/

After we clean /b/ we have to clean Jow Forums from tranny, gay, anime and britfeel threads

that's definitely not the case anymore.
>hey man go check out the fb/ig board it's awesome and funny and full of memes

Is that a name you call it because i mever heard anypne say that so it doesnt really make sense lol.

/b/ has always been normie garbage. You were a normie when you first found it, as was I, as was everybody.

Cringe af, kys etc.

but... it sucks. I wan /b back.



Don't cuckold to nu normie standards friendo

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didn't even have to catalog it.

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Don't cuckold to nu normie standards friendo

A porn thread is an ig fb board? Good one?

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Totally missing the point there einstein. That IS /b/ The dumbass yellow garbage hasn't changed a thing. It will not change anything. Nobody is being introduced to Jow Forums via /b/ anymore. Cry