Would you drink a full glass of breast milk that came from a trans girl's breasts?

Would you drink a full glass of breast milk that came from a trans girl's breasts?

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I wouldn't even drink regular breast milk, so why would I drink an even more disgusting and unnatural version of it?

they have milk?

There's nothing unnatural about it

I do because I induced lactation for bigger breasts

No, thats gay. I'm not a faggot like trany's are.

oh god
OP is an actual fag

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men can lactate but its lmao

it's not natural if its induced

if i loved the girl then yea

>Would you drink a full glass of breast milk

> that came from a crazy man's breasts?
Nope, nope, nope, nope...

thats.. thats gonna be a fat nono

pics of titties lactating or gtfo
fucking what the hell

I would try it, if it tasted icky then not a whole glass. Being trans is irrelevant to me.

Eh whats the harm in calling em her and stuff

it does happen naturally under some circumstances so you are wrong. im just saying that men can

cuz its not the correct way of doing it
its still a man no matter if it has fake tits or pussy

They seem happy being called girls and im happy to make them happy

they're fags, they destroy society, why maje them happy?

Its not them destroying it its (((them)))

(((they))) create more of them

You know (((they))) are behind all of the "why don't you become a cute trans girl, user?" threads. Fuck this.

Let me at that trans tiddy juice senpai.

Depends how her tits look and whether or not I can fuck her while sipping those nipples.

I wanna see all the milk come from her boobs and balls. I wanna make her cum from all ends while providing me nutrients until she passes out.

I want her to feel the throbbing, burning, sexual pangs while I suck those nips until she just can't handle it anymore.

In an ideal world, trans women would look just like regular girls, sound like regular girls and smell like regular girls, just without the vag. Until that happens we only get the dregs


>"yep, nothing like a good cup of woman free breast milk to start the day"

>goes back to mowing lawn

I would do anything for someone who genuinely loves me

it's called puss user

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Would you drink a full glass of milk that came from your own breasts? Consider in this scenario that you naturally made it and it's no different from normal human breast milk.

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it's not naturaI if its induced

Your mom can naturally lactate my dick lmao

every human can make milk, regardless of gender

Eww2 nene

>Would you drink a full glass of breast milk
>that came from a trans girl's breasts?
yes x2

although trannies seem to hate "chasers" for whatever reason, just because i like trans girls as well as cis girls doesnt mean anything. so what if i want a cute trans gf? it wont change that i love you.

Thats would be a great achievement to have

yeah but only if I can put it in my coffee too