Gril matches with you

>gril matches with you
>still doesn't message you

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Story of my life
>cute redhead tall swimmer girl matches
>looks like my childhood crush
>filled with hope
>doesnt say a word and bumble times out
>become even more filled with rage

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>Using the most feminist dating app ever.

Holy shit nigger, you gotta have triple digit income & look like fucking chat if you wanna find a woman there and they're not even quality, just some whores who got their heads in the clouds.

Just go back to tinder!

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>acting as if tinder is any better
At this point. Its a numbers game. Try all the apps for the highest chance.

At least on tinder you don't get categorized like an animal/object

dead in the water nothing
some girls match but never respond, even after extending. like bitch what do you want

send thoughtful replies, responding to their profiles, to girls i share mutual interests with
and still get 0 replies and no likes. like whats the fucking point. these sluts must be getting thousands of messages or are just straight sociopaths. either way its rape time

Nigger dont try that hard, ever. Turns women off immediately. They only care about looks. Go with "Hey there' or "You have pretty eyes :)" and call it good, no response they aren't attracted to you. Don't invest any more than that.

They are being assaulted by armies of dicks. You have to really stand out.

Just give up, lads. I did, and I feel better.
Plan on killing myself in a couple years, but that's beside the point.

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A like on Tinder or bumble means less to a person the more attractive/in demand they are. What makes one match so special if they get twenty?

ok so you're saying it's rape time

I mean, do what you gotta do. Try taking the best pictures you possibly can. Smile, good angles, good lighting. If all fails you always have a back up lmao

I got a gf before I can do it again. Its just ..... been a while.

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why bother. these retards can take the grainiest shit photos and still get tons of attention. society just needs to reset already

Try a good photographer.

they only use these apps for attention you idiot
how have you not figured that out?
90% of the women on these apps are not actually trying to date people
they thrive on the raw satisfaction of seeing people who "liked" them
the other 10% are buried in a sea of guys who are better looking than you, have a better job, and can actually hold a conversation

why would they feel satisfaction when every bitch on there gets likes. its still nothing special. Time to reset

I agree. I recommend cold approaching to robots that want to self improve with women.

man, every male species on earth has to fight or show off to get bitches. It's nature. If you ugly and short or something just give up and bang hookers.

im neither short or ugly and still get nothing., Time to reset .

Id rather keep fighting. Im a robot but I crave my humanity back.

>At least on tinder you don't get categorized like an animal/object
Why does this matter if they're both equally shit?

>Match with girl
>Get her number
>Flirt more
>Ask her on a date
>She suggests a day
>I can't do said day, how about afterwards?
>Haha maybe
>Get minimal response afterwords

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>Robots getting ghosted by Bots and taking it personally itt

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Dude go to festivals of music you like or dont like but there you will actually find a girl

Go to a club, get drunk, profit. If you want sluts, go be a party animal. Find a drug dealer, get your alcohol tolerance up, offer sluts drugs, and you'll make it. You can start with the softer stuff, and if that doesn't work, there's always meth. You'd be surprised to learn which girls are doing meth.