The people on the board are becoming recognizable

>the people on the board are becoming recognizable

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How do you recognize someone that isnt an avatarfag or namefag

how u do that
I recognize maybe two

they always post similar threads or reply the same things.

currently i must of made note of at least 20 recurring personalities.

>the people on the board are becoming recognizable by their discord names

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Do you recognize me?

Be careful of seeing patterns where none exist. You may be developing psychosis.

>tfw regularly post jpop idols and JAV actresses because those are pretty much most of the images I save on my computer

Ive always just assumed people say / post similar shit. I guess its possible people post non stop though.

Iktf some user remembered me making the same thread and told me how im doing.

Still down and depressed anonbro but im holding it in theres always light by the end of the tunnel

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>tfw only recognized by schizophrenics and tranny chasers

le butt

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are you the 24 year old late transitioner?

Schizophrenia is my guess

same exact simple grammatical mistakes over and over again that theyre completely oblivious of

syntax and recurring use of words/phrases besides the theme of the post itself

What happened to the guy who used to post lottery/Elliot threads?

>tfw vivi poster made it out of procastination hell
>you're still procastinating cleaning your 300 browser tabs
>room is starting to look like a hoarders room more and more
>all hard drives near out of space
>starting to lose the remaining interest you had in that vidya you planned playing 5 years ago and that anime you were so excited for

Time to take a break from the website user

just this board, user. but theres a reason i left where i came from to come here you know what youre right what the fuck am i doing here

I don't know. I have nipples too, Greg. Can you milk me?

this kills the crab dot jpeg

Bruh... theres no way you recognize me

>made note of at least 20 recurring personalities.
no user thats just the schizo and loneliness kicking in. have sex NOW before its too late

I'm the phone poster faggot.

i'm the resident normie/liaison to the outside world