It's really not a mystery

it's really not a mystery...

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why cant I help but get hard when I see bbc threads

I'm white and my dick is basically exactly the same size as the black guy's.

no its not gtfo

that's fucking herpes my guy :

Chang this won't stop us breeding your women, when will you learn?

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based, there really is no comparison

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based anons, bbc is the best

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white men have never made her make a face like this

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It's true, used to hate this shit but it's starting to give me a boner. What the fuck?

There's a surprisingly amount of people like you into bbc, even some total white nationalists can't help but get horny at the site of white girls getting blacked

I went by the Nespresso store yesterday and they were advertising two new flavors, "Flat White" and "Long Black," and all I could think of when I saw it was "BLACKED." What the fuck have you people done to me?

I've heard that most of the market for BBC porn, interracial cuck porn, etc. is racist white men. Never really got the appeal myself, I just come to these threads to laugh at the replies.

Then, how do I stop it? I don't want to go down this path.

it is simply nature at work. women prefer strong men that can satisfy their physical needs and black men are simply the best. the best athletes and the best lovers. it is natural for white women to be attracted to black men, and natural for white men to want to watch.

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>I've heard that most of the market for BBC porn, interracial cuck porn, etc. is racist white men.
There's definitely a significant portion of it that are legitimately racist/alt-right types.

Why not? There's nothing wrong with it and it feels good.

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oops, I meant why would you want to

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I feel ashamed, I have trouble fapping to anything else. It's so humiliating but I can't stop. I don't want some fetish taking over my life.

>I feel ashamed, I have trouble fapping to anything else. It's so humiliating but I can't stop.
I think you would feel a lot better if you just accepted it, it's not hurting anyone, it feels good. Just tell yourself there's nothing wrong with it and allow yourself to enjoy it.

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Keep your mental strong don't let them ruin you

I feel like if I give in I'll fall all the way down the rabbit hole and become an actual cuck, I keep getting intrusive thoughts of my ex with a black man. What if a new girlfriend found out I'm into this, what would she think of me as a man?

thoughts are simply suggestions, you don't have to give in to them if you don't want to.

>What if a new girlfriend found out I'm into this, what would she think of me as a man?
Maybe she would be into it too and you could enjoy it together, who knows? Even if she wasn't, I doubt she would mind, it's just a fetish after all. I think your problem is you're mentally blocking yourself from properly enjoying something you know you like because it 'feels wrong'.
Like I said there's absolutely nothing wrong with it. You should just let loose and allow yourself to go as deep as you like. If you do end up wanting to take it further, so what?

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>Whites have fallen for the beautiful melanin BBC addiction

African genes are the strongest genes. It's not your fault. The world started with Africa and will end there.

Breed your wife/gf or even mom with a man with African blood in his dna.

I'm blessed to have the BBC gene.

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If things keep going on like this I will want to, that's the thing.
Yeah maybe I do need to loosen up and not fight it so much, I can feel myself sinking deeper every time I see this kind of stuff and it's stressing me out.

>it's stressing me out.
It's only stressing you out because you have the idea stuck in your mind that it's supposed to feel wrong or bad somehow. Get rid of that and all you're left with is the good feelings.
Trust me you'll be much happier if you do!

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What if it makes me feel depressed that I have no gf to offer to the bbc?

Maybe I'll try
Where do you find all these pictures?

I'm still not into BBC porn but I do suddenly have the urge to go eat some watermelon.

yikes dude
must suck to be you
wishing you were white

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Look at it another way, use it as motivation to get a gf so you can witness your gf getting blacked in person

/trash/ has anime blacked threads and associated discord servers, they're pretty great!

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How do you even get a blacked gf in the first place? Wouldn't those types of girls simply wish to date black guys without having some weird cuck watching them?

Come on user, being on Jow Forums you should know of the beta provider dynamic. The girl gets to have as much indiscriminate sex with as many black guys as she wants, the guy provides for her and takes care of her other needs, in return he might get to watch.

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This is hot, I want to work hard and do well in school so I can support my gf in her blacking endeavors as a loyal cuck and paypiggy.

But you can't just approach a girl and tell her that you want to he her beta provider, can you?

>the guy provides for her and takes care of her other needs,
What other needs?


reminder: these threads are created specifically to demoralize you
ignore this trash

Well I fap to blacked porn user I'm probably not the best person to ask for dating advice. But I think being a robot on r9k any girl you talk to that ends up being interested in you would probably automatically being seeing you as a beta provider.
Driving her to and from her different dates, looking after any kids, anything she wants.
good luck user~ Be sure to come to the /trash/ threads and join the community

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so you are saying I need to find femanon to cuck me? I guess I should start looking

sounds like a good idea to me user!

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>they're even taking our waifus
it's not fair bros...

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>that feel whenever a japanese artist draws blacked porn

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Just think of how many Japanese women are going to get blacked come the Olympics.

i can't wait, especially for all the blacked porn that will inevitably follow

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Seething niggers upset about the fact that they can't get laid.