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Midnight anxiety edition

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>midnight anxiety
this is what bottles of wine are for

>het boy in op

first for 5'6 niggas

meow will never be replicated and any trip that tries to be him will only be second best and known as a cheap imitation. bring me back real meow or nothing at all

i wonder if it would be nice to get threatened and be in fear of your bf

secretly gay for felix tho

I'm very openly gay for Felix. I think most people in these threads are.

hytale hytale

To answer the hobbyless user I like to nake weapons like bows and arrows out of lumber i cut ^^

what you homos been listening to lately

ive been getting into 60s - 70s prog rock

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why do I become psychotic at night? Every night feels like a battle to relax, my mind gets trapped in the feeling right before sleep and I'm stuck in a limbo of not awake and asleep, sometimes my breathing is set for sleeping but I'm still slightly conscious. Other times I wake up confused in the limbo thinking I have four arms and other weird nonsensical thoughts. Anyone else know what to do? I think it might be getting better

no dumbass actual gay irl relationships are usually abusive anyway it'd probably be worse if it was with a weirdo internet bf

bros... dont freak out but i think i may be the messiah...

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nyaa nyaa nyaa nyaa~!!!!
*rolls around on the floor, exposing tummy*

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i KNEW the messiah would be gay

early 2010's dubstep for some weird reason
also a lot emo

Oh shit you're gonna get WITNESSED BROTHER be PREPARED

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Digistruct Peak's theme and the dance song from the opening to Killer Bean by Jeff Lew

>tfw still no suicidal bf to die with

Oh god please me pick me I'm too narcassistic to die alone

When I feel at peace with myself and life and so on this does not happen to me
Instead I sink comfortably into my sheets and am swept off to dreamland
I don't know if it's something in the air, or if it's the influence of isolation/4shit


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>tfw haven't talked to bf in 2 days
he hasn't forgotten me has he??

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i always passed it off as druggie music but i would love to be proven wrong
any recommendations?

How would you want to leave?

would you want to know about your bfs past or leave the past on the past?

i mean if you've been equally silent those 2 days this isn't exactly blameless

I would want to know absolutely all of it, in every facet possible. By the same token, I'd reveal the same of myself.
Obviously not right off the bat but it is an eventual expectation that I would probably have.

Going to sleep like my dog did, he seemed at peace. Idk, maybe cut my arms open but I heard some people freak out in shock and don't drift away but scream in pain.
I'm afraid to live, and afraid to die. What kind of existence is this?

>tfw druggie so i'm perpetuating the stereotype
also people hate to call this shoegaze but it is

>>tfw druggie

i'm a little angry you didn't already know he was a druggy

not really my jam but i can see why people like this
thanks for the recommendation

I'd do any drug with you bent

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This sounds like something they'd play in a movie during a death scene or where a guy is hopelessly walking/driving in the rain after some negative event, or even (if we're perpetrating stereotypes) when someone finally gives into peer pressure and takes drugs. it makes me uncomfy. It just doesn't sound like something you'd hear when something good is going on.

moth.. what's goin on, big guy?
oh word? me have bf now?
i totally see that, yeah. the whole album is basically varying shades of "things are very bad", i co-sign it to the fullest degree

>what's goin on
i'm upset that someone with a rather healthy amount of orbiters has zero reputation on the thread, they'll happily worship the autistic cat tranny but for some reason the vocaroo druggy just slips under the radar?

The same songs I've been listening to for years
I don't have the energy for anything new
It's all such a hassle

...but isn't meow one or both of you anyway?

i have no orbiters, just bros.
no man is above another in these threads, we're all just atoms thrust deep inside the chasm of having no boyfriends.
and believe me, i've seen many an user make an e-pass at you.

no retard, meow was meow. why would anyone willingly put that persona out there? also he was banned by jannies, our IPs would be compromised to some degree

I found out I was gay by stealing my moms dildos, using them to completion, then being grossed out and throwing them away. yup being 11 was crazy

1940s to 50s music, as usual.

oh great pedo bait

based 11 year old deviant

reminds me of being a kid and listening to my dad's music on long car rides

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the druggie is also a pedophile, a surprise? no!

Fuck off he's just saying it's good to explore young and that's what I did. He didn't say "mmm yeah lemme inject crack in your dick little user" you fucking NERD

it was satire, of course it's fucked an 11 year old dildofucked himself

yeah alright keep defending it, you probably have weird rape fantasies. god knows what doing shit like that from a young age does, wouldn't be surprised if you took it up the ass from some 40 year old before you were 18. actually i guarantee it at this point, especially with how quick you were to defend another pedophile

How lol I just was curious...

11 year olds should be curious about shit like video games or playing in mud or fuckin Nerf or anything but putting shit in your ass, man

howdy boys can I bully u??

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far better song

Death Grips, i listen to Death Grips everyday all day i hate everyone and that shit goes with me its so fucking good, its just angry music u know

I never got dick ever, never got touched or anything. if you wanna know, I grew up in a very homophobic place so faggot and gay were always topics for people to discuss and use as jokes. There aren't any openly gay people here, I actually get no attention either, and why old guys ew, no offense to older men or anything. It's why I'm here, in this thread, on Jow Forums. Just because you have a high sex drive doesn't mean you get to have sex. Also I'm disgusting, not like I had offers or anything. So yeah I was curious I don't know why, I hit puberty at 10 so that didn't help at all

>not I Don't Love
a quick one before the eternal user posts a shitty opinion

i can understand that but still dude, doing butt stuff as a kid is still something that shouldn't be remembered with a positive lens

Had a dream about having a bf
Was a nice dream, but I am bad at relationships so it's better that I have no bf

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I don't know what you mean by that, though I do prefer the rawer sounds of the Voids album honestly. Feel like a lot of those demo versions are just harsher and sound nice. More satisfying too

Why? That's so dumb, have you considered that you're the only one with a problem here? I didn't take Bent's reply as him being a pedophile, he didn't even mean what I thought he meant, why pedophilia anyway, it's like you're projecting. If it's a sore subject then just say that, I get that some people don't wanna read it but don't virtue signal everyone and throw around they're pedophiles. I mean you can but you shouldn't, because then it looks like you're hiding something. I get it, I do, I'll stop glamorizing it, but try to be more forward with what you mean, please?

>tfw no lewd bf like pic related who will milk my dick 30 times with his hands all day everyday until I'm exhausted
Why even live?

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>tfw no wholesome bf to do wholesome activities with all day everyday

did you choose love today r9gay?

Prison gay who is just interested in sex. Who would've guessed

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>tfw no really good friend who has sex with you

>tfw no really good friend that gives me kisses, hugs, and handholds

>bf having sleep problems lately
>spending all day asleep
>havent been in call with him since Friday night
Starting to get anxious, and I don't know if I'm being overly clingy or not

Why does summer always feel like it drags on for no reason at all?
I swear the past 16 days have been 2 months already.
I also feel less energetic each day and just want it all to end.

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Finally gave a proper listen to this album and it is fucking amazing, I skimmed through it when I saved it ages ago and thought it was just boring, oh boy.
I also discovered one local metal band and surprisingly good.

I second this.

Let's do wholesome things, user! What did you have in mind?

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>tfw no bf to duct tape me to a chair and point a gun at my head and make me cry

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>go on walks
>watch media together
>hold hands

i think i'm just gonna start having an imaginary bf that i amalgamate out of all the personalities of anons who post in these threads

Assuming that it was you in the image you posted to the birthday pics thread, you could easily just find a real one.

That does sound lovely. Well, there's a very good chance that we are too far away to do two out of three of those. But if you want, we can keep in touch and I can talk to you, watch shows/movies with you, and get to know you every day. Does that sound like something you'd be interested in? =)

I am very much interested in that.
How should we go about this?

fuck forgot i left trip on

[email protected] is my "throwaway" email address that I use for spam and other potentially sketchy stuff. We can start by introducing ourselves there via e-mail, and if we are interested in keeping correspondence, we can then share further personal details such as Discord tag.

What brings you to these threads anyways? Looks aren't the issue, so what is?

>bf didnt get me anything for mothers day
sex strike ends tomorrow. hopefully his dick stills works.

I suggest the e-mail method only out of privacy concern for both of us, but if there is another way you may be more inclined towards, then I am more than willing to hear it out. =)

>tfw no bf to watch films with all day


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are you mommy gf(male)?

I would love to watch movies with you omg, I'll be quiet and pop popcorn and stuff

looks are an issue if you see me irl, that pic was misleading.
i don't leave the house except to go to the store to get food and drugs.
i have nowhere to go, no car, no friends, no job, no school, no hobbies that i could even do with others.
just me and my 70 year old dad, waiting for each other to die.
and it doesn't bother me, i'd rather chat online with the vrodies than dick around in a world i'm too dumb and child-like to understand or even want to understand.
in short, i'm a 12 year old in a 22 year old body

>Tfw no Tom Hardy bf
wish I didn't watch Bronson after I came out x~x

What kind of movies do you like?

are you okay? jhghjgkj

This is eerily similar to my own situation. Except, I don't even bother leaving to pick up supplies.

do most people steal from the lost and found? i know i do

Awe poor baby, let's work on ourselves and get jobs and a place to live so we can get high all night, we'll get a car and have a plan

>d get jobs
not him by why the fuck would anyone want to do that? not worth it at all.

Action, thriller, drama, and comedy but I much prefer them in that order desu. But I'll watch new and old movies, I get the most excited watching action :D

I want to find guys in my city to jam with and have fun and maybe possibly find a bf who plays an instrument that way. How do I into doing that?

Okay well yeah, I guess I could just work.

Let me play FRENCH HORN in your BAND maaan

Do you mind if some of the action is martial arts stuff? I know a few films we could easily watch in that sub genre but if not we can watch other types instead.