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Come listen to my comfy Jow Forums radio station, with selections handpicked by YOU, the listener!
Feel free to post music requests, post a comfy image, or just enjoy the atmosphere!

Also, since this is a nightfeel thread, drop us some feels. If you feel like it :).

>Some extra shit to make it extra comfy!

Discussion Question for the night: What is more comfy? A thunderstorm at night, or a pretty sunset.

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I like a good thunderstorm, but that's just me

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This thread is maximum comfy. Also thunderstorms desu

Glad you're still alive.
I know this is a normalfaggot problem but I nightfeel upset because my ex girlfriend of 3 years stole my friend cause he's beta orbiting her, and all our mutual friends swore we were still friends but then they got together without me and referenced it in front of me. I hate women. But I also should nightfeel good because I got a good job, my nightfeel is mostly ruined though I think.

I made it very clear to my first and current gf(?) That I would not sacrifice friendships for a relationship, she still barely understood why that would ever happen. Women ruin everything user, iktf. Any requests?

Why are we still originally here, just to suffer?

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There is no reason, it's just random. You had the incredible "luck" of 1 in 50 million for every generation since sexual reproduction started. But if it wasn't you it'd be some other faggot sitting here thinking about the odds that it was him and not you.

They do ruin everything. Is the redpill true? I don't really have any requests, all my songs are gay niche stuff anyway

What time is it where you're at bots? Almost 4 am here. Debating whether or not I should start drinking right now
>Discussion Question for the night: What is more comfy? A thunderstorm at night, or a pretty sunset.
Thunderstorms and rain at night are top comfy. It was raining earlier today but stopped, wish it would start again now

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3 here. I would drink just to sleep, I am restless tonight

hill in southern germany

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damn one of my old pictures from 2018, june. I remember being there... with people who are not a part of my life anymore

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Broken Promises for broken hearts

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Glad you're back photoanon, your stuff is always welcome in my threads :)

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acquaintances of the night and memories of heavy drinking to ease the pain

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man days are getting worse and worse

Just as I have told you 1 1/2 years ago, these threads, as well as the creative /nightwalk/ and /comfy/ threads, are the last bastion of sanity in this cesspool. Unfortunately we're here forever
So what is there left to do? I guess posting pics and sharing comfy or soothing tunes, to make our lifes a little bit better. I've always enjoyed every nightwalk
All the black and white pictures were taken on film, in situations that are fitted for Jow Forums feels.

Comfy watching the beautiful sunset, before going to the annual local fair, which is located in the middle of the hill.
spending christmas alone, after someone broke your heart, so you wait at your window for the rockets to go off
Surrounded by strangers and neon lights. Feeling like you don't belonge here
Meeting a passing shadow in the city light
or drinking your pain away and keeping your thoughts at bay

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*spending new year alone (as well as christmas)

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Just tuning in. These threads have genuinely helped me feel a little less lonely. Here's my comfy F82 pic.
Here's my request:

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I also made this one too. I really like the F82

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Last one for today. Enjoy the night or the day anons

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I remember that too user, it was a night just like now, staying up late, getting this fucking server to stay online, hoping someone will listen to my music and feel better from it. Thanks for helping me make it happen man, for real

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You got it F82 bro!

Just made this one. It's really hard to find good pics of this plane that aren't from War Thunder or another game

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Just fspped aftwr drinkinh and gotta work tomorrow. Wish I was comfyyyyuy

have you tried picture archives? Or maybe some wallpaper sites like wallhaven.cc

Only pics of a BMW pull up. I might make a thread on Jow Forums about it. See if they have anything

Alright everyone, I'm going to sleep now, have a comfy night, and thanks for listening!