You notice a girl looking at you, smiling

You notice a girl looking at you, smiling

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i leave

originally of course

I assume she is making fun of me somehow. I leave, I will always remember it as her making fun of me.

"I haven't even started telling my jokes. Now I have telepathic abilities."

she is always smiling at the chad behind you
i ignore and continue doing whatever

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Smile back, I guess. Anything else would be weird, I assume. Never been in that situation.


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I shoot nosey nancy a dirty look and go back to what I was doing.

This,every fucking girl i thought was smiling at me was actually smiling to someone behind me

I assume she's lost in thought and just happens to be looking in my direction, not even aware that I'm there. I do that shit all the time.

I bet she's not smiling at me.

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I check to see if there is anything in my teeth, then I look away awkwardly trying to hold back my tears as her group of friends start to clown on me

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Eye contact, smile back. Single most dominant thing you can do.

I did that once and the girl quickly looked away, almost with a disgusted look on her face. Never again.

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The only time any girl has smiled at me was because they wanted something from me. Even then, it was a faked smile with strong hints of disgust.

Nowadays I just immediately say "what do you want?", that way they can drop the fakeness and just get to the point.

>I begin to feel a huge amount of disgust.
This happens everytime a girl likes me.

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I did this 2 days ago

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This happened to me today twice with the same girl. She was washing windows at a coffee shop I went into. I smiled at her and she smiled back. Then after getting my coffee me and my friend went upstairs to sit down. She walked by at one point and smiled again. My friend noticed her smiling at me. Later I told him she was too young. She must have been not much older than 18 if that and I'm almost 30. She was probably just trying to make customers feel welcome, but then again she didn't smile at my friend.

Im gonna show you a new way to 9

I just stare a bit with blank face and turn over to the other side

Oh great look at this cunt being smug and shit.
Had I the balls and the loss of control, I would successfully Elliot Rodger her ass without killing myself. Technically that's called a Jeffery Dahmer but I don't fucking care, this cunt is quietly judging me somehow.

(I deal with this one old smug bitch BTW, no idea how I would react to other women doing this, but I don't care, I want this bitch dead.)

I smile back and go back to my business

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>girls smiling at you

Does this shit actually happen to some of you?

Excuse me ma'am, but you're not a drumf sporter are you? Just wanted to make sure.

Yes nu-9k is a chad board

It makes me feel warm and raises my spirits for all day. Rarely happens, tho

Not surprised. This board really went to shit after 2014.

As if that will ever happen

fuck no this shit doesn't happen to me

good to see one actual robot in this fucking board nowadays.

>Later I told him she was too young. She must have been not much older than 18 if that and I'm almost 30.

pretty much this
it's gotta be them making fun of me
I must look like an asshole
my stupid shirt
my stupid hair
whatever it is
it's a negative

Wake up, in an original manner.

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Wtf? I always get disgusted looks. So tired of going out. People never want to sit next to me or really acknowledge me. Idk why I even bother to go outside anymore.

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>look back with my default deathglare face
>say nothing
>continue what I was doing

throws them off EVERY time

Leave as I do not want to spread happiness, even if derived from ridicule to woman.

Give her a smile back, go back to what i was doing, if she seem particularly receptive then go up and talk to her, introduce myself, etc. this shit isn't hard, but of course it is for robots because you're all mentally handicapped

Awkwardly smile back and then quickly look away, spend the rest of the day mentally punching myself in the face for not approaching her or something.

this. it's nice but nothing ever comes of it
I have a cat that loves to lay on my torso and purr so much he starts drooling. He's shown more affection to me than any non-familial woman.
Don't talk shit about cats.

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Thanks for input Chad. Might as well be myself.

>Give her a smile back
>this shit isn't hard, but of course it is for robots because you're all mentally handicapped

JuSt B YoUrSeLF bRo

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kick her in the face


if she's already signalling interest at you, then there is nothing left to do but TO be yourself, you fucking mong, you're already past the hardest part at that point

t. Toxoplasmfag

>if she's already signalling interest at you

That's if she's already found you attractive

thanks for reminding me to watch this

if it was me i'd probably make her cry

Is there a picture on that last guy?

man, I was walking my dogs yesterday, and there were these two girls I passed by, one with fucking gorgeous eyes, you know the blue-greyish eyes that you can spot from a mile away, and I just shaved and took my weekly shower so I was fresh af, and like I was just minding my own business and she said hello, thinking I was looking her/their way (and I was just looking at my dog, which was between me and them) and I said hello back and kept going, and when I turned around (again to look at my dog) she was still looking at me, right before she turned to her friend to whisper whatever and throw me a last look before I turned around and walked away
been a while since that happened, felt good

too bad she looked like she was at least ten years younger

see this is why we cant have nice things
why should i smile if im broken inside? i really hate this fake ass world dude and women dont make it better

I was at the store and this happened to me. A cute girl smiled at me and I gave her a look of utter disgust. She quickly turned around and went back to shopping.

I glare back at her because i assume she's laughing at me.

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Chances are, she is just laughing at you

Look away. Shes not smiling at me. No no, of course not. Not me. Never me. Never me.

>Using dating sites that are infamous for just being about sex and looks as proof for your world view on women

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Learn to take pleasure from those looks. Its actually kind of funny once you get used to it.

>be me
>had to drive aunt around for groceries
>get a cart
>aunt takes two packs of pads and throws them in the cart, then wanders around another aisle
>cute teen girl with empty cart cuts my way
>she has a quick glance at those pads, then smiles at me
>have a quick glance at those pads and smile back at her
>for a non-trivial fraction of a second we make eye contact, both smiling
>she then drives away
>I then realize what I've accomplished, thanks to those fuckin pads


Never happened to me, they don't even glance at me because of how ugly and weird I am

That be hard to happen since I try not to look directly as people's faces, especially women. But if it did happen, I would think there's something on my face or my clothes. If I always expect the worse then I won't be disapointed when it happens.

something similar happened to me

i was at the store and a 30 - 40ish women game me a big smile like she knows me for years. once she got i wont smile back she looked kinda sad

>start staring at her
>she looks away
>walks faster

Once but I'm pretty sure she was laughing at my hair

>smile back
>she looks disgusted
>realize she was smiling at someone behind me

I love you man. (no homo)

i did this to my own bf when he met me at the gym this week and he said i looked weird.
did i get negged?

Smile back and wink
Also what anime is that?

>still looking people in the eyes
>still acknowledging other people in the first place
What does even mean to be a "robot" anymore?

After years of deadpan face I've lost the ability to smile. Those muscles are just too weak. I couldn't return the smile even if I wanted to (and implying a grill would ever smile at me anyway).

I just tried in front of a mirror and the best I could make was a weird smirk, and I couldn't hold it longer than a couple secs, my face got too tired.


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minus and original post

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i dont even look at people anymore. i have trained hard enough and now i can have my eyes open without seeing anything