There are a bunch of loud normalfags partying right next to my house.. Should I go or not...

There are a bunch of loud normalfags partying right next to my house.. Should I go or not? I already flipped a coin to see if I should fap instead (tails; i fapped just before making this thread).

I'm autistic, 6'4, in good shape, kind of want to try getting in a fistfight with a Chad.. Can't speak with females, but I'm willing to call them roasties if someone gets trips.

If I go, I'll leave in 25 minutes, gotta let my telephone charge..

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Do it faggot, beat up some Chads for me :)

Call the cops, it's getting late.

How should I keep you updated? Just with pics? Idk how to "stream"..

Take pictures of cute girls pls.

pics are fine, this way you wont accidentally show things you dont want to

ok leaving soon

What are you wearing, are you attractive?

i'll post a pic hold on waiting for goyphone to charge

It's a question you need to answer. It's the type of question you need to practice answering faster.

The first is
Do I want to go to a party?
If it's a yes then the question becomes 'Will I go to the party?'
The answer to the is easier by doing rather than thinking. The quicker you get over there and knock on the door and introduce your self the easier it will be.

have you entered the premises

waiting for updates here

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come on op we're all on the edge of our seats

Give us updates on this please user desu.

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op, you should knock, ask them to tone it down.
if they flip you off, you go in there, grab a roastie you'd like to fuck, put her over your shoulder, and walk the fuck out of there to your home. all the while you dont say anything, just do. then fuck your roastie until you cum all over her.
no one is gonna fight you, and if they do, use your height alone to intimidate them by just standing close to them not saying anything with a stoic face.

did you win the fight op?

It sounds like OP got his ass kicked.

yeah he hasn't said anything in a while
my guess is he didn't even leave the house.

he's just gonna ignore this thread until it dies and hope we all forget about it.
He probably even closed the tab.

Or maybe he is having a great time and decided it is not worth it to waste time posting here while he can make friends and get a gf.

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Do people actually do this? Just show up at a party uninvited held by people you barely know?

Stick a gopro to your head and remember to take your gun with you(just to be safe).
And go for a high score(in social points)!

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>I'm autistic
That much was self-explanatory.