It will never again be Spring 2011 in High School playing Black Ops with your friends

>It will never again be Spring 2011 in High School playing Black Ops with your friends

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staying up late with middle school friends playing zombies

I still talk to most of those guys but the innocence is irreplaceable

yeah its just that we dont really enjoy games like we used too and dont really have the time either

Yep, I never moved to "next" gen after 360. I don't have the energy to hop on after work like I did in early high school.

Hell i still play GRAW 2 and Streetfighter 4 online. never left

I didnt have friends in high school

Fuckkkk I miss these days.. Me and the boys were that 8 stack on ground war punishing your anus

>load up CoD like when I was an FPS beast back in the good old days
>get shit on by all the 12 year olds

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I was 12 in 2012 :3
I pwaed woblox

2012 was probably the best year of my life. Originoli

God I was in 6th grade when bo1 came out. I fucking miss those days of early COD..

Its Fortnite now old man, get with the times loser.

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Trying to play CS:GO after not touching any form of the game for a few years was a pretty fucking sad experience for me. I went from a solid entry fragger at the upper end of MGE, holding my own against DMGs etc., to struggling against silvers. To be fair though, a lot of that was more down to me trying to make plays I was too rusty for and expecting my team to hold up their end like much higher-ranked players than they were.

fuck man right in the feels bo1 was our fking game
>swearing to other players with squeaking voices
>changing emblems daily
>Across the maps
>Dem Clanwars
>posing for cringy clan pics
>discussing our playstyle and cod during recess
>talking about rumors and urban legends in cod (Zombie mode lore, secret nuke killstreak, riding the rocket in Launch etc.)

God i miss this so much, just coming home from school, tossing your bag away and booting up cod to play with your pals.
My definition of heaven is to relieve these moments

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Haven't had a friend since kindergarten so I can't relate.

>not 2007 playing Halo 3
You zoomers don't know shit. I don't care if it's Fortnite or Black Ops, you're all kids to me

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>born too late for playing outside and too soon for multiplayer games
bro do you want to play smash at my house

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Fuck off new kid.

>Tfw will never have a Lan party playing cs with the lads
>Tfw will never see a Russian autist sperg out in broken Russian before breaking my friend's window with a mouse
All these moments lost in the rain

MW2 came out the day I graduated in 2009. I played it all night every night with my friends that summer.

Now I can't even start playing a video game because I'm so lazy.

>It will never be summer 2009 in highschool when your newly made friends got steam accounts and you trolled GMod &TF2 servers during their peak

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>you will never play tf2 with your old friends again

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>not 2007 playing cod4

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>It will never again be Autumn 2006,when you and your friends played CS 1.6 on your dedicated server after a long day of playing hide n' seek outside.

>tfw it well never be 2009 playing combat arms and hacking with your friend on our shitbox machines loading halfway through the game

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>It will never be 2006 as a senior in high school ordering 2ce and 5meo-diPT legally off the clearnet with a basic credit card at the dawn of the second gen RC scene, tripping with your friends and cute girls, driving round town all summer

Imo MW>>CoD2>>MW2>>BO>>CoD1+UO>>>>>>>>>>others CoDs

>with your friends

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BO2 was always my favourite. Otherwise it would've been MW2 but infinite noobtubes and teleporting knife wizards kinda ruined it for me.

BO2 was the last one I played, glad I jumped off when I did, heard Ghosts was shit

I played MW3 with people. It wasn't fun. They all had golden guns and were much better than me.
I played Payday 2 with a friend and his freind. We put in 200 hours in 3 months. Never talked to them after that. It always repeats like that.