Do you think you're an interesting person (Relative to others)?

Do you think you're an interesting person (Relative to others)?

Why or why not?

Be honest with yourself.

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I have no interests, no hobbies to speak of. There is little to not content to me and I struggle to think let alone form coherent thought.

No, I am very boring.

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At least you guys are self-aware I suppose - brownie points there.

No because this minus the last sentence.

Maybe I'm interesting for mental health workers though. meh who am I kidding not even they would be interested but at least nsa-kun is :3

You're interesting enough for me UwU

Three years ago I left everything behind and went to join the french foreign legion, which is an interesting enough experience I guess

Id like to think i am but probably not.
Only things i do are smoke cigarettes or drink and smoke with friends.

and you deserted because it wasn't what you expected right. Do they even do anything anymore?

Why do you think I deserted?
You know they have internet in france right?

We see some pretty cool shit and go to far away places still

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but you haven't killed anyone in service right?

No, conventional warfare exists only in movies and video games now. We just do patrols untill somebody shoots at us or tries to blow us up ( which does still happen)
But besides that it's still an interesting experience to live with guys from all over the world and do war stuff together.

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I am not interested in the things other people are in, so I tend to keep quiet as I usually have nothing to contribute to conversations.

However, when I make politically incorrect jokes, people laugh at them because it's exciting to talk to a new person, and they want to know more about me as I am attractive and they have something to gain from me. Of course, my entire personality is incorrect because I have autism, so as time goes on, my abnormalities show more and more as I open up in new relationships until there is a tipping point where I say or do something so obscene or disgusting that they decide to leave, leaving me wondering why. My sense of humour is very dark, but I wouldn't say I'm an Edge Lord by any means. I want compassion just like any other man does, but it's hard to come by when your personality is repulsive, and at times, illegal.

A 10/10 blonde edgy girl told me this after we dated for a week:
>You're cute and I'd date you if you weren't so fucking weird

A 5/10 art hoe who was really into me at first told me this two weeks into our relationship after I sent a sound clip of myself pissing into a jar to her friend.
>What the fuck is wrong with you?

A friend told me this after I told him a girl liked me.
>No offence, but I think she'd want to kill herself if she dated you after a while, I mean for fuck's sake man you're dancing around in a polar bear costume.

Am I interesting?

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No im not terribly interesting but I can debate well and am a good friend

I can pretend to be interesting for short bursts irl
But no not really

>being weird for the sake of being weird

I'm only interesting to me.

When I try to be normal, people do not like it and leave because I am boring. When I BEE MYSELF XDD, well, read the previous post.

I haven't had a relationship with any friends or girlfriend in the last two and a half years, so I don't play this retarded social game anymore because having friends and a girlfriend is not required to live a fulfilling life.

With each passing day, I grow more socially inept, and when I am given an opportunity to make a friend and maybe even a girlfriend, they'll inevitably ask if I have any friends. Of course, when I say no, they are repulsed by this. "user, how do you NOT have any friends, that's so fucking sad!" Ironically, their solution to finding out their new acquaintance is friendless is to leave him alone, friendless. Normies, a very confusing lot.

I dont know if batshit crazy counts as interesting, but I've done a lot of unusual stuff and been in many places.

Just lie untill you have friends and don't have to lie anymore bro

>unusual stuff

like what?

No, because I can barely make conversation with normal people

I don't think I am an interesting person, but I can seem interesting to other people

Wow, that's so interesting bro

I'm pretty "Mysterious" as I'm told, plus I have a lot of interesting topics to disgust with others since I have a variety of hobbies. Doesn't even matter because even girls that find me interesting won't date me.

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Yes, but I don't show the "interesting" aspects of myself to other people, so I seem like a normalfag to most people.

I come off an uninteresting but it's probably because I actually am. In my life, I have done a fair share of exploring and shit but my personality in the way I come off is so insipid that it makes people not interested in what I've done. Having shit looks doesn't help either. Probably not that interesting anyway.

nah all i do is play autistic videogames, watch anime, work, attend trade school, gym...

I think the most notable ones have been getting kicked out of the navy and having been to rehab. Appeared on tv for the former. I've also got arrested and done a shitload of drugs. It's mostly daily life stuff tho. For example, this week I smoked DMT and fucked a hooker younger than me. Last week I went on a bunch of drug fueled rampages, including vandalism, fist fighting, cutting myself, sleeping on a staircase, running fast as fuck with sandals on for 20 minutes, idk shit like that is just part of my life. Also got a bunch of artistic talents, a fit body and go to a good uni so it's not like I'm a total deadbeat.

I'm interesting to a few people, uninteresting to others. Like most people

Im not jewish. Interesting enough.

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i try my hardest to not attract attention, so no i guess

Yes, I still live even though I am in incredible pain.

I don't think of anyone as interesting, including myself. When it comes to interesting experiences, the experience itself is what's of interest, and I don't care who it happened to happen to. When it comes to viewpoints or beliefs that differ from the norm, again, the viewpoint or belief is what is supposed to be interesting, I don't really care about the person themselves as they are just a collection of these beliefs. Besides which, whether you consider someone or something boring or interesting, what they believe or the qualities of that person or thing is just another part of the world with an explanation, the only interesting part is that it's outside of the norm and I don't really care about how common something is. Scarcity does create value, but this is usually applied to things like resources or products; with humans, the rarity of something or someone doesn't make me appreciate it or them any more. So I would say whether someone is interesting or not is meaningless to me. That being said, of course there are qualities that I desire in a human, and some of these qualities are rare, but my desire for them is not related to the rarity or even depth of them, as depth just means the explanation for a particular thing is longer, looking at it practically. For example, earnestness or unconditional kindness is not particularly 'interesting', and it may be rare although this could be because of culture or other reasons, but I like this quality because I think it's beautiful, even if there's no complex motivations behind it. My desire for this quality is also likely not complex, I am just wired to like it. I also think describing something as interesting is inherently shallow, as you like that the quality interests you rather than the quality itself.

I'm not and I don't even want to tell why.

>live with guys from all over the world and do war stuff together
Sounds super comfy