Well boys, finally decided to fuck a hooker. I'm approaching sui closer every day and didn't want to die a virgin.
Overall it was a decent experience. Girl was pretty fat in real life and but gave amazing head and had a fun personality. Pussy was looser than my hand but warm and nice. Thrusting is harder than in real life. She blew me to a toe curling orgasm. It looked just like fps porn. Overall positive experience. Probably won't do it again until I fully commit to sui.

Pic related

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>had a fun personality.
how can you tell? every time i went to an escort i was awkward as fuck

She had funny responses to my stupid questions and didn't mind me talking shit about her moaning. No clock watching. Responded fast to sex commands.

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>thrusting is harder than in real life

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in real life*
Taking your dick almost all the way out they do in porn isnt natural and I was slamming her really hard to feel good.

Can i pay an escort to fuck a black guy while i watch and to eat her pussy after he cums in it

>fps porn
Do you mean point of view porn/first person porn, or first person shooter porn?

First person porn
Brenton Tarrent already proved real life is like vidya.

If they fake laugh at me and they're ok with my awkward questions and respond in a cute way I approve of them

I usually have some comments and casual talk after so overall it's about how easy going they are

spread the word OP. everybody should go to thailand and fuck tight little SEAbunnies until they pass out

You should record it next time, either with her permission or with a hidden cam. Legit escort porn is my jam.

Got involved for the same reason. Now after 2 years I just want a girl for intimacy and emotional connection, not just sex. What's fucked is that this is the only route where I can find it, even if it's fake. Very likely damaged already

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We're you not concerned about STDs?

How much was it? Did you cuddle or do any of that shit after or was it just one and done? I want to do this so badly before I legit kill myself.

She gave you head? Uno you can catch STDs from oral. I caught herpes from my first blowjob.

The difference between an escort and a regular women in the bars/clubs i pretty much blurred now

I'm sorry but this is the reality. Feminism blurred the lines. Women will have sex multiple times per week without issue so you may as well fuck an escort anyway and save time.

>mfw seen I ate this pill and life feels much better

And no I'm not a virgin I have had sex multiple times with females but they really are the same now.

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>talking shit about her moaning
>sex commands

go on...

Escorts are willing to do way more lewd stuff than normal girls.

I might see one soon,but I want a raw bj, however I can't risk it.

Hell yeah! Comfy escort thread. I love escorts desu. I hire one almost bi-monthly now. O really need to save up, but when you live that robot life you gotta think that it is still a net gain. Even for only two hours getting that pure bliss that comes with being with a woman

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Is it worth to go to an escort to lose your virginity? 1h or just 'til you cum? Any advice?

I lost mine and planned it out well. Began by going to strip clubs a few times to get used to women's bodies and not be nervous. I stopped watching porn so that way real women's bodies were attractive to me. Then I got viagra from a doctor. Spin a story about how your ED is killing your love life, first few pills are free. Then hire the hooker. Go for the highest quality and spend as much money as you need to be comfy and cum. I took a in-house call for 3 hours. We went to dinner, came back, and I kissed her and played with her body while we watched porn and I waited for the viagara to work. Make sure you jerk off beforehand so you don't PE. Then we fucked. It was great we went 3x, the viagara gives you a porn star ability to stay hard even post orgasm. After the good experience you can order quicker sessions without worrying about failure

how much are you paying for this? i can get sex just fine, but i want a woman to degrade for an hour or so

Gtfo fucking normie, off yourself

I live in Japan and go to sex shops fairly often. Been to 9 so far. Had sex 5 times and got blowjobs/sumata the other times.

Japanese escorts can be a little more expensive than other countries but if you are a weeb with yellow fever like me it is worth it.

Actually fucked one yesterday. It was at a fashion health (no sex allowed, only foreplay, blowjobs, stuff like that) but half way through she slipped a condom on me.

Well basically I think fucking prostitutes and escorts are nice. Always thought it seemed seedy and gross back in the states but In Japan especially you know it is clean, legal, and the girls do their best to provide girlfriend experiences too.

When I get about 1k more in my bank account, I think I'm going to go ahead and just order an escort. I'm horny and lonely desu and I have a lot of sexual needs that need to be fulfilled.

Can i just get an escort for cuddling?

Ironically that's probably going to cost you more than just sticking it in. You're gonna have to find a girl that does the whole GFE thing.

Damn I really want to go to one but Idk if it's worth losing my virginity to a hooker who had 100 dicks before me. Should I fuck one? I already looked at some online and one of them looks pretty cute/sexy. She provides gf experience.

And how much do i need to pay so i can forget about the cuddling being an act for money?

What site do you use user? I've been thinking about buying a hoe but all of the known sites are gone.

Go on Grindr and fuck sissycunt for free

As long as you treat her like she's had a 100 dicks inside of her user
Just fucking her for your own benefit, no intimate shit, doing only what you want, walk out immediately after youre finished

I had sex with a grill in a brothel. I was really polite because autism and complimented her on her looks. While riding me, she pushed her breasts into my mouth, although I wasn't into that, it felt incredible sucking on them. Afterwards she told me: you're pretty good, why don't you have a girlfriend? I lied and told her I just broke up. She said: oh you poor boy. She gave me a kiss on the cheek and a hug before I went out. Wholesome experience.

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I'm thinking of doing it, but not exactly in a regular way. Paying to fuck a girl gives me odd feelings. Meanwhile some trannies look really sexy but aren't real girls, so I'm thinking of using one to get rid of the virginity problem.

every faggot losing his virginity to a whore, eventually regrets it.

Nah, it's just desperate feeler fags that shouldn't be going to one in the first place but end up going anyway because they're so desperate. You can tell because they inevitably mention something about muh emotions or how they can't fuck someone they don't care about. Nothing wrong with that, but they shouldn't be touching escorts if that's the case.