Anyone else got pictures like this?

Anyone else got pictures like this?

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That's a lot of funerals.

imagine being forced into this situation

Me every single time my family forces me to have a birthday party even though I tell them every year I don't want to celebrate my birthday and hate being the center of attention. I'm a god damned adult, just send me a card in the mail.

The first one and the cake shaped like a neet in a recliner with laptop were the best

Only other similiar image I have

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my mom has a couple

I could post OC of my brother's birthdays, but that would be very mean.

Depression will crush a man and lead him to this.

this one is shit there are females in it

There's a femalein the first one too you fucking fag

>tfw about to have 20th birthday with no friends or family

m..maybe it'll get better...

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3 rows down second from the left browses r9k .

Im gonna show you a new way to 8

Most of these are depressing but I think the worst ones are
>Julius and the asian girl who have those thousand yard stares
>Girl who's smiling but the relatives behind her look uncomforrable/dead inside
>guy(?) with the fat boomer (probably his dad) on the couch watching TV in the background

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>tfw will be celebrating 22nd birthday with parents and dad will be shaming me even more.

Why are so many of them 20? Is that the year that breaks people and they decide to not do birthdays anymore?

>mfw I'll be 20 tomorrow
This pictures don't give me much hope.

My 22nd birthday

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I have something similar. Hang on

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My parents stopped giving me birthdays ever since I was 12.

Where the fuck are my teenage princess years anons! UH !!

Is that a fucking grilled cheese with a candle on it? Also he cute

more sadbois incoming

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don't have birthday pics, but depressing nontheless

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man im glad i live alone, every birthday i turn off my phone to avoid talking with my shitty family, i just like to chill all day, buy 5 or 6 pizzas, stack them on top of each other and eat it like a cake

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have americans ever heard of an interior decorator?

anybody here? Noones gonna contribute?

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this one hits too close to home. last one from me

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We try to avoid homosexuals in general.


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it was a ham n cheese, and we didn't even have birthday candles.
it would've been easier to just not do it at all.
and thank you

>be me
>near 16th birthday
>introvert and socially awkward
>mom keeps asking me the whole year if I want to do something
>tell her no, It will be awkward to invite the popular classmates
>1-2 weeks before I tell her to not plan anything like a surprise party because I won't go there.
>she seems sad

Later she understood that I don't fit in with them. They were really not that interesting, but pretty strange.

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Strange how it's always the guy sitting out. Why do men have such bad personalities?

No the 14-18 year olds don't want to get a picture taken since they still have a shroud of dignity left.

It's a very sad and shameful feeling when your mother realises that you're a loser. They're largely oblivious to the reality of what life is like for men, but I think it's only really starting to dawn upon my mother now that I'm 25 and completely gf-less and friend-less.

have you had the "are you a homo its ok" talk yet?

>all those girls
>made it to 18-20 without chad
>boohoo so sad
>feel bad for me anons :(

No but I suspect that's only because I've lived in a different city since I was 22 and haven't seen her in person for years, and generally rarely talk to her

what's with the oversized pants?

My birthday is in December after christmas, and the whole becomes this big extended family dinner. Honestly hate it, and it's got nothing to do with me. Would rather just maybe have a low key dinner like pics, go out, or fucking work.

honestly domt understand how people in this situation dont unironically murser their family. or themselves. if i were in that situation as that person i probably would.

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god i hate this so much.. its too fucking real.

it hurts to read, its hurts to think back on times like this. I just don't want to be me anymore guys

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it broke my heart when i saw the moment my mother realized i was a fucking worthless nobody. she had high hopes for me. she always believed in me. i know she loves me still, but i know i make her sad.


you know that once they get to college or even just start working it won't be long before 20 different chads run a train on them. Then they will end up with a comfortable life without any work and just a bit of putting out.

bump i want more feels

feel deez

The two girls at the side are not the same. They probably had parties for their friends but also small family parties with their parents.

Your own parents shame you? Why?

>It's a very sad and shameful feeling when your mother realises that you're a loser
unless she is the reason

On my eighteenth birthday I spread nutella on a piece of bread, stuck a matchstick in it and posted it on snapchat

Every time I see the picture first row second picture I think it's me but I can't be too sure
The clothes, the hair, the pink jacket on the chair, the house the couch, even the guy looks like my fat ass schizo uncle
But I didn't dress like that when we lived in that house, or maybe I did, and thered have to be less than or around 12 candles, and that person doesn't look 12 or younger, either way, it gives me some real bad nostalgia

wow Actual doomer in the wild

The women with equal shyness get approached immediately.

>tfw my family bought me a cake like this for my 20th

Although the character that was made to look like me was lying in bed in a messy room. This is all I'm known for, my entire legacy is being a depressed fuck. I cried like a bitch the entire day.

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What is even going on here? Why is she holding a some kind of stick?

you're unironically really cute

>haha look at how he cuts the cake

death is a gift in comparison

My birthday will be on this coming sunday. I'll appreciate your greetings, robots. Thanks

My father and my father's side of the family regularly did this. Not the buying cake and restaurant thing, but the constant bullying and shaming. And then they wondered why I don't have confidence. And now when I'm in my early 30s they wonder why I don't call them or visit, when they always try the same witty remarks, but this time I tell them to shut the fuck up. Fucking shits, it's easy to bully some kid who doesn't know what's going on and is confused all the time and doesn't know to world and you just shit on him and expect him to be some teenage Chad for some fucking reason.

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My birthdays have been like this i dont make much friends because im slow but even when i do they dont come to my birthdays they just act like friends but not really

Oh fuck. They are from Poland. He is drinking polish beer "Perla". I know them from the real life.

Is this what we are calling being ugly and/or having autism?

>tfw family wanted to bond through bants but user was a pussy
I bet they feel pretty bad too.

also the ones in each bottom corner are fucking funny too

holy hell the neet one even has little empty cups on the ground next to the recliner

You can't tailor a rented suit or its a hand me down and the parents were to lazy to get it tailored

>don't have a gf
>still playing runescape and love it
>still living with parents
>got no job because of weak health

Do they look like it was their idea to get a picture of it? Mostly no.
It's their parents that decide to stop forcing things around then.

It's a stripper playing a police woman.

It's okay I wuz 20 when moved out

>the black guy on the bottom left

This one will always hurt the most

>Girl who's smiling but the relatives behind her look uncomforrable/dead inside

Are you retarded? Have you ever taken pictures with people above 50 years? Half of them never smile in photos

This guy just accepted that his entire identity is all about beeing fat and he seems to be pretty happy.

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>instagram influencer faggot

not even remotely comparable to the other ones

You can tell from their faces that every single one in the top grew up to be normal, well-adjusted, perfectly contented adults.

This is me, but the picture is reversed. This was the graduation party at my highschool in 2013. The bitch that took this picture didn't even tag me in it, but she tagged fucking birdboy creeping into the group of girls.

If any of you bother asking if things got better... I'm still here, aren't I?

They have perla exports. Drank some in ireland after hearing about it on krautchan
Could be anywhere potentially

I will present you the solution: GET SWOLE.
If you have already given up on life, then TAKE STEROIDS. You will never look bad in a photo anymore, everyone will think you are just a funny meathead who had no luck/no intentions with the girls that night.
You will look good to the neutral eye in nearly any photo.

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Add this on please

Bruh. . . The point of the images isn't that they aren't photogenic, it's that they're alone and in pitiful situations
Even a good looking guy sitting in front of a cake made by his family in his childhood home infantilizing his whole existence doesn't remove the sting
Also if you reply to three or more people at once, you're a prick who should step on broken glass
Furthermore, Kimmy looks like that because he's emulating his grandfather in an attempt to keep his cult going as long as possible

Boomers have a very hard time with going against (((tradition))).

Was ist das denn fuer eine Gestalt?

>take steroids once
>hair falls out, now terrible hairline
>prostate enlargment, now have BPH


Die selbe Art Mensch, die in Werbevideos fuer Handyspiele vorkommt

fuck, these made me almost cry
i always feel bad for the guy with the long hair
you can just see how dead they are inside

the asian girl on picture is kinda cute though

Fuck, user

Checked and sprecked

I bet she has a sociopathic streak about her

Embrace it, become a asthetic god or a swole bro, don't care about your hair anymore, leave it (and humanity) behind

I laughed loudly, but out of pain, it's a defense mechanism now

Looking good will automatically better your social life.
Good looking people are valued much more and everyone enjoys their presence.
Also if you can't lift yourself out of the hole you have dug, steroids will give you the motivation to dig through the whole earth and bang some asian chicks.

>it's only banter bruh

Normally I'd call advice like this cringe but this is actually pretty solid, I'd recommend it too.
Went from being the lonely skeleton everybody chuckled at in the picture to a buff dude minding his own business that nobody batted an eye at.


happy birthday user
this thread will be deleted before sunday, so ill tell you know that you are a really nice person and youll achieve everything you want in life

This thread will probably be 404d by your birthday, but early birthday wished, user. *kazoo noises*

Why don't you just buy a gf at the GE?

Do you have any brothers and sisters? It always sucked when my sister would have a lot of friends come over and my family would come and see i dont have any friends.