I'm tired of hearing this shit and seeing it spread outside of twitter, please keep this trash in its own containment field of shit.

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>f-fuck you elon!!!

what the FUCK you gonna do, FAGGOT?

>Please keep this shit on Twitter
>Posts a Twitter screepshot on Jow Forums
What did he mean by this

Don't have to do anything, his company is already dying on its own due to his sheer incompetence.

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>credit the artist elon
Could a mortal being possibly get more based?

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artists dont deserve to be paid. not because of a lack of skill or labor but because they proven themselves to be the most self entitled subhumans throughout history

eWhores are going to eWhore. It's their way of life.

Well well well, so you managed to figure out my plan. It's too late to stop me though, as you can see the thread is already posted! AHAHAHAH!

I don't understand how there are so many artists working for commission on the internet. Who the fuck actually pays for fan-art and porn?

Why do you think liberals are always fucking broke despite being hired everywhere?

>Getting this fucking angry
Would they have preferred if he had just used official artwork instead? They should be happy he used their artwork in the first place, if anyone with half a brain was interested in who made it they would put it through a reverse image search.

>What did he mean by this
that hes a newfagg and must gtfo

>>credit the artist elon
>Could a mortal being possibly get more based?
this, fucking lmao

Rich guy stealing a picture to make himself seem more interesting and then shitting on the struggling artist who made it is so based

Guys with closet kinks/fantasy lives, not much in the way of real lives, and high-paying careers. I know a guy who used to do 3D models for Second Life as a side money thing and his best customer was some kind of high-end doctor, a brain surgeon or something, who's primary hobby was RPing a vampire or something in SL and had spent untold thousands on getting every imaginable thing custom made for him, costumes, houses, whatever. I know another person who's an artist that does furry commissions and she's told me that those cons are full of people who pay thousands a pop for stuff, she does commissions for a living and lives comfortably in LA on it, on top of paying all her expenses for flying to conventions and renting a table nearly every weekend of the year, and she's said that most of those guys are high-paid professionals too, largely engineers, doctors, computer scientists, etc.



>elon pls
Absolutely based, haven't laughed like this in a while

It is. Suck it up, faggot.

>struggling artist
Yeah, I'm sure they're homeless and have no money for food and drew the picture on a piece of toilet paper with crayons stolen from a garbage bin, not on a fucking cintiq.

>Dont credit the artist
>people tweet at you about it
>say no one should be credited
Elon is a faggot for not crediting the artist and you are too for posting about it here

Because people want to see characters fuck or do something cute
Shouldnt be too hard to wrap your head around this idea when the site hosts several 2D porn boards

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>unsubstantiated garbage

hes defied all odds up till now. theres no sign thats stopping because of his sjw triggering and memes. i.e cope

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>credit the artist
>pic related
Based and no pilled

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getting troggered elon doesnt give to shits to shout out some retard online. have sex

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Based. Fuck artists and their fat egos. I wanna remove copyright laws so I can shit on their faces. So fucking obnoxious, but it never stopped me from stealing a good image.
t. artist

Post location and lube up faggot

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based. they want so badly to be valued for their worthless furry porn and shitty cartoons

Isn't there a chance he paid for a commission of 2B?
If he paid for that art he shouldn't advertise the artist more imo.

sourceniggers btfo

as a wannabe artist, I'd give a whole fucking lot to have someone as popular and trending as elon to display my fucking art


nigger, you can just right click the thing and do a google search and you'll find the artist in literally thirty seconds
elon is just fucking with you retards because you aren't even capable of doing what my 11yo nephew can do with an internet browser

most likely elon doesn't even know the artist and is too lazy to do it himself to give the name right afterwards
too lazy and/or he likes this kind of drama, which I do as well and I have to admit I'd do exactly the same thing in his position, this is a gold mine

I don't think you appreciate how retarded the average American is.

>credit the artist
Isn't the fan-art itself copyright infringement?

>loud fart sniffing
Please do that somewhere else.

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no its transformative work sweetie :)

the drama is definitely american, you couldn't see this shit anywhere else (or maybe in the UK, because anglosphere is retarded as a whole) but this level of retardedness can be seen everywhere tho

Is that really what they say? I could see that working for certain types of fan-art but definitely not what Elon posted.

>noposting irl
unbelievable lols

It's not illegal to draw fanart for free by any measure. When you start making money off of it, it becomes more questionable, but it's still typically protected under law on small scale. Look at all the shitty niggers on patreon making thousands off drawing porn of cartoons, or the endless doujins being made and sold around Japan, even having massive events around the sale of derivative works of copyrighted materials. It's not like some underground market or legally gray area. Companies can even make derivative porn, so long as you can argue reasonably that it's parodying the original material, it's legal to make money off of it.
Fan games are the typical exception in the west, those tend to get C&D'd.

Is Elon, dare I say, /ourguy/?

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>When you start making money off of it, it becomes more questionable
No, money has literally nothing to do with the legality of copyright infringement. It's really just that most companies don't give enough of a shit to hand somebody a DMCA notice until they start interfering in an area that they're already doing business in.
Also, apparently this artist just drew over a picture from a frame in the game. Apart from the fact this wasn't sold for money it reminds me of that Obama poster where somebody drew over somebody else's picture and claimed it was transformative.
>Look at all the shitty niggers on patreon making thousands off drawing porn of cartoons, or the endless doujins being made and sold around Japan
I could see a character being in porn being considered pretty transformative.

>perpetuating a cycle
How is this a cycle? Do twitter tranny furries even know the meaning of their own buzzwords?

they love eating shit directly from rich guys' assholes, they are so woke user

>>money has literally nothing to do with the legality of copyright infringement
>Measurable damages as lost earnings
>Nothing to do with copyright law
It's not necessary for a claim but it doesn't have "nothing to do with it", are you crazy

Why do people get upset about not being credited for their derivative bullshit. They didn't come up with the character, they played a game and liked it and their pea brain decided to draw a carbon copy of it. That's not art, you don't deserve credit for that

Lol fucking based. Fuck artists.

define this word to me please

The next Tesla is going to be made out of donut steel

I went on this actual twitter post. the girl is in the comments easily seen saying her page and art blew up because of that xpost

not sure why anyone would think they dont get credit

ps its a toastie roastie

of course it's a female artist, why would a male only draw 2B's face when 85% of her personality resides in her backside and thighs

>Elon Musk's haters are gay furry weebs, tumblrtards, and nepniggers
Like pottery


Based Elon

It seems to be steadily growing according to all statistics.

Did he do something wrong? Alright then, call the police. Oh wait. The shartist gave up the right to regulate the sharing of their content on Twitter the moment they posted it to their little artsy shartsy Twitter feed. Musk didn't do anything wrong. He's merely exercising his rights as a user under the contract the shartist signed with the platform. Zero attribution is required. Thank you. Fuck off.

space x will be making $300 billion a year by the end of the next decade though, user!

>billionaire gives rando artist literally free clout

As always, BASED Elon

Muskrat for godemporer of mankind desu

I don't see the fan artist crediting the game's original character designer anywhere on that image. Seems like they should start there

How does a free product competing with the product a company sells not affect earnings?

I didn't know they were charging for official digital pictures of 2b.
>"piracy decreases sales"
t. shill

>I didn't know they were charging for official digital pictures of 2b.
>"piracy decreases sales"
It does tho. Why do you think companies invest literal millions into DRM? In fact this game uses Denuvo so it's a perfect example.

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woah buddy lets not go a little too far here

The only artbooks I know about are being sold as physical editions. Even then, an official artbook is not the same thing as a single digital drawing. Even a fanmade artbook is completely different from an official artbook. Also, if nobody has ever drawn any fanart/porn of 2b's fat ass, do you really think Nier would be more popular and have more sales than now?
>Why do you think companies invest literal millions into DRM?
Because DRM companies shill themselves really hard and make up studies about how their shit is very effective and will bring in gorillions of shekels over the 2 days it takes to crack whatever shit game is released. Gigantic companies are, contrary to popular belief, not absolute infallible geniuses. The other reason for DRM is appearances, it looks better to shareholders if they can talk about how they're putting in this and that to ensure that nobody pirates the games.

>The only artbooks I know about are being sold as physical editions. Even then, an official artbook is not the same thing as a single digital drawing. Even a fanmade artbook is completely different from an official artbook. Also, if nobody has ever drawn any fanart/porn of 2b's fat ass, do you really think Nier would be more popular and have more sales than now?
Obviously if the authors don't give a shit because they think it's helping their sales then yeah, you can do whatever you want. I'm just saying that if they did give a shit it's easy to argue that fanartists are hurting their artbook sales since it's the same market and the fan work is free.

ITT right wing bootlickers ride daddies cock because he like posted that artists 2b art and refused to even link the artist, because you know that would take like 2 seconds to do. Well that's more work than Elon Musk ever did in his life lmao. No wonder people who don't believe in meritocracy and believe in capitalism would want Elon Musk to repost somebodies art for clout zoomie branding reasons while not even spending 2 seconds to link to the original artist. OMG THAT IS SO HECKING BASED STAY TILTED FUCK ARTISTS JUST LET ME REPOST YOUR ANIME ART FOR UPBOATS TEEHEE IT'S ALL DERIVATIVE TRASH
>somebody invests mommies money during internet bubble
OMG HE EARNED IT ALLLL. Right wingers are like cuckolds and children how they knee jerk hate that 2b a fanartists despite their god elon musk reposting it lmao. All because you know fuck art and shit. It jsut reads to me like Elon Musk is a huge entitled manchild from these tweets, so no wonder alt right wingers would lick his boots. >hey elon wanna spend a second linking the artists twitt- >NO! LOL
>omg elon btfo those libtard cucks stay tilted omg niggas woot omg
Right wingers are literally insane.

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Maybe if you didn't want people to post your derivative garbage without crediting you then you should've licensed it properly, libcuck.

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Earthniggers crack me up

I like Elon and all but this is a dick move tbqh.

I can't stand him, but I couldn't give a fuck with crediting artists online. Have your name on the bottom of the pic if you give that much of a shit.

>Draw established character from a franchise, designed by a character artist you never credited for the original, permission to draw
>Cry when someone reposts your fan art cause they like the character

No! I gotta have a cool signature like Donald Trump that nobody in the world is capable of reading!

Yeah I guess so.
>implying most elon fans are right wing, even on the chins

>he rants incoherently with a picture of soiboy wojak

>he repeats that rant two more times with a maga wojak

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The first world is transferring to a gig economy and that's very, very bad.
Unironically this.
>t. part time musician

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Doesn't help you at all if nobody knows you did it.

Good thing browsers have reverse image lookups so anyone that was interested in finding the artist could look it up. I feel bad for the original artist since you've actually have to go typing to find their name.

user, anyone interested could find this picture in less than fifty seconds
and as an artist, who you are isn't what you want to put forth, you're not shilling yourself, you're shilling your art

you want people to know about your art, not to know about yourself, or else you'd just be an actor or you'd be writing a biography book or something, knowing that thousands of people have seen, and maybe even liked, one of your piece is the best feeling in the world

He's not using it for profit, why the fuck would he need to credit the artist

i make art and put it out for free because i have a non meme degree and a normal job.

in my opinion, if you as an artist really don't want people to steal your shit you need to work in a medium that is not so easily steal able as digital. if you work digitally you need to just accept that yr stuff is going to get copied and reused and enjoyed for free. get over it. you don't deserve to get paid for fucking around in photoshop

fuck i wanted to say also

BUT it's not really that much to just include the name of the person that made the art

but I'm assuming this screenshot doesn't tell the whole story anyways so

>yOu CaN jUsT sEaRcH fOr ThE aRtIsT
>If YoU rEaLlY cArE
>CrEdItTiNg ThE aRtIsT dOeS nOtHiNg

how lazy do you have to be to not type one fucking name? how cucked do you have to be to defend the irrelevant PR stunts of a billionaire? if the art is so shit, don't repost it, how about that?
>but the exposure! the money!
this is why people prioritize marketing yourself over actually getting good at art. absolute cancer

yes, your art is half-assed doodles you shit out when you're not working, so why would you care? you'd be a joke if you tried selling.
>you don't deserve to get paid for fucking around in [software]

>hurr what is open source
software and art is not comparable anyway, because art is a static thing that has no function, whereas software is an implementation of a process and thus is inherently more monetizable / composable
>hurr rocks are exactly the same thing as petroleum because they're both made out of matter, i'm gonna fill my gas tanks with rocks to save money

Fuck artists. They're the most entitled pieces of shit ever to walk the earth.

it literally doesn't
hell, I'd wager it's even worse to give the artist's name because then it kills the curiosity of people in the first place and they'd go 'meh, never heard of him' and don't bother looking for it

though you can't expect namefagging attention whores to understand an artist's point of view
funny how it always comes to you entitled weirdoes thinking the world should revolve around you starting this kind of drama

Elon literally gives the artist exposure on his level of attention and this whiny sissy has a problem with it. This is why social media was a mistake. It lets people who are too dumb to have proper opinions voice their retarded dribble.

>ExPoSuRe LiTeRaLlY dOeS nOtHiNg
>ThAt'S wHy NoBoDy PeRfOrMs ThEiR aRt
>ThAt'S wHy YoUtUbErS aSk YoU tO sUbScRiBe
>BeCaUsE aRtIsTs' PaYcHeCk'S aReN't DePeNdEnT uPoN nAmE rEcOgNiTiOn

>open source software isn't software
>art is useless because it's not as monetizable
>i even remotely implied rocks are exactly the same as petroleum
I should be letting you dig your own grave. Why am I replying?

there are so many fucking artists that I dont really give a shit about their wellbeing, do something useful faggots

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but the artist got exposure, what are you on about
I bet the bitch never had this many views before lol

He probably did the artist a favor by not mentioning their name. You can't just sell bootleg copies of copyrighted material. I'm sure the game company's legal team would like to have a word with the person making money off of their IP

>doesn't credit artist
>but it's totally exposure
I dare you to sell Mickey Mouse animations online.

This isn't cute. This is perpetuating a cycle of artists working super hard on something, only to have their reaction image snatched and used for easy likes and retweets. Just because you're anonymous and on 4chinz doesn't mean you're exempt from this, user.

like what? making video gam-
"programming", right? always a shortage of those

yes, why are you replying with posts that say nothing coherent? good question

aww this is why everything's multiplayer trash isn't it? fuck you fuck you fuck you

what the fuck are you on about lmao
elon didn't sell anything, he wasn't promoting anything, he was doing exactly what you and everyone else is doing on this site right now, he was just shitposting

he used a picture of 2b because, idk, she's cute or maybe he was horny or maybe he likes her or maybe he just stumbled upon her and asked his nerd friends who she was and he was redpilled by the magnificence of a future filled with android waifus, who knows

look at this picture and know that I will never tell you the artist' name either, you can keep seething in silence you tech illiterate

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How does he keep getting away with it? His business is floundering, his ideas are crackpot, he's constantly trolling, but he never suffers bad press and his investors still love him.

How does he do it? What does he have on the jews?

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