Alright, it's another lonely night. Give me your Discord servers

Alright, it's another lonely night. Give me your Discord servers

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no trannies, zoomers, normies
everyone else welcome

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Ok and wtf does this mean?!

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i means you should take the pink pill, faggot

here it is /qMFBzZ3



you're unbanned now whoever that was


8ghAS6u Come be part of a new idea

elaborate, how is this different from the other shit servers

Because I don't have rules to follow, I genuinely just let people do what they want. I try participate with you all by streaming while dead drunk or high as a form of entertainment and lastly I'm actually creating a manifesto and I need people to hear me out and maybe even have fun doing it with me. Thats my motto is just gave fun

Hey it's me, Santa-user
Mortal Kombat 11

so basically a streamer eceleb server
no thanks

It's not uncommon people will take that perception but reality is I'd rather just have fun with people that's mainly what I'm looking for. No one just ever wants to actually take a moment to look at the bigger picture

but its all about you, if you lose interest the community just dies

I will say that yes in a way it is but I can only put out so much as to what you guys put in. I would love to execute a lot of things that would be more than just me but the problem stems from so many stigmas and stipulations that people just don't even want to think about participating. My main goal at the moment is just to get the ball rolling no matter how small of steps I make.

okay lets say people will invest their trust in you and what you are doing, what are you planning to give back to the people?

Black man, it's a fucking Discord server, not the Roman province of Judea. Stop taking it all so seriously fucking faggot.

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Give me a reason I should use Discord. I don't even use IRC or any other messaging service at this point, I hate getting attached to people or viceversa. I will admit using Jow Forums all day gets pretty tedious though.

I wanna give back entertainment, or just a better outlook on things or better yet just to show people that you can have fun and do stupid shit and live a very care free life and actually enjoy it. I was tired of being in my state of unhappiness and now that I have found an outlet that let's me have fun I wanna share that. Its why I invested in a minecraft server for example I thought maybe it would be nice to have something to bring us together. See I look back on things like Chris chan, 2bt2 etc and I think just about how niche and interesting life can be with communities and that's what I want to ultimately create, one that is not the epitome of me but rather me and everyone else's part in it. Either that or just to create a new way of seeing things in better light. I could digress into a long worded essay but I feel that sums it up

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the absolute state of nu-Jow Forums

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ain't no problem my gamer partner.

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same. mind if i add you On The Disc-Ords ?

/G2bVPt love the Moon

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