Bros, how is this even possible?

Bros, how is this even possible?

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Prosthetic dicks. Actually very common in porn.

What the fuck. Why does this fetish even exist? The very sight of it is so disgusting I feel like throwing up.

then stop replying to these threads so the rest of us don't have to see them
>inb4 hide them
they spring every fucking hour sage

can i have the source?

Because you watch it and get a disgusted reaction. You're their main customer you overdramatic faggot

honestly dude thats just disgusting

>Removes hand as soon as the bottom of his shaft is out of frame
Dudes dick doesn't even look real. I feel gay even analyzing this shit.

Looks like a fake dick.

if its a real dick, then he probably had to squeeze it to keep it hard

notice how it's always the same size
you never see it go from soft to hard

The man's name is Dredd I believe. He has a big dick but in this video it looks even larger than in his other vids.

They probably injected some stuff in his cock so it would swell up and look bigger. Wouldnt surprise me at all.

Nvm this isnt Dredd. It's some other big dick guy I forgot the name off.

Yup. That's why they always hold the dick by its base in these things, it's so the prosthetic doesn't just come right off when they pull out.

>saturdy night/sunday morning
>you're on r9k trying to analyze some black dudes cock
>normies have probably already gotten laid and are fast asleep in post-nut bliss

where did it all go so wrong

How much percentage of African does this board even have in their blood?

Pic related for me. Great great grandparents had some euro blood.

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When i did a test i believe my results came back as something around 93% scandinavian, of which most of was swedishz and the rest was native american, mostly eskimo. I shouldve seen it coming desu as both sides of my family literally immigrated from sweden in the early 1900s to places with high scandinavian populations.
I can truthfully say im 0% nigger. Im the true chad of Jow Forums

Being white doesn't mean much. Here you are on Jow Forums doing nothing but saying you're white but is still a broke ass white boy who cries about women not fucking him.

all this dicklet cope
>f-fake... !

Taking these tests is the most american thing in the world lmao

Zero, unless you count prehistoric origin of the species shit. I know my family history pretty far back, and everybody was from little countryside villages in Central and Eastern Europe. There's a good chance that nobody in my family had ever even seen a person outside their own race, aside from maybe Jews, until they came to America.

I was born here and wanted to see my genetic backround. My ancestors were brought over to America as slaves and I have no culture besides American culture. It's all I know.

I just was curious that's all. Interesting test.

Fake dick it not, it's insane that she can take it balls deep though

Because it's fake.

Stop giving these degenerates your attention

must suck to actually be black

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I take it the little rainbow flag means they're gay porn dudes? First dude looks a lot like me if I were in better shape and I have a pretty big dick, and was about to say "fuck, maybe I should just lose some weight and do porn" until I saw that rainbow thingy.

>owen grey and johnny sins
do us baldlets actually have a chance

His nipple is annoying me

The same reason they can shit a human baby out of that.

Only if you're ripped and have a good looking face

You can still look like him and not be gay

Fucking mutt u deserve to be killed

Yeah but I thought maybe it was a sign that I could have a porn career cause he's apparently popular with female viewers, but I wouldn't want to do gay shit.

Me too. Black dicks are too gross looking

Yeah seriously. They look like literal logs of dried up shit.

If they look like shit why do I want to suck on them?

>If they look like shit why do I want to suck on them?
kek I'm not sure user

scat fetish of course. Or just a shill

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It's a patrician lifestyle

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I'm just bumping this thread so you can cultivate your blacked fetish.

Very based anonymous

>Bros, how is this even possible?
Prosthetic "penis", jewish media, and a pathetic pacified modern white man

>My ancestors were brought over to America as slaves
nigger detected

but don't worry about taking such a test
I'm an european, but I'm also interested in taking a DNA-test

I like finding out questions to things and so that's why I took it. I like learning about genetics.

I also took health advisory test and it showed a lot of good info.

Anybody with African blood is susptible to type 2 diabetes it's genetic but also lifestyle.

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out of here, turd lover

What in the goddamn... It's useless, we can't compete, bros...

>Knows the porn actors names
>Has seen their other vids

Based thread bumper

I don't get why people say this. I always fucking sage, you fucking retarded, I know how to use this site
And mods should read this pic

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Lmao, cope harder incel

> a person who likes dicks that look like logs of shit, thinks he is superior to anyone
lmao, niggerlovers are soooo delusional. Do you like fapping to your own shit too, learn your place, pathetic filth

The absolute state of white 'men' holy shit

>he thinks I'm white
Lmao. Keep projecting wh*teboi

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dude, do you really think only whites hate subhuman niggers? Grow a brain you fucking apes

The women sure don't lmao

cope cuck

>he thinks women are people
lmao. even if you aren't a nigger you still participate in niggerthink and speak in niggerspeak.

Reminder interracial dating is rising

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you are wrong btw. But keep coping

>thinking it's gotten anything but worse
Hard cope

You realize things get worse not better right?

hard cope niggers. Keep coping

>Triggered white boy

Sorry society does not get better it just slowly gets worse. If you had an income of your own and paid bills and went outside you would know.

>amount of white/black babies literally doubled in a generation
>expect us to believe the trend randomly stopped in 2013

shush nigger, you don't have a say in this world. Go back to picking cottons

White woman are being bred by BBCs as we speak. There's ton of wh*tebois becoming BBC cucks and sissies. Denying reality is a major cope

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Your wife does that for me

cope harder

Imagine being so insecure that porn with black men makes you literally seeth with anger

This thread is allowed but calling out the kikes who post it isnt. Daily reminder the jannies support jewish subversion and transvestite propaganda.

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>yes goyim do nothing, dont get angry over the fact your women are brainwashed into race mixing with negroes by jewish porn producers.

Jannies are so based

>breaks a rule
>gets banned
>doesn't break a rule
>doesn't get banned
Wtf mods???

I laughed way too hard at this shite

Glad you admit women are going black, it's of their own free will though lol

Something a tranny would say
What rule? Posting tranny shit counts as /b/ outside of /b/ too.

bestiality is illegal, my son

Lol. Do you honestly believe that white women never slept with black men before BBC porn?

Global rule no racism outside of/b/, like it says in the ban message


I thought race didn't exist, how convenient

>The race war is coming said increasingly nervous man for the 5th year in a row
White boys won't do shit

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The white one certainly one before long with current birth rates

stupid word filter

Cucked by the filter

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3 replies. Again try and convince me this board isnt overrun by kikes.

A lot of white boys are into women getting blacked, nothing to do with your jew boogeyman

>100% Euro
>96% Northwestern European
>Still look Pajeet

>2 threads shilling nigger garbage where deleted almost immediately
>this one is still up
something very suspicious

Yes, you are correct. It's called "HA" and "Voluma" . Its the same filler used in other cosmetic surgery. This is a temporary filler and can last from 1 year to several.

I know about this because I plan on getting it done. Several doctors in the industry are pioneering this stuff. It's pretty groundbreaking because HA fillers are actually safe. They cant lengthen your penis without serious issues, but they can pack on girth now. You could add 1-1.5 inches of girth if you really wanted.

Yea its not fake, its probably injected with a filler like voluma. Alot of these guys probably have filler injections for girth, and you CAN pack on length if you stretch your dick out long enough.

This guy also looks to have his penis pumped.

And some of these guys are just freaks with huge dicks.

does it fuck up the hardness? because its interesting but I don't want a big floppy dick
rather stay with my below average diamond pole

You guys are literal faggots

>william sneed

>Being white doesn't mean much. Here you are on Jow Forums doing nothing but saying you're white but is still a broke ass white boy who cries about women not fucking him.
Not once have i ever done that but cool cope.

He got arrested for assault

Also hes squeezing his dick because he cant keep it hard

If you go with HA, the 1 year filler, it sort of does. Some guys describe it as a softer outer shell. But the 4 year Volumas are pretty hard and its really difficult to tell. Regardless, women dont seem to notice.

Jesus Christ, he was arrested for sexual assault. Couldn't he just fuck a girl instead of raping her? What a nigger subhuman

Actress/White is Candice Dare
Actor/Nigger is Julio Gomez