What? You are single? Always?

Why does Jow Forums not have a girlfriend (male or female, does not matter).

Even ugly guys have relationships.

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Because Jow Forums is not a metaphysical concept, not a tangible entity, therefore it cannot have a gf.

tired of the game

It's hard to get somebody else to love you when you hate yourself.

I don't like 99.999999% of people. I don't want to be in a relationship with someone I don't like.

Girls dont like me. Its not that deep of a question. If they did, I'd have one.


Normies don't seem to understand that no female has ever shown any sign of interest in me, they just can't comprehend it because it's so wildly different from their own life experience.

girls dont look for a guy like me and even if for some reason i get a gf it won last a week making me more miserable

I like anime, so... forever single

The thought of even trying to get a gf is tiring also relationships seem like a hassle. I don't think this is sour grapes because I'm aware I cannot obtain a girlfriend nor do I think relationships are bad, they're just not for a person like a me.

I've realized that women are deceptive, manipulative tumors who are a waste of time to pursue. Of course there is the longing for companionship, but it's just a fucking trap.

Just push it down...

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I live in a rural area, make little money, am fat, ugly, and the women that are available are damaged beyond my standards of tolerance.


Complains about standards

It might just be that you don't recognize it when they do, or that you won't let yourself believe they're actually interested. I'm the same way and the only reason I know any better is because of friends who saw it, or in a few cases because girls I knew told me years later that they'd tried to come onto me at one point and they thought I'd rejected them because I didn't respond.


kys cuck, we don't like your kind here

i don't need a girlfriend when i have my tulpa, OP

Why should I lower my standards if a woman won't take the fat, poor, ugly me?

Why should anyone lower their standards?

I have never had a woman approach me for a conversation in all of my nearly 30 years of life.

Women get dozens a day, and think that is normal human interaction. They can't conceptualize being invisable.

Also... Why should women lower their standards for you?

That's what I asked you numb nuts.

Let's say I did get one despite my shortcomings. Women aren't exactly clamoring for guys with my type of esoteric interests and beliefs. I would have to change who I am and essentially sell out just for some nagging whore.

What are your esoteric beliefs?

I've come to accept that I'm simply not attractive to women and I don't really care about having any relationship enough to force myself to follow their standards of attraction, I have enough fun with my hobbies. Not sure how much it'll last but I've been like this for 10 years now and I've been fine.

>It might just be that you don't recognize it when they do, or that you won't let yourself believe they're actually interested.

Nah it ain't that. I'm not socially autistic, I can gauge signals from people very easily. I can categorically tell you that no female has ever been interested in me.

couldn't care less about being in a relationship. I'm happier without.