Last time incels made international headlines...

>Last time incels made international headlines, one of them had just killed 10 people by running them down with a van in Toronto.
>They're signing up for plastic surgery, including rib removal, clavicle bone breakage, facial "masculinisation" and supersized testicle implants.
>At first blush, it's tempting to assume that this shows a softer, less mass slaughter-y side to incels.
>Closer inspection, however, reveals that this is just more radicalised misogyny from a legion of noxious internet bottom-dwellers whose self-improvement strategies have been described as "inextricable from violent rage" and who aren't after sex so much as male supremacy.
Why are incels so hateful? What makes them think looking like a supermodel will get them more interest from women.

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I got jayjay and I think Elliot was kinda pretty. However he was insufferable and I would probably vomit immediately after he'd open his mouth.

I you got to be trolling faggot otherwise get off this board

i don't understand why, if you're this desperate, you don't just fuck hookers. its mind-boggling to me.

Is the author of this article actually retarded?
Why are women absolutely incapable of admitting that they look for dates just as visual as men, maybe even more so?

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It's not just for penetration. You think Chad's only last resort is to go for hookers?

yea. i fucked 50 bitches before graduating college. then i just failed to transition into adulthood, my friends ostracized me, and the sense of failure, fear of judgement and self-loathing caused me to isolate myself. so yea, i can only attempt to relieve my chad days by fucking hookers in asia

Hey man, get out of here with your facts and studies.

>Incels exist
>Incels react negatively
>Incels take the most extreme course of action to try and get laid
I'm not even an incel and this strikes me as just... hatred of men. Shit's exhausting.

There really is no better term for it than exhausting. It's utterly ridiculous. It's just fucking gaslighting at this point, plain and simple.

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you gotta remember that by incels they talk about the people saying all women are whores and that they should be forced by law to date them

theyre not attacking regular male virgins

Yes they are, they're just using the loaded term 'incel' to pretend they're hating on woman-haters, when they really just hate creepy virgins.
Chad can openly hate women and they wouldn't give a fuck.

No, by incel they mean whoever they decide to smear for whatever reason they feel like.

guys guys


before you get mad about this dumb article

check this out:

the author of the article is this absolutely pityful excuse of a human being.. if anything we should have more pity for her than for ourselves.. this is what amounts to her self-description, HER ESSENCE, this is all she could muster up.

"I make gifs of my dogs on the weekend!"


this person is sad and broken. let her have her little article in peace. she has bigger issues than us.

i would have sex with her for sure

they probably openly associate any virgin with incel though. incel is a term that covers all virgins pretty much so it's like saying the chinese suck and any other asian will kind of suck by proximity cuz theyre hard 2 tell apart

>I work as a Senior Lecturer at UNSW Sydney
These people are indoctrinating the next generation. She's denying absolute biological reality that women select for looks. This is a war against lesser males; they don't want us to exist.

do females really like jordan barrett? he looks so weird. his eyes are chinese and his his mouth is like a woman's mouth

You mean she is even dumber than incels?

yes that's exactly what i mean

i think from reading her article that she might have asperger syndrome and that she is just plain low iq, even more ridiculous than any of the lookism freaks

these are not incels. they're redditors. I barely have enough money to feed my alcohol addiction. I would never spend money on plastic surgery.

Women mostly like whatever they are told to like. If they aren't told what to like then they like tall + strong, preferably with high status, and it's really as simple as that.

Omg xD dadadadada so talented...fuckin stupid skank

Atleast her rape generator came up with something good

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Hello Moshe. Hows the weather in Tel Aviv?

society loves to have a boogieman. before it was homosexuals, but now that's out of bounds so they attack men who can't get laid. yeah the "incels" they refer to exist, but they are extremely rare
even on this board I'd say they are a minority. imaging if that article was about women who had too much sex (which is more or less the same kind of shaming they're doing). humans are disgusting hypocrites

Whats the actual difference between male virgin and incel?

>Try to go to the gym
>Take frequent showers
>Get plastic surgeries
>Bee yourself
>Society still judges you
The game was rigged from the start

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>The game was rigged from the start

No, you're just playing by the wrong rules and you call anyone who tries to tell you the rules a "beta cuck". Now you're so far gone that no one can help you and you somehow think this is a reason to declare victory over people whose only crime was not knowing how to un-fuck your life.

Have you ever seen a handsome incel?

Incel is a term that was coined here. Then the MSM got hold of it and demonized it and now no one wants to ID as it. Its the new 'neclbeard'. Just another attempt by jews to further victimise and alienate men who arent perfect.

technically nothing. But the term "incel" was coined originally by a small minority of male virgins who hated themselves and women. most of the came over here from reddit. they are cancer

Where do you go to get your face "masculinized"?
I badly need a good jaw.

No incel just means
>person I don't like

>This group is also being linked to other manning-up procedures such as mewing (masticating hard foods in an attempt to grow bulging jaw biceps) and jelqing (a DIY "dickmaxxing" regime that is supposed to literally tear extra length into one's tallywacker).

Either reach low bf% or get platic surgery

Fat chicks and incels, natural allies?

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That is a load of bullshit. Incel is THE replacement for "virgin" now. Incel this incel that have sex inkel yikers incel who hurt you have sex incel aww sweaty why are you such an incel.
Not once have I seen "virgin" used instead of "incel" anymore.

No, actually. It looks like she has spent a lot of time on that website, and it's clear that she has put a lot of time and effort into her career. I think she's doing just fine, and the fact that she has managed to write so many books is fairly admirable. I completely disagree with many of the points she makes in the article OP linked, and I think she is actually being very mean spirited; however I do not pity her.

there is no such thing u retards, it is just made up word

Liar. There is nothing wrong with being a virgin. Incel is used to identify the angry bitter entitled manchildren who are still virgins.

I love the guys that unironically believe Jow Forums memes like this.
Physical attractiveness is not an objective trait. There are:
>women who think dorky is cute. And women who think dorky is creepy
>women who think aggressive is sexy. And women who think aggressive is rapey
>women who think videogames are cool. Women who think videogames are for losers.
>women who think broad shoulders are sexy. And women who think skinny is sexy

Human sexuality is weird. Get a tattoo and move on.

The ABC are left wing domestic terrorists

>People like having sex Get over it!
ok reddit

holy shit are you a retard
have you seen an adult male virgin that wouldn't be angry at being one not a single fucking bit?
I'm not a fucking mysogynist and I never talk about my feels IRL or on social media.
and yet every time I see an "INCEL BAD" headline on my feed I want to fucking kill you and then myself.
the most thing I hate about normans like you is that you constantly need a scapegoat.

Neither will settle for the other and rightly so imo.

and lol at that bitch thinking character matters.

wouldn't surprise me if half this board were willing to try this shit lol
wouldn't change the outcome since being an incel is 99% in your head, body isn't nearly as relevant as Jow Forums make it sounds

and though again, the average Jow Forums user doesn't possess the gray matter required to find the truth in those words

volcels = 99.9% of male virgins
incels = 0.1% of male virgins

Why the hell is this being debated? There is one and only one definition of an incel. It has nothing to do with sexual experience or the lack of. The only definition of an incel is someone who identifies as an incel and follows their ideology.

yeah, that's why teen roasties have posters of Danny Devito on their walls instead of Hemsworth.

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Incel just means involuntarily celibate. it's not an ideology, any more than being a dog is.

Pick one.

>teenagers lust about good looking actors instead of interesting personalities
woah, you might be unto something right there jung-kun!

do you jack off imagining a chess master, or maybe a girl with a PhD in astrophysics, or do you jack off to girls that look good?

people like you are the reason why everyone looks down on incels, you're just an underage, if not in body then in mind, thinking you know and understand how the world works, but you're just an entitled cunt that don't know jack shit
you're basically the nigger running around gunning down people

guys guys
i am a raging faggot

yeah you dirty incels, how dare you attempt to improve yourself to attract women!
Improve your personality? Never mind that there are murders, thieves, rapists, and pedophiles that had no trouble getting a relationship with a woman! The problem is YOU! Stop being worse than a kiddy fiddler.

>What makes them think looking like a supermodel will get them more interest from women.
Because it works? Try making a tinder account with a model looking face and see how many women like it or pose for a photo besides a lamborghini, women are shallow creatures, they only care about looks and money.
The mainstream media feminists can cry and moan all they like but at the end of the day its effective.

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>rib removal
nigga what
>supersized testicle implants.
troll text, ignore

incels don't improve themselves or their personality ever, because that would make them stop being an incel

>wouldn't change the outcome since being an incel is 99% in your head, body isn't nearly as relevant as Jow Forums make it sounds
>do you jack off imagining a chess master, or maybe a girl with a PhD in astrophysics, or do you jack off to girls that look good?
So, which is it, looks>personality or personality>looks? You seem confused.

Well apparently they are trying to improve themselves, and this has made women very upset, as you can see from the article.

lust =/= love
you lust after good looks, love doesn't care nearly as much

and no, lust isn't the base of everything in life and isn't the most important aspect of a relationship either
though of course a broken individual addicted to porn that spend most of its days jacking off would think that

Incels don't improve themselves, it goes against their community rules

>Implying 1.2 billion years of sexual reproduction guiding our evolution hasn't shaped the way we choose mates
ok. Write it up in a journal, and collect your nobel prize. You can call it "The Power of Love"

God the ABC is a disgusting platform.
I hate that my taxes fund this shit.

It was incredible to see them get raided by the afp the other day; finally these fucking marxists are getting held to account.

I fucking loved seeing that.
It's a pity they didn't get raided for being subversive anti-Australian commies, but it was good nonetheless.

>implying 1.2 billion years of evolution hasn't evolved
do you still feel comfortable living in a mud hut?
do you still hunt? do you still fight other tribes?

nature is important, but it's not a nurture vs nature debate, both are just as important as the other you troglodyte
why are you even using a computer, that wasn't in your genes either


>why are you even using a computer, that wasn't in your genes either
holy shit you are one dumb motherfucker

>Uhhh Reddit
>nobody listen to the facts, ignore him, call him Reddit

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you aren't even trying to bait at this point
saged. and filtered "incel" you should do the same

I wonder who's the dumb one really

Where is the hard, concrete data on this? There is none.

Lust is the initial phase of attraction, attachment, which is I what I assume your view of love is, promotes pair bonding in order to raise children. Attachment comes after lust; without initial attraction there will never be a chance for attachment.

lol I'm agreeing with you, people select for looks. Why do you keep changing your argument?

>Women will not go out with incels cuz they lack personality and has nothing to do with their looks
>Tee hee XD

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yeah right, because every couple out there has started out in a club and fucked on the first date

just listen to yourself

>can't even into irony
must be your bad looks that made you retarded

I don't know, did they have irony back in the stone ages? Maybe it's not encoded into my genes, like computer usage lol

>Says that there is no one looking at the so called "facts" of his arguments despite there being none whatsoever

lel npc meme haha XD gottem bois

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oh shit you're onto something
maybe irony doesn't even exist, we didn't have it back then after all so there's no way we could've invented such a thing in such a short period of time
it's either that or you being retarded, and that definitely can't be it

lol we can do this without the ad homs you know. I suggest you read up on sexual selection. It's very enlightening.

you should ask your parents if it was lust that brought them together
it'll be very enlightening, I'm sure

Not consumating the relationship on the first date doesn't mean there wasn't any lust felt, user.

and you can feel lust for 6/10s or even lower numbers, user

>chadface: "wow you got balls, lets fuck"
>average: "wtf? you creep? not interested in creeps!"

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>you should ask your parents if it was lust that brought them together
I have no doubt it was, that's how attraction works. I'm reasonably well read on the subject, if you'd like to know more.

This is literally the 'loser gamer incel vs quirky gamer Chad' comparison meme, love how normalfags think they've debunked incels by posting the same retarded arguments each thread.

Sure, I find a lot of women attractive. However, I will always select the best partner I can find, as will women. But for me, as a man, the best way to spread my genetic seed is to mate with as many females as possible, so I will always be prepared to "date down". A woman can only carry one pregnancy at a time, so it behooves her to be more selective. Not to mention that childbirth is a very dangerous process. Monogamy is not natural to our species, much like many other species. It's not one lion for every lioness, it's a lion with a pride of females.

>Everyone is attracted to the exact same thing, bro
>you just have to look exactly like Jason Momoa bro
>bro there's no evidence that different people are attracted to different traits bro

Jow Forums has ruined what little brain cells you had.

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Why doesnt she lose some fucking weight then?

She'll still be a hateful misandrist. Men won't find her attractive.

All I've said is different people are attracted to different things. Get out of your victim complex, nobody is attacking you little faggot.

Different porn categories exist. Therefore people are attracted to different things.
Prove me wrong.

sexual attraction is by and large universal. Witness the permanently enlarged breasts in females; this is a result of males selecting for those traits.Or pick any other sexually selected trait in men and women, whether it be neoteny in women or a large height in men. This is population level selection.

Different everythings exist, but it's the average that defines the trend, not outliers. Sure, some women love to be fucked by dogs, good luck finding one.

Majority =/= complete agreement. Variability exists. Different cultures have different ideal traits.
>women fucking dogs is as common as women being into glasses or not into glasses
>women fucking dogs is as common as women being into chubby guys or into slim guys
>women fucking dogs is as common as women being into short guys or being into taller guys
>averages are all that matters
Smooth brain thinking

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I knew a girl who adored Danny devito. Know why? Because he was funny to her- everything about him, his stature and pudgy body? His raspy voice, and on stage personality. Chances are she would not fuck him. Old Danny is just a modern day clown, a leftover from he days of freak shows.

What I'm telling you is actual biology. People largely select for the same traits, that's why we see those traits spread across the entire human population. Cultural differences are mostly negligible. I'm literally explaining sexual selection to you. Shit is proven science, yo.

>shit is proven science, bro
>men only like big tits, bro
>women only like giant muscles, bro
>bro why do you think women all around the world are attracted to movie stars bro
>bro human sexuality never changes it's ingrained in evolution bro
>Here watch this Jordan Peterson video bro, it's about lobsters and how we're the same way

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lol ok lad you've entirely the missed the point.

You're the one who appears to miss the point.
>people largely
>by and large
You use words and phrases do describe a majority, which is by no means a universal consensus. Aesthetics are associated with a million different factors. Human sexuality is not now, nor has it ever been, universal. Human attraction is not now, nor has it ever been, universal.
Pick out any restaurant, go out to eat and people watch, and you will immediately realize that "Chad" is rare and 99% of couples are made up of traditionally unattractive people.

>but it won't work
do these people realize that rapists and wife beaters get in relationships all the time? looks are important as fuck. chads are chads because they're good looking no becuase they respect women or whatever

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