I'm 29 and realized I will never marry

I'm 29 and realized I will never marry.
I immediately gave up on trying to talk to women, and decided I'll spend the energy on something else.

How bad is it if you never marry? I'm going to disappoint my family if not the entire society that expects people to be productive.
Pic related, I only love anime women now.

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Just don't care about it
then, everything might be better

I just turned and I'm 90% im facing the same fate.
>if not he entire society
literally who cares. plenty of NPCs will breed in your place. your parents will eventually give up on you breeding if they haven't already. they won't nag or anything.

Excel-chan is good choice. T.married femanon

Nah, you'll be fine. Marriage is huge hassle. Government cuts assistance for you if you don't got kids and other things. Only good thing about marriage is that your spouse is less likely to cheat on you. gl

>plenty of NPCs will breed in your place

I unironically think I should breed in their stead.
I literally believe I'm a winner of evolution but nobody just realizes it because they're too dumb to see it.

I get teary eyed when I find out how pathetic can someone actually be
Imagine being this pathetic to be afraid of disappointing someone who didn't give a fuck about your feelings and decided to bring you to this fucking hell called life , not only you live by their standards just like a dog , but also you reached the point of not wanting to disappoint them , LOL
just funny asf

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>Only good thing about marriage is that your spouse is less likely to cheat on you. gl

I don't think you understand. I was talking about being completely alone without a girlfriend.
I will have no spouse, partner, love, whatsoever in my life.
I'm almost 30 and have never held hands with a girl even though I'm hot and intelligent

>be afraid of disappointing someone who didn't give a fuck about your feelings and decided to bring you to this fucking hell called life

But failure was essentially my own fault.

it isnt too bad. we live in a society(assuming youre from the west or east asia) where career is put first over family. so the pressure has lessen. to think most of us robots, even the ones who can barely leave their room at their parents place cam be much more easier to excuse nowadays because of living expenses today. which 30 years ago everyone would be judging you relentlessly.

if youre focusing on yourself and knowing being alone doesnt bother you much then its all good desu. only a few will hold such opinions as there are many without children.

I know a lot of autistic robots who are out of shape etc. and they all eventually found a girl at around 30.
Except for me of course.

I'm 25 and have also recently come to terms with the fact that I will be alone forever. It causes me a lot of mental suffering but the worst part of it is the shame of my family seeing me like this.

Yeah well. I feel you. I am female and I kinda didn't do that till 21 when I thought I was absolutely pathetic for not have done anything. Being female it's easier than anything regardless your appearance if you are hot then.

You just got to take a dive. What you got to lose?

it isnt too late for you, i have a friend who had kids in his 30s. try forms of self improvement, getting in shape is the first step and looking clean. i know its personality wise with a lot of people, so an internal shift is more needed. but i cant prescribe exactly what because i dont know what im dealing with here. just know it isnt too late for you

>You just got to take a dive. What you got to lose?

If you mean I should try to hit on girls, I've tried it for a long time.
But they're always taken. Single 29-year-old women don't exist, they're all married by now.

>I am female

Opinion discarded

You have no idea what true loneliness is like

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No it's not
It's their fault for having low genes and fuck your life up

They are probably really rare. I don't know. Go be friendly with 21 year olds. There for sure are many that are single. 30 up are really desperate if single. Men really don't got that time limit so
Can shut up. If nothing really works maybe you got to do some introspection. I am not you so I can't really detect the problem.

Even though I'm a loser I still have a sense of pride. Getting rejected would destroy me.

Yeah well, that's the human condition user, you are not special: everyone thinks that, some way or another

>i have a friend who had kids in his 30s

Umm isn't that the normal age for getting kids if you're a man?
That's what I've always thought but then again I'm an oldfag and younger Jow Forums users think everything has to happen when you're 15.

Yes, it's why it isn't so sad for OP yet. I've seen people with real despair on their faces when they're in their 40s+ without kids, but it doesn't really matter, it's all on them and their desire at the end of the day. Some people on here don't even like socialising or normie activites at all, so having kids and being around a family won't do them any good, it's just that they're misinterpreting their emptiness with not achieving memes set out by society. Having kids was once vital and things then were naturally paced and easier in some other regards, which now I don't think it's worth having kids imo because of the current affairs in our society. life will probably be unbearable to live in 30-40 years time

>It's their fault for having low genes and fuck your life up

Not everything is hereditary. I'm in med school but nobody in my family tree was an academic. I don't like to boast but I'm considerably smarter than any one of my ancestors. In my family people always joke that I must have gotten mixed up in the hospital with someone else's baby.
I'm also the first incel in my bloodline. All the men in my family tree were normies and I'm an autistic math virgin.

Yeah, I feel you again. I had also lot of pride and still do. I didn't want men to use me as disposable fleshlight. Guess I just got lucky. For me it was either I find someone that will stay with me or I'll just off myself unlike you I can be bit more manic at times so it was easier.

If you are serious about it. You need to.. Broaden "it" a bit at best. So what if you get rejected. At least you didn't waste 2 years trying to get that bitch. Move to next and so forth. Then decide what is the next goal.