Be black guy

>be black guy
>azn landlord used the phrase "one of the good ones" while talking to me
>didn't directly call me that though
>got a weird vibe though
>wasn't really listening to him so i dont even know what he was talking about but i heard that phrase

Should I sue him for racism?

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Go ahead and do it, it'll teach him that there's no such thing as a "good" nigger.

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Absolutely based. kek

HAHAHAHAHAH fucking based

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was going to tell op to do it but this is funnier dessuu

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Sucks to hear that user. Nah don't sue. Its unpleasant but at least he isn't persecuting you for being black.

Take the good with the bad user.

"You're on of the good ones" is weird as fuck to hear. On one end, you know it's a compliment, but on the other end, you realize that they're saying "fuck everyone else like you though. Your people are trash but you somehow rose above that".

For the white people who can't comprehend that kind of thing, imagine a black person bringing up slavery every chance they get and always going on about how bad whites are, then says "don't get so offended bro, you're not like the rest of them"

Dude this is a frequent occurence in 2019 I don't know where you've been.

the good ol adage of fpbp stands true

this dude so fucking sick of racism. im the trapped in my small town for being black guy. find a way to take advantage of him. find a way to rip him off. get back at him. suing wont work. maybe you can blackmail him for racism and get a cut on rent or something

find a way to take something from him

Take a hint, normally he'd just throw you out.

Don't listen to this prat, for all you know he could have meant "one of the good ones" as the normal, common usage of the phrase which has nothing to do with race, even if he did mean it in an if ignorant way it shows that a racists perceptions can be changed by good experiences, don't fuck up your relationship with your landlord

>>be black guy
This is where you fucked up.

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If you are considering sueing over a compliment, then you are NOT one of the good ones. You are just another pile of shit stacked man high.

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Every black Ive ever met HAS constantly gone on about slavery. Every. Single. One.
Even the ones who never had ancestors enslaved by whites.
Most blacks claim theyre woke but dont even know Africa is a fucking continent.

Stop meeting with retards then?
Ah, no, you probably live in the US, you don't really have much choice, isn't it?

I'm black and I kinda love seeing the muttfrican seething. When I tell people my great grandpa was still selling slaves it's, quite funny.

This post really deserves the title of "FPBP".

I'm a mixed Afro-spic (Cuban) and got called "one of the good ones" by a white friend's uncle. I'm not a tribal, race obsessed person, so I took it as a huge compliment. I don't want to be associated with the bad browns.

I live in the UK.
Black Lives Matter even tried to come here and claim as many blacks were shot by cops in the UK as America and despite it being wholly untrue, London and Birmingham's black communities jumped right behind it.

> cops
Are they retarded?
And did they got a licence for lying?
We never had any blm in Switzerland, except a few leftists cucks posers.

Based as fuck my dude. Niggers are never good

You live in the UK so you probably don't interact with any actual slave descendants. Most black people in the US aren't constantly crying about slavery, we even joke about it.

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>niggers are never good
>except when they make up cool slang words that I can use like "based"

I hope this thread is a lesson to you OP. Even when you're a harmless robot sperg and go out of your way to act reserved, whites don't care. It's in their culture to see you as an enemy, and the "based black guys" from years ago are getting dropped and ditched because they aren't useful to these people anymore. Asians don't really like us either so keep an eye out.

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Citation needed, nigger.

Not him, but you're a retarded newfaggot if you don't know about Based God. That's where the term comes from, retarded 2016 Jow Forums nigger.

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>not knowing Lil B the Based God
He's the first person to call things based. "Based" originally meant cool.

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>be considered better than the rest of niggers
>sue him to prove him wrong
fucking dumbass

Reading up on this, it's not even used how it is here as a colloquialism, so the original argument still doesn't make sense. So nigger made up a term, and board culture just happens to use the same word but a diffrent meaning doesn't mean the nigger invented it. In that same name the person who originally made the word "based" invented it.

One of the rules of trolling: Play dumb and be relentlessly contrarian. I see you've been paying attention.

That's a weird way to say you don't have an argument.

Lil B made up the term, it became a meme and became part of internet culture, edgy centrists picked it up and started using it, calling people like Christina Hoff Sommers "based mom", eventually the followers of these centrists became the alt right and you were born, you newfag. Stop saying based if you hate blacks. Say awesome or some shit.

One time a black dude said I have rhythm when I jammed with him.
But he was like, "Damn, this emo ass looking white boy actually got rhythm?! White boys neva got rhythm."
I took it as a compliment. Everyone makes assumptions based on appearance, no exceptions. When gangster culture is so prevalent and pushed on minorities, how can you not expect these comments? And it's no longer Ice Cube tier gangster culture, it's just all about popping Xans and shooting cops and fucking whores. There's no message beyond aimless hedonism as a cope.
When you're an adult, you'll learn that the world has always been discriminatory and it always will be. What separates the wheat from the chaff is how you rise above it as an individual, and how you treat others as individuals. You can be a mega autist and join some insane identity politics cult, or you can be a normal person.

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I'm neither of the guys you're fighting with, so I don't really give a shit about your "debate me" facade. You're a good troll.

>Lil B made up the term
No he didn't, whoever made the word based itself did, then he used it as slang with a different meaning, then this site did the same. You're not even following your own line of logic.

Seriously dude, that's not how you spell "I'm a brainless blathering retard". Is your keyboard busted?

Sue you parents for giving birth to a retard.

We could all stand to learn some trolling tricks from you.

Too bad you haven't met a proper Uncle Tom.
One of my friends is, and he watches ice hockey, listens to Rush Limbaugh, and likes Talking Heads and AC/DC, among other things

Considering that blacks are criminals more often and are a way louder a more, let's say "vivacious" people, he was only reflecting the reality. He probably had negative experiences with blacks. If you want to retain your dignity and literally not confirm the stereotype on black people( as loudmouthed stupid idiots who get offended on everything ), take it as a compliment. If you want to make money, sue him.
Just remember that sueing the shit out of other people will only make som people's sentiment about black people stronger... It's just that they will fear to express it.

Sounds hilarious. Like he thinks he's people.

Ok user. No one has ever used based in the way Lil B used it before he did, but miraculously, you and your racist friends started using it in a similar way as well, just completely on your own, no influence from the rapper at all. You'll be using another black slang term in a few years, just like based. You've probably unironically said "thot" before too.

>you and your racist friends
It's site culture, not just pol.
>similar way
>You'll be using another black slang term in a few years
I don't use these stupid terms the way it is, nigger origins or not, slang is fucking retarded.

Did you consider that maybe hearing it out of context might have meant that he was talking about you as a tenant? Rather than seeing everything through race like the jewish overlords want you to, why don't you pay attention to people speaking to you so you can accurately judge intentions and not be such a fucking nigger.

Is this just shitty race bait? If you weren't listening and just heard the phrase he could have been saying anything. Just as the other user said though go ahead and just be another piece of shit nigger that chimps out to basic shit. You were probably gonna do it anyway.

Everyone ITT is probably the type of cunt who thinks "well let's address the real problem that is racism against whites". You're all so insufferable.

>don't use these stupid terms the way it is, nigger origins or not, slang is fucking retarded.
I'm assuming you've never said "cool" or "what's up", both being slang terms originating with blacks.

If I do it's unintentional and I kick myself for it as to not do it again. Like I said, nigger origins or not, the slang is still fucking literal peasant speak.

wow, indeed, I could never live without the word based. Cope nigger, I'll appropriate of your slangs and fuck your women till their asses and pussies get stretched and destroyed by BWC

>kick yourself for speaking like a normal person
>wonder why no one likes being around you

>>wonder why no one likes being around you
Holy shit that fucking projection.

FPBP, OP irrevocably BTFO

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Can't really argue with that
Good ol fpbp

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Sounds like he struck a nerve of yours, from what I'm seeing.

He did, the nerve of being triggered by retards, he made the leap from not using slang to not having friends in about two seconds.

fpbp. Based and niggerpilled.

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lol, the assblasted jannies deleted it.

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Huh, first time I've had a post get deleted.

Wow, every other race doesn't like you. Strange...

Hint: the jannies protect the niggers and fags. It's why we have endless "u mad white boi" and fag generals. It's almost like the jannies are literal niggers and fags.

Crazy how they didn't delete that post until it got more replies.

OP was probably upset that his thread was getting derailed, so he shoa'd it.

maybe op is gay and thats what the landlord meant?

fucking jannies, Niggers are not part of Jow Forums culture

That's a hate crime, send him to jail

Wouldn't care my family wasn't in the states and was poor at the time of slavery, suck my white dick nigger.

WAAH someone hates me : ( better sue them
try taking some testosterone user