Reminder that if you are a pretty femanon then you can just milk some of the orbiters from the money on a regular basis...

Reminder that if you are a pretty femanon then you can just milk some of the orbiters from the money on a regular basis, it's really that easy.

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You don't even have to be a pretty femanon to do this

Not if you have some morals

You just got to have balls that femanons don't have.

OP is talking about what you can do, having morals doesn't mean they can't do it, they would just be choosing not to

The females on this site don't care about those though. It's easy to find any bpd, bipolar or sociopathic whore around here

Is it? I've not come across any in all my years of browsing.

Hey screw you man!

I got bpd and I'm female and I can't force myself to shoot pics of my ass for easy passive income. Every time I think of doing it I just feel like my chest tightens and I wanna throw up.

I've came across dozens of them. Especially from this board. The ones on /soc/ tend to be either ultra normies or underaged though

If some people are taking pleasure in being exploited then what's wrong with that?

Financial Domination and selling nudes are two different things

who said you had to shoot pics of your ass?

Daily reminder the kikes are in damage control in the wake of the /b/ anti-porn uprising. Now theyre openly telling sluts to be sluts lol. Yesterday it was trannies now its 'females rise up'. Pathetic.

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No one although it's something she's naturally inclined to do

But I am poor as shit. I don't wanna homeless girl RP. I generally just suck at acting. It's easy if you got someone you love then it's easy to act your heart out. But for anyone else. Hell no.

you just have to find the right guy who is willing to spend money for you

No one of those matters, just try to be a little bit more demanding

I already do and I feel sorry for him. He doesn't wanna hang out around me when I am drinking as I am doing right now.
Like how?

>He doesn't wanna hang out around me when I am drinking

Man, it's probably a good thing that I am a neet or I would end up being one of those guys who spends all his money on girls.

Maybe he doesn't wanna get stabbed anywhere vital. Yeah...

Really? Personally, I'd love to get stabbed by a drunk fembot.

same, it just feels to intoxicating

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You'll be my next if that ever happens and I'll go to prison. FYI I'll probably be in my near 50s once out.

At least let me pay you first

Pay for what?

You exist, that's all

If you are a pretty femanon then you can milk money from men in exchange for sex, it's really that easy.

There's no need for them to go that far, guys will pay for much much less

Do femanons here really do findom?

Only desperate betas with little money. To get actual big bucks girls need to become prostitutes.

There's no reason why they shouldn't, literally free money without any effort

Gulp... I hope I don't run into one or my wallet is toast

People are free to have whatever fetish they want but I see no erotic appeal in paying a girl to masturbate. I get that it's a sub thing but my sub things involve elaborate bondage and vibrating toys - she at least has to fucking make me cum.

I will only pay a girl if I get physical access to her body.

I want a femanon to milk my wallet, but at the same time lovingly and then cuddle me afterwards

I already spent over 2000$ on findom

share more details

Also do you want my hairy feet pics?

I'd be interested in doing findom if seemingly every single guy who was into it didn't have addiction issues. I've yet to find a guy into findom who's been able to do it in a controlled, responsible way.

How do you define controlled?

I was 2000$ all together to different people. I always want to quit but relapse.

Like not giving money to the point where it significantly impacts their daily lives.

Plus, findom addicts from what I've seen can never commit to a single dom, they always end up switching findoms constantly. I'd want one who actually thought I was special and stuck with just me.

What is that picture from op?

Oh also, see . I would feel bad findomming someone in this position.

Would you be willing to put in the effort to make yourself seem special though? Especially if it wasn't for very much money

Yes. I once dommed (without findom) a guy over Discord for a full month and had days where I'd spend all my free time rehearsing my dom persona and thinking of exciting, unique tasks for him to do. He seemed to love it but still ended up having no problem bailing abruptly.

That sucks. I don't know why anybody would throw away such a nice sounding arrangement. However, I think you might actually be able to find someone if you do it like that. Maybe getting them to spend money will encourage them to stick around too since it becomes more of an investment.

What's immoral about exploiting some beta orbiters who are glad to send their money to you for existing as a 5/10 women? Literally easy mode.

Are you gunna Dom me or not qt? I'm lookin for a cute smol pale hikki to tie me up and edge me

I know full well how to stick around if you're willing to do it again and order someone else around. I value most of the people I encounter online but talk to very few as well, so I don't just drop them unexpectedly. My Discord is cheesyfingers#9668

>Also do you want my hairy feet pics?
For how much?

4 dota arcanas

>hypergamous gender having morals