Honestly robots, fuck women

Honestly robots, fuck women

Be me
> 17 at the time
> just started talking to a beautiful girl, feeling that excitement of a new crush
> have had heart broken before so i know not to rush it and get too attached but everthing seems so good
> begin relationship, things going steady for 2 years
> girl was originally super self conscious and shy
> i was always supportive and lifted her up as much as possible
> too supportive it would seem

Keep in mind that i have very traditional values, the classic family model, being modest, being wholesome, etc.

> girl starts an instagram account so she can follow me and her friends. Makes just one post
> instant attention and boost in followers cause pretty nd curvy girl
> dont think much of it
> ffw a couple of months, posting regularly now, rando guys commenting heart eyes and kiss marks on her posts
> when asking her who they were and why they were doing it considering shes taken, she snapped at me, telling me to stop worrying and forget about it
> okay, no big deal

Boy was I wrong

> makeup and clothing becomes sluttier by the week
> frequent posting for no other reason than to show herself off and get attention
> getting really annoyed with it now, call it inappropriate behavior for someone in a relationship
> she only responds with attitude and anger, not apologetic whatsoever
> stay relatively calm, demonstrate to her that her actions are clearly begging for attention and that if she was being loyal and faithful she would only need that attention from me
> i give her loads of praise and attention to make her happy, yet she still feels the need to post this crap
> she explodes, calls me manipulative and paranoid and controlling
> fair enough maybe i was being a bit of a dick bu... oh wait
> dm from some guy named Jacob

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Hey man i hate to break bad news but i just found out youre her boyfriend. Shes been sending me nudes and all kinds of dirty talk. I hate to get between a guy and his girl but i had no idea you even existed so i thought id make up for it by letting you know whats going on. Again, sorry to have to tell you

> honestly i wasnt mad at the guy, seemed genuine, and i wasnt suprised either
> but now i have proof, bitch
> decide not to spill the beans yet, lets see how horrible she really has become
> pressure her a couple days later, saying shes acting degenerately and i disapprove
> another explosion in my face, she genuinely doesnt care about my feelings at this point, i can tell
> when we dont talk about shit like social media and behavior things are great
> she acts like nothing is wrong and is happy as a clam
> ask her to sit down cause i wanna have a serious talk about stuff
> tell her i dont want her to explode and get angry, i just wanna talk things through and help settle my nerves a bit. I want a serious and civil discussion
> tell her my honest feelings, i still care deeply for her but im concerned with how involved with social media shes getting and its making me question her loyalty
> she gets huffy but doesnt shout at me like normal
> says shes been nothing but loyal and shes never done anything to make me think otherwise
> again she shifts all blame onto me for even thinking these things
> at this point her audacity is really stunning me
> draw the conversation to a close, right as im about to leave the house, tell her i know about jacob, an what she sent him, and i have no doubt shes been doing the same with others
> her eyes go wide, she opens her mouth to say something but just bursts into tears
> tell her to stfu about loyalty and lying to my face when ive done nothing but be good to her
> leave and drive straight home

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> as i open the door to my house i check my phone, 12 missed calls from her, too many texts to read
> get rid of any evidence she was ever in my life the next day
> i check her social media, all traces of accounts are deleted, shes still trying to contact me through text or phone though
> respond with one text

Dont act so upset, you were doing this for a long time and acting perfectly peachy even when i questioned it. Youre not upset that you broke my heart and ruined a two and a half year relationship. Youre upset because all this time i was right, and i just irrefutably proved it. You dont care about me anymore and youve shown that. You just care that you got caught. Good luck in life with that attitude

> never responded to any other texts or calls
> join a discord call with my friends, let them know whats up
> they console me and offer to have a boys weekend to forget about all the thots of the world
> settle down to play some dota and make plans for a weekend of excessive drinking, guns, and wild atv riding in the mountains
> fuck women

The 19th amendment was fundamentally a mistake, women have a toxic mentality and a hive mind like way of thinking. Giving them the right to vote makes them think that their opinions matter. And as they have been expressing their opinions through social media they have swung it into a more and more degenerative state. Cause more and more women to become said degenerates. Its a nasty slippy slope im afraid and the only real cure is to either convince your woman to cut social media out of her life before its too late, or to assert proper authority and dominance over her to make her listen to you and accept your superiority as the man of tge relationship. (((Empowered))) women will walk all over you and ruin your life simply so they can have extra fleeting pleasures. If your woman is not traditional or wholesome she will cheat, she will lie, and she will break your heart. Choose your women wisely anons

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>have gf

What the fuck are you even doing here, failed normie?

You're obviously a control freak, so I don't really know why you're so upset about this. You caused it.

He's not even a failed normie, he's a redditor.

Women will just be thots, i was so chill about it at first and didnt wanna be a control freak, then shit started to go sour and all i did was voice my concern. She was just corrupted by the idea of social media

I don't want to greentext my whole life story, but my ex was a cute cosplayer, and I happened to be a decent photographer. When we met she was a nobody with a halfassed deviantart page. I started doing shoots with her, she got popular, by the time we broke up she'd been featured in Japanese books and magazines, had been a guest of honor at conventions including international ones, had 400k+ FB likes and millions of pageviews a year on her site, people drew fanart of her, etc. She fucked me over the same way yours did, turned into a narcissistic neurotic manipulative bitch, and then started talking to other guys and eventually fucked one just before we broke up. She's married to him now.

I feel your pain.

Now hold on, dont go that far you nigger, i may be a failed normie but im not that much of a degenerate

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Fucking women bro, they get drunk off of attention lose all sense of decency

>posting a screenshot of a reddit post.

Okay, sure.

It's a combination of drunk and insane, it like turns them into paranoid schitzos who always feel like they're being watched and live their whole lives around it. Of course it also doesn't help that it's fucking impossible to compete with beta orbiters if they come in sufficient quantity, all they ever say is nice shit and stroke her ego constantly, while you have to deal with the realities of being with somebody 24/7 and not all of that can be good.

Okay fair, but i didnt take that screenshot, i found it in a previous women hate thread

Exactly, beta lurkers can constantly tell her shes pretty and lovely whenever she wants without having to know about her personal issues. Much less actually having to help her and be there for her abd everything else. They only see the surface and so its so much easier for them to just praise her blindly

And when theres fuckloads of them all of a sudden your singular attention and care isnt good enough for her anymore when she has 10 more guys foaming at the mouth

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Nerdy, shy girls are always like that. Highly sexual and neurotic.

She was fine before, its only since she got social media

how did you get a girlfriend
pls respond

What a fucking retard you are OP, you have one bad relationship with a shitty person and your conclusion is the 19th amendment was a mistake. Your life was a fucking mistake, dude.

>5 years in to relationship
>think my gf is cheating (again)
>let it slide the first time since it was super early in our relationship
>no definite proof, but a shitload of circumstancial
>leave her, ask her to move out
>she confesses to sending nudes out and visiting some of the people "just for coffee to see who was behind the nickname"
>cut contact
>her ex friend whistleblows wild party nights, even fucking the same dude

>I let her back in my life and we have sex regularly

I'm no better than you

I'm pretty sure his story is applicable to more women than not. It's not even a character fault in women only, if the situation was reversed I'm sure a lot of men would behave the same way, but the situation is not reversed, any 4/10 or above woman can get an endless stream of positive attention online just by becoming an e-thot. When they have 5+ men more attractive than their boyfriend messaging them daily and building up their ego, no surprise most of them don't have the integrity to stay with the current guy.
The only more typical female part is that they will lie and lie and lie about it, and act horribly insulted when you call them out on their behavior without proof. I think most (or at least more) guys would just break up altogether and move on to the better girl.

Here's the thing, it's not applicable to more women than not. I can see dumb teenagers falling victim to this kind of thing, but grown adults tend to have more sense, loyalty, and integrity. Tons of people are in fulfilling long-term relationships without a bunch of dumb shit going on on the side. Tons of women in relationships use social media without it being a camwhoring platform to get outside male attention.

This is the fakest shit I have ever read in my life, fucking waste of time. Honestly OP you have got dedication I give you that, making up a bullshit story about your "ex" to push a narrative of all woman being this specific way really is immature and shows what kind of beta you are.

Your mom and dad didn't raise you right, you don't know what being a men is, that's why your "girl" took control over you and did shit behind your back. Same shit happened to me but I fucking learned the reason why, everything counts, the way speak, the way you act, body language etc everything counts up and if you don't play your cards right well you lose and she has 0% respect for you and then proceeds to do shit like this.

Play your cards right, take lucrative steps.

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What the fuck are you talking about? this guy is a reddit frequent and i have no sympathy for him but how the fuck is it his fault?, fuck off to the feminist shithole you came from
>control freak
Yeah what the fuck is wrong with him? he doesn't want other men to fuck his girlfriend and see her naked that's too far man, you should let them all fuck your girlfriend you control freak

Get the fuck of here, both of you

>grown adults tend to have more sense, loyalty, and integrity
They also tend to be a hundred times less attractive and way more likely to have baggage.
>Tons of women in relationships use social media without it being a camwhoring platform to get outside male attention.
They're not utilizing it as much as they could. I don't think this is always because of their integrity rather than their tech illiteracy and/or being lazy and/or having some fears related to it.