Man i just wanna chat
answer these questions my niggers and let's chat

>whats your dream occupation?
>how's it going with //her//him//?
>what are your plans for today?
>whats the last thing you fapped to?
>what is the main thing in life everyone should strive for?

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chat with my you god damn elephants

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>dream occupation
Something involving the ocean, I don't care if it's a fishing boat for seven months of the year, oceanography work, whatever. So long as I spend time on the blue abyss, I am content.
>how's it going with x
It's not. I interact with nobody outside of this website.
>plans for today
Packing, also going to begin work on a romhack for a game.
>last thing you fapped to
some tk thread on /d/
>main thing everyone should strive for
Stasis. All things seek stasis.

>dream occupation
Drawing. I used to draw a lot when I was younger, but I stopped. Now its hard to get back into it because my skills have declined and I don't have the time or energy to keep with it.
>how's it going with x
Nonexistent. I haven't had even a crush in 9 years.
>plans for today
Relax. Watch some animu and play some vidya.
>last thing you fapped to
Rin Tohsaka kek
>main thing everyone should strive for

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I can respect the urge for ocean, it isolates you nicely from the rest of the humanity. But not being able to go for a walk would get shitty in time desu.
You study anything ocean-related?

this is comfy af ocean video

The ocean is near endless, covering a majority of the globe yet so sparsely populated by humans. It's truly a paradise. Though, I romanticize it as I am a shut in neet who rarely leaves their room so such a vast area is automatically greatly preferred.
>You study anything Ocean-related
No, I'm debating whether it'd be worth picking up either oceanography, marine biology, or some other relevant study or just hitching it to Alaska or Washington to get one of the aforementioned several-month long fishing boat jobs.
I assume they'd be decent choices and require little prior experience or knowledge anyways. Perhaps I'm mistaken. It'd be pretty physically grueling but worth it I think to live on the ocean for most of a year.

Draw your own porn desu, that makes it engaging, plus you can make literally any fantasy come true

Also striving for passion would mean we would be literal nigger apes god damnit, passion is what animals strive for.

Then I guess you don't understand what real passion is.

>oceanography, marine biology
You would end up in an office looking at maps of the ocean with those, only few marine biologists actually get to examine life in sea and that's just few times per year anyway.
I have a friend who studied ship engineering and his dad is supposedly a big fish in the whole ship cargo business and your best way to get on sea is to go to naval academy or wherever sailors study, then to serve on some big cargo ship. If you want your own ship, fishing is the best way to go, but there is shitload of competition there, plus getting a shit is like buying a Porsche, so you will already need lots of money.

Well in my mind passion is basically being emotional and needy. But honestly i was never good in these terms, so you can educate me.

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>whats your dream occupation?
Teacher. I'm going back to school this fall
>how's it going with //her//him//?
Chasing this one girl for around a year waiting for my time to shine. Finally get a date and she gets incredibly distant and tells me she's "not looking for anything serious". Haven't talked to her since. :/
>what are your plans for today?
Sleep as much as possible until it's monday
>whats the last thing you fapped to?
Vanilla porn
>what is the main thing in life everyone should strive for?
Purpose. I think if you can find that happiness follows.

That was another consideration, cargo ships and freighters. I don't know whether those jobs require past experience or not but I assume it'd be easier than a full on career in the Navy.
I noticed, boats are insanely costly and fishing seems not as profitable to do yourself in lieu of working for a company or other ship instead.

>whats your dream occupation?
don't have one
>how's it going with //her//him//?
don't have anyone
>what are your plans for today?
i'll probably just browse Jow Forums and watch youtube all day again
>whats the last thing you fapped to?
I don't really remember, probably just generic bdsm porn or hentai
>what is the main thing in life everyone should strive for?
happiness I guess

God i'm boring

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Hey dude me too. What grade/what subjects?
Also is it just me or are women so fucking emotional. Every time i tell a guy he failed a test, he just shrugs and is okay, but i had three girls start crying last week, its so fucking annoying because then i feel like a bad guy.

>vanilla porn

If you think you should be striving for happiness, what makes you happy? What are you doing to obtain it user?

Nothing that used to makes me happy anymore, so idk.

You definitely need to have some experience for that, to at least know the basic ins and outs of sailing. There are schools and books for that for sure, im certain you can find one after 5 minutes on Google.
The basic way seems the most secure one
>start working on a boat for some shit company (cuz great ones wont take you with no experience)
>after getting year or two of experience get to a better company
>sail for several years, saving up money
>eventually buy your own ship and use your experience to make profit

Its a longrun plan, you won't have your own ship until at least 30-35, but i mean life isn't supposed to be easy and it honestly sounds like interesting af life

>whats your dream occupation?
architect. studying for it right now.
>how's it going with //her//him//?
no romantic interests but ive been slowly starting to make friends at uni
>what are your plans for today?
fathers day. its probably my grandfathers last one, so ive got to make it special
>whats the last thing you fapped to?
probably some femdom hentai
>what is the main thing in life everyone should strive for?
everyone is different here. thats a question you gotta find your own answer for.

The plan is high school chemistry. American fag btw.

Also I haven't gotten far enough in schooling to actually deal with kids yet.

Not sure if it's more an emotional thing or if it's just the fact that women are taught to express themselves emotionally while guys have to repress that shit or else get labeled a pussy. I've realized recently that a lot of my personal issues stem from not being able to express myself for fear of being labelled a fag.

What do you watch on Youtube? Just yesterday i decided to bingewatch MrBeast again, i love how awkward and childish he is.

What used to make you happy? What changed?

>dream occupation?
Big firm lawyer or diplomat for the Norwegian embassy in China
>how's it going with her/him?
I don't really have a /oneitis/ atm, but have some girl that I could hook up with if I get too desperate
>plans for today?
I'm gonna go to the gym in a bit, otherwise I'm probably just gonna sit inside browsing Jow Forums and playing vidya
>last thing i fapped to?
probably something on /gif/ or the instagram of some girl I know
>main thing in life?
I think everyone should strive for realising their maximum potential, both physically and mentally, in terms of lifting, fighting and academically (discussion/rhetoric)

have a good day user, this is a comfy thread

also I think it was just some Gina Valentina vid.

>>whats your dream occupation?
Speech therapist, shit is cash
>>how's it going with //her//him//?
i keep dating women with bpd, i think i need a long break from dating in general
>>what are your plans for today?
do a massive amount of psychedelics with my fwb :^)
>>whats the last thing you fapped to?
>>what is the main thing in life everyone should strive for?
being content

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>whats your dream occupation?
I would love to work in publishing. It's kind of a meme industry these days but I always love to imagine coming across hidden works of genuine art and doing my best to get them into the world.
>how's it going with //her//him//?
I don't talk to women ever. I'm not angry at them or anything, I just always debase myself to make them like me, so to salvage my dignity I haven't spoken to one in two years.
>what are your plans for today?
already played a game of rugby today, played a little wow, wrote 3000 words on my latest short story
>whats the last thing you fapped to?
Erotic audios. It's the only reason I have ever gone to reddit. the /fsa/ thread on /soc/ is unfortunately dreadful compared to gonewildaudio.
>what is the main thing in life everyone should strive for?
first: complete and total self-accountability. second: an unconditional knowledge and acceptance of one's self. third: the fullest potential of that known self.

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Well I have 16 hours a day so I watch all sorts, this is pretty embarrassing but recently i've been watching the vods for the yogscast jingle jam 2018, it's unironically comfy and kinda makes me feel like I have friends.

Video games and e-friends. Depression happened I guess.

Get out of the funk man, it'll be good for you.

I don't deal with kids either. The advantage of not being native anglo is that i can get an easy student job of teaching adults English. Those three girls i made cry were actually 25-60 aged women.

Yeah, thats so complicated issue. Cuz on one hand you want everyone to act like they naturally would, but on the other you need them to coexist, and the way society functions is changing so rapidly that we don't even know how to act to coexist anymore. I wish everyone could just be however they feel like being and that would be enough, but it never was and never will be.

I actually did consider and even looked into those 'boating' courses. The ones that teach you basics of operating boats and what not. But I can't even drive so I question my capacity to steer and captain a ship. I imagine I'd fit far better as a lackey or crew hand.
Thus far, that does appear to be my plan though. Get some rinky-dink job in a meager position and hopefully learn with time and move onto better work involving the ocean. Or score a freighter job if I somehow garner the experience needed.

I'm sorry about the grandpa, what have you got in mind for him? Tbh just spending time with his family is the best gift you can give him.
Also now im sad damnit.

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Bro just get out bro just do it dude

>but have some girl that I could hook up with if I get too desperate
I bet she is fat or ugly. Its only said girls have orbitors but even guys have this one ugly friend they know they can talk into sex if things get real bad.

Also get that Calocagathia shit out of here, Epicuros physical strength serves no purpose, bodies are for animals, humans should all spend our time satisfying the needs of our soul and min

You're actually in a really good spot then. I got so tired of my own mundane bullshit around last year. Games weren't fun anymore. And I didn't really feel like talking to anyone. So I was kinda just going through the motions.

So I decided to make a change. I started going to the gym. Started learning how to draw. Started trying a whole bunch of new shit. Honestly change is good. It's not easy and there are still days where I do nothing. And there are days where I want to do nothing but force myself out of it. And there are days where I'm motivated to actually do shit.

If you're bored user, you don't have to be. You can find new passions and meet new people and do new things. And technically you don't have to give up the comfort of doing nothing. It's still there.

>i keep dating women with bpd
Seriously, where do you keep getting them? I think this might be a cultural american thing, because i have met like one woman with bpd in my whole life. How are they like? I imagine clingy, needy and maniodepressive?

I hope speech therapist isn't what i think it is, because who the would would voluntarily want to spend his time teaching people to properly pronounce "r"

I don't know user, it's not like things suddenly became unfun, it has been like this for years. I wish I could decide to start doing stuff but I don't have any motivation or energy.

Publishing is really good work desu, respectable and profitable, but it takes shitload of time and energy i imagine.

>latest short story
what's it about?

>first: complete and total self-accountability. second: an unconditional knowledge and acceptance of one's self. third: the fullest potential of that known self.
two things wrong with this
1. you cannot have full knowledge of yourself, it is just physically impossible
2. if you want to reach your full potential you can never accept your self, otherwise you wouldn't grow

Teaching adults seems pretty nice honestly. I was considering going abroad to teach chinks english but I think it'd be a bad move.

And yeah, I think the whole gender roles thing is meant to be functional. That's why they exist. And I think things are breaking down slowly as we get to a place socially where they don't serve that function. Not sure if that's a good thing or whatever but... I guess it's nice? We'll see what happens

>opened yogscast video
>starts with mentioning giveaway
begone foul beast
The whole point of youtubers is to make people feel like they have friends, and look at huge they are, how many people watch them. At least you admit it honestly.

So what games do you play?

The girl is decent looking, although she is a little bit of a roastie, probably a nympho desu.

While I agree with you that the mind is the most important thing for us humans, I think that physical strength and fighting ability are important both for self confidence and longevity. With a strong body, your ethos also improves, which helps you out in academic/rhetorics situations

Steering a ship is easier than driving desu, since you have much more space to operate in and lower speed. The worst thing about it all is learning all those signs and procedures in emergencies, and different callsigns and shit like that. But its just about mechanical memory, so nothing really horrible, it just takes a good book and a bit of time.

You should go to some school desu, you'd get better chance of getting that meager shit position. I can't really imagine anyone taking on a sailor who has never even been on a boat.

for some reason they come to me, plus mental illness is more common in bi and lesbian women. I have no fucking clue why i'm so attractive to these women but hey i'll take what i can get.

speech therapy is cash man, it's easy to have your own practice when you're established, it pays a fuckton and i'm interested in linguistics anyways. and i have a leg up as a trans woman because i've been doing this shit for yonks independently

your reason for working in publishing is really respectable, desu.

good luck, user

Oh I can believe it's been a slow ride to where you're at. That's how I was too.

But as for energy and motivation, you don't need those to start. You get those from the process.

I'm still the same person. Just like you. But if I can force myself to go to the gym, that gives me energy and my brain gives me the chemicals I need to do other shit. You start looking better too and people you know start noticing.

Like... I have fucking friends now. Who ask me if I want to go out for drinks and other shit. Shit's crazy.

Idk if it'll work the same way for you but like fuck it dude. It's worth a shot.

One of my coworkers taught chinks in China. Its supposedly really well played and teaches you self-reliance, so not bad at all.

I also believe its partially imbedded in our genetics. Try being a whiny bitch of a guy and i guarantee no girl will ever want you, no matter how she was raised

I think it's partically genetics. I think a lot of it is early development too.

But i'm most definitely a whiny bitch. lmao. I've actually kinda been "researching" via tinder. Attractive chicks do not give a fuck about your feelings. But slightly larger chicks you can open up like a fucking book and they'll still want to fuck you. the control in the experiment being I don't swipe on obvious thots. No bikini pics, no ass pics in profile. Only girls wanting "something serious" or "friends first then something"

Good job then, my backup bitch is ugly and plus she is crazy, literally believes in Scientology, and im afraid that if i penis her, she will clinge onto me like a tick. We keep shittalking roasties, but they are useful if you just need pump and dump.

The issue is academics shouldn't be based on rhetorics or self-confidence. All you should need is reason and logic to make a sound argument.
This is what unironically triggers me hard as fuck. When you look at any debate whether its about politics, philosophy, society, videogames, whatever, its never about who is actually right, its about who says it in a better way. And then we end up with political leaders who are lying, stealing and being cunts, but they have good charisma so people keep electing them.

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>whats your dream occupation?
Supreme leader
>how's it going with //her//him//?
Not really having an eye on anybody rn
>what are your plans for today?
Sitting in car
>whats the last thing you fapped to?
Being fucked in the ass
>what is the main thing in life everyone should strive for?

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Oh that explains it, crow sits next to crows (i have no idea whats the English equivalent of that saying, basically you date psychos cuz you're a psycho. Also that sounded way more mean than how i meant it, nothing wrong about being a psycho)

Why the actual fuck would anyone ever, any living being, any conscious human, anyone with the slightest idea what the world encompasses, anyone with option to NOT do that, anyone who doesn't hate himself and spends his time with suicidal and masochistic thoughts, anyone without tyranical parents or peers, why the living shit would fucking anyone be interested in linguistics. That is legitimately the weirdest hobby i have ever fucking heard of.

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whats your dream occupation?
Either a pilot for a pretty good airline/cargo or business executive CEO stuff. Idk I just really want to make a lot of money so I can take care of my family.
>how's it going with //her//him//?
It seems to be going ok but I would like things between us to be better.
>what are your plans for today?
I am not sure. Im gonna hit the hay soon and we will see what happens in the afternoon.
>whats the last thing you fapped to?
The last thing I finished on or everything from start to finish? The first was some pervcity anal porn and the second ranged from futa animation(which I am trying to stop) to lesbians fucking each other with strapons. Oh and latex
>what is the main thing in life everyone should strive for?
Everyone should really find their comfort food. Food that makes them happy. Me? Potato soup or Steak, potatoes, Mac, and rolls.

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Of course, I wouldn't anticipate them hiring me without some prior experience with regards to steering and commanding a ship. That'd be pretty bad. That along with rigorous exercise and training for physical demanding aspects of boat-work are all accounted for. Mostly.

>>whats your dream occupation?
>>how's it going with //her//him//?
I'm free of the interpersonal sympathetic relationships
>>what are your plans for today?
Plants some trees, water some flowers
>>whats the last thing you fapped to?
I wouldn't reveal my fantasy treasures
>>what is the main thing in life everyone should strive for?
Undermining the industrial system that enslaved our society

Ugly girls are desperate man, they are like horny guys when faced with cute girls. They will say everything, they will agree with her being neopagan, believing in zodiac, they will tell her they don't mind she slept with 50 niggers in a gangbang, they will do anything just to get in her pants. Same with fat chicks, they will ignore everything just to get a bf, but if you would date them, i bet they would shit on you for being emotional.
At least that's my opinion.

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agreed man, the biggest problem with politics and shit today is that rhetorics and charisma runs everything. but the harsh truth is that it's what works on people, and therefore we need to know how to use it to get our arguments (that hopefully are based in logic) through to people

Why would you just sit in a car?

Also, gay

>That chubby sex goddess

>whats your dream occupation?
CSI, it's what I'm already working toward and I just love it.
>how's it going with //her//him//?
Blows hard. She only talks to me when she needs advice for the guy shes into. I've been into her since high school, and even told her about it; claiming I was over it. I fucked myself over lol
>what are your plans for today?
play vidya, and hang out with dad for father's day
>whats the last thing you fapped to?
honestly can't remember. most likely some fat titty pr0n
>what is the main thing in life everyone should strive for?
I'd say happiness but that shit's generic and nigh-impossible. so imma go with my second option; stability.

The comfort food bit was one of the wisest things said ITT (correct answer was tea with milk desu)
What's not going great with your wife? Just do shit together, take her out or something

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I think that could be accurate. I mean I could look into it further but i'm not trying to date these girls lol.
My main takeaway so far though has been that the more attractive person in a pair has a ton of leeway in the relationship to do whatever.
Idk though, my last long-term relationship of 3 years failed because she hated how I wouldn't open up to her or talk about how I felt. So maybe there's some wiggle room?

Also for reference, when I say "slightly larger chicks" who I can open up to and still nut, they look like that pic.

So go ahead and find a fishing boat summer job, or at least some job in the docks its the best season now.

>Why would you just sit in a car?
I'm being driven on a vacation
>Also, gay
No u

get out Rousseau, we told you hundred times, we are not going back to living like apes

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yeah i think subconsciously i don't want to inflict sane people with my bullshit lol

I dont hate myself, i read a ton of books and language is interesting enough to make a career of. sure beats sitting in an office slowly rotting. and it's not like i'm cumming over linguistics textbooks every night lol

what do you want to do user??

Nah we need to educate people more. Stop teaching the molecular structural basis of photosynthesis on primary school and start teaching critical thinking, verifying information, more emphasis on sociology, psychology. Also financial education.
I'm not much of a person for conspirations, but this is one i truly believe. This shit isn't taught at school so it is easier to control the masses.
We need reform of the education.

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Where to? And with who?

Also did you just imagine having gay sex (gay) or did you actually have gay sex (not gay if you said "no homo" before)

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Dude can i ask how you look? Because honestly i'm into traps and stuff as the general idea, but from what i've seen, its mostly true what you hear, which is that traps or trans usually just look like picrelated, like a guy with makeup and women's clothes, and i honestly cannot find that attractive. But the women you speak about must find you attractive so i can't help but wonder.

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Dude, she's long gone, find another one.

What do you do for CSI? I can only imagine some dumb paper work, excell sheets, calling different people etc., just basic administrative. Unless you are student.

Imo in the end everyone wants the same, attractive people just know they can not get into the deep stuff and go straight for sex, since they have the body for it, meanwhile ugly people need to utilize their personality more. But in the end we all want someone to love, who would love and care about us and let us love and care about them. Just the paths we take to get there are different.
What's hard is finding a way to satisfy both people, since sometimes you just don't feel like talking about deep emotional shit, even though the other one does, and sometimes you want to fuck and the other one doesn't. In the end its just about finding someone you can talk to openly, and not play any fucking games, or hide anything from them.

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I mean it is interesting, im teaching language myself, its just not something i would be willing to dedicate my career to, and up until now i thought there wasn't a single human on this planet that would.
>beats sitting in an office slowly rotting
That's exactly what you will be doing, won't it?

>Where to? And with who?
To the sea with my dad
>Also did you just imagine having gay sex (gay) or did you actually have gay sex (not gay if you said "no homo" before)
Neither :P

I've tried moving on, but too retarded to meet people. Even with a girl on tinder, she said "send memes" so I did, tame shit from like /s4s/ and then they unmatched

and for CSI, it's mainly crime scene preservation and mountains of paperwork and the like, but yeah I'm a student as of now, hoping to graduate in the next semester

>dream occupation
If I had to choose maybe an artist. I feel the same as since I used to draw and liked doing it but then got caught up in work/school and stopped, so if I want to be good I have to practice a lot and I don't have time (college).
>>how's it going with //her//him//?
>>what are your plans for today?
I pulled an all-nighter since saturday, staying up with junk food, coffee and some booze. Today I'm gonna finish an assignment, start reading a new book and probably watch some shit on netflix. It's 8am now and I'm contemplating going to sleep for a bit and doing what I need to do in the afternoon/evening. Or just stay up for the rest of the day.
>>whats the last thing you fapped to?
Resident Evil rule34 stuff. mainly of Claire and/or Jill
>>what is the main thing in life everyone should strive for?
Purpose maybe? Or contentment?

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im at work so this is an old one, i've been told i look incredibly androgynous which some girls really like
Jow Forums is filled with cherrypicking late transioners, you end up passing almost always if you start in your teens

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Just with dad? I've been on solotrips just with my mom or dad few times and it's always super awkward because you eventually realize you don't have anything to talk about.
This is the first time i'm disappointed to talk to a girl on Jow Forums, i genuinely wanted to hear some gay stories.

Keep on trying man, my friend found his gf after browsing Tinder everyday for like three months. Also if you are murricunt you can use /soc/.

The job sounds really cool, you can use that to pick up girls. Have you seen some severed heads already?

>whats your dream occupation?

>how's it going with //her//him//?
beautifully. life is good

>what are your plans for today?
today just finished. But I studied and played vidya with my wife. It rained and we chilled out on the couch under blankets. I went out and got us some coffee and baked goods from a nearby bakery for breakfast. Just a lazy, comfy day

>whats the last thing you fapped to?
Porn, can't even remember what it was. About 2 weeks ago

>what is the main thing in life everyone should strive for?
happiness, I guess

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Again, try drawing your own porn. Its a fun thing to do, you practice drawing, its engaging, and you can draw any porn you want, which is really neat.

Since its Sunday i say you should stay up whole day, at least the tiredness will force you to go to sleep early and be fresh tomorrow.

>whats your dream occupation?
Airline Pilot
>how's it going with //her//him//?
>what are your plans for today?
I made a new youtube channel so i might record a video, pls subscribe whats the last thing you fapped to?
something saved on my computer
>what is the main thing in life everyone should strive for?
to live a comfy life, its nice to have nice things, but being /comfy/ is really nice

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Okay, you genuinely look cute, but still like boyish cute, though that could be fixed with the attire. But still, noice. When you are with girls, are you on top, or are they or how does it work?
Im not gonna lie, im interested out of genuinely penis reasons.

Yeah just with my dad. And we don't talk all the time. But I'm used to that, I have gone on so many trips with him and I don't really have anybody else to go with anyways.
Sorry lol. But I have an e-gf, if that's gay enough for ya. We don't do gay stuff much though

That does sound comfy.
>studied and played vidya with my wife
That just sounds so strange, how old are you?

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That video is comfy, but i lack action in there, try driving while recording, or recording somewhere where there is something interesting to watch, like busy streets down below, forest or sea.

But i couldn't agree more, /comfy/ is the best feeling a man can ever have

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I have a driving while recording video up, but I need to find a new way to mount it. I am also going to japan soon, so ill have some vidya of that

I did a live stream with some frens last night, it was pretty comfy

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What about your mom? She doesn't go with you?
Whats the point of having an e-gf if you don't do gay stuff together and record it and post it online? That's like not having an e-gf at all.

for purely logistical reasons i top most girls, my dick still works and i'm fine with using it. but my cis girl fwb sometimes ties me up and fucks me which i am a big fan of

>whats your dream occupation?
Growing up I unironically wanted to be a rapper/R&B singer. This was before Drake was mainstream and rapping and singing love songs was still novel. Nowadays, I'm kinda over that dream. These days, I want to own a few properties that I can rent out and eventually become financially free, since I hate working my life away and becoming the villain is the only way to make it out of the system.
>how's it going with //her//him//?
She doesn't exist. I haven't had a "her" since 2016. It's so freeing. Every year or two, I'd have a new "her". After the last one broke my heart in 2016 by sleeping with my friends, I realized I never really loved these girls, I just idealized them and projected my fantasies of us together onto our relationship and eventually ended up falling for them. For a while, life felt meaningless. I'd never woke up in the morning without a girl on my mind. I used to dedicate my entire existence to these girls. But after a while, I just became happy. I don't want love right now. There's this song by R&B singer named Jacquees called "23", where he sings about not being ready for love at 23. I'm 23, and I relate.
>what are your plans for today?
Go and see my pappy
>whats the last thing you fapped to?
>what is the main thing in life everyone should strive for?
Peace, enjoyment, fulfillment and happiness. I think the most important thing is to feel good. Not saying you should run around like Marquis de Sade, fucking everything that moves, cutting people open and sticking your dick in their wounds just because it feels good, etc but you should try and strive for purer pleasures. Not saying you should be a prude either but just try to be as happy and relaxed as you can be without ruining your life.

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saw a mcdonalds commercial and it said they are serving international favorites for a limited time. i cant wait to try them out later. anyone else?

>whats your dream occupation?
Working in post-production for a film company in the US
>how's it going with //her//him//?
Havent spoken to them directly in over a year
>what are your plans for today?
get high, play some vidya and maybe order some food, then a nap
>whats the last thing you fapped to?
a vid of a guy getting a blowjob in a car from a suprisingly hot hooker
>what is the main thing in life everyone should strive for?

I sodomized a sissyboi

Yeah your videos looks pretty comfy desu. Those stands for mobile phones/cameras are pretty easy to obtain and cheap, i don't know why would you want to mount it any other way. Maybe have more of them though, for side views too.

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What does she get from fucking you though? I mean, its literally 0 pleasure for her, i don't get why do women do strapons.

Thanks fren

Ive currently got a RX100v + gorillapod for the videos, and for the stream I rubber banded my phone to the sun shade.

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Try doing a drive through the city center when it rains, that could be comfy af

two thirds of the pleasure derived from sex is purely mental, user

fuck yeah dude
exactly! me using my dick in a typical sense doesn't even feel that good for me, i'm in it for my partners pleasure

>whats your dream occupation?
fixing planes as full time job and a an artsy small job (doing artwork for alternative bands, djing at small events)
>how's it going with //her//him//?
not going
>what are your plans for today?
killing time chatting with ppl, browsing Jow Forums, watching youtube
>whats the last thing you fapped to?
>what is the main thing in life everyone should strive for?
living your life the way you want

Yeah the event was a bundle to raise money for charity so I guess they were shilling that.

I've been trying to play the new league of path of exile but I keep getting bored and quitting. I used to really like the game.

She sometimes goes on vacations with me too but she doesn't have the money this year and one vacation is enough. These vacations with a parent aren't as fun anymore as they were when I was a kid.
I have her to brag about her. Only dumb people post stuff of themselves online

>whats your dream occupation?
maths or programming
>how's it going with //her//him//?
>what are your plans for today?
listen to music
>whats the last thing you fapped to?
a webm i found here i think
>what is the main thing in life everyone should strive for?
making good decisions

she isnt looking for "anything serious" with you. you are chasing here for a year just to get a date while she goes to the club and fucks some guy she doesnt even know, you are only an orbiter for her and she went on a date with you to keep you interested