Would you date a girl if you know she had casual sex with 10 men before you...

Would you date a girl if you know she had casual sex with 10 men before you? Only people without severe self-esteem issues reply please

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Date sure. Marry? Fuck no

why would you date someone without the intention of marrying them if it works out?

Because I wouldn't marry someone with such a promiscuous past. Bad investment.

Absolutely not. I'd rather stay a virgin

Dating is to vet people out for marriage, Anonymous. You are the bad investment, timewaster.

i rather stay STD free

Yes. I would prefer it to a girl who was in a loving relationship of many years with the same guy. Those have way more baggage.

>Only people without severe self-esteem issues reply please
This isn't facebook. Fuck you.

I dunno, she could teach me how to do it properly so that's a plus i guess

I'm over 30 so I don't have much choice these days. I'd rather not but I take what I can get.
10 is a low number these days anyway, I've slept with 6 girls and I'm an incel who lost his virginity at 28.

>10 men
not that much desu, average woman probably fucked around 30 in these times

since Im a 26 year old virgin i'd date any girl I guess

I would not consider marrying any female that was not a virgin.

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I've had casual sex with way more girls than that so I wouldn't care.

No. Even as a man whos had loads of casual sex I wouldnt date a used up whore.

You know what.

My arabic friend. When he was 21 or something. He landed his filthy sand feet on European continent. Didn't have anything. He was tenacious he was smart like Aladdin. Then on one blessed day after all of his French taught womanizing he landed himself a banker. Yes indeed. 30 year old banker woman. Pretty as in 20s. Horny as fuck and couldn't give a damn they two married and had child. The end.

He is dead now though.

>Dating is to vet people out for marriage
No it isn't just for that you autismo.

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I would yes

My only fear would be to be jealous of her. That's why I want to have sex with plenty of women tits way I'll feel on equal footing with my gf

Depends what the girl is like. If I have reason to suspect she might cheat it's a no.

Depends on the individual in question. But it'd be a red flag for me personally. I'd entertain the idea if we got a long but I'd stagger things out to see if she was serious.

Nerdy girls are so hot

>He is dead now

If she's as cute as your pic related, hell yes

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how tf is she a nerd?

To answer your question OP, I would only date/marry a nonvirgin if she only had 2-3 partners and shows signs of viewing me superior

It's not her sexual history that's the problem, but potential personality traits that might have emerged with it.

I want her to:
>be fully honest and open about it, like it's nothing
>be a good person that seems interested in monogmous relationships

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Not him but yes it literally is. What else would it be for?

Fuck? Yes. Settle with? HELL NO.

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No I would not.
I wouldn't be the first or last on that list.

Yes. My self esteem issues make me feel inferior and I'd end up enjoying it if she bullied me for it.

Depends on the time span and her age, are these her only relationships? Does she seem mature now?
If she never had a serious relationship that lasted over a year thats a redflag she cannot commit to a relationship

I would be extremely jealous knowing that my girlfriend has done anything at all with anyone else ever, so maybe I should just kill myself.

To just be together. You know marriage isn't a requirement for that, right?

Nah. I find women with an extended sexual history have a higher chance of being nutty as squirrel shit. Granted you can get mental ones that have been in long term relationships but the chances are much lower.

No, because she will inevitably start comparing you to others.

>Dating is to vet people out for marriage,
So, dating is really important and shit, but getting fucked by dozens of guys is just fine and dandy...OK, I understand!

>they two married and had child
There's a mixed mutt running around.

Sure, since I've done the same. You'd have to be some sort of incel goblin to get mad at someone having casual sex before meeting you. Life's not anime.

Marriage is just a legally binding contract to stay together. Dating with the purpose of staying together is just marriage without contracts

I don't see the big deal, he who laughs last laughs best.

if she would be alright, then yes

After dating long enough, you might even find yourself common-law married.

It makes me insecure, paranoid about myself, but if she truly loved me and cared about me then I wouldn't be bothered

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Yes of course, I'd marry them even but I know it would be a bad idea and would probably end poorly. I'd do it just cause I'm lonely and at this point I'll take anything I get.

>this is how normalfags justify sloppy seconds

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Absolutely not. 1 is too many, 10 is beyond unacceptable.

I know a guy who's doing this right now. Seems pretty happy with the girl so far. She's had like, +20 "partners" though and seems mildly BPD. I think he's mainly doing it cause he likes how wealthy her family is. The family seems to know that he's doing it for them, not her as well. Neither seem to mind. Love is overrated.

I just want someone to love and cuddle me.

Someone with that many past partners will never love you because they are physically incapable of it.

>dating with the purpose of staying together
what kind of fag are you? i had no reason to think about staying together long term with my practice girlfriends and girls who were going to end up in completely different cities after college.

Yes, cause then i would meet a girl

Yes. A girl hooking up with somebody once or twice a year or so is a dealbreaker to you? It'd be way more of a red flag if she was a virgin in her mid 20s, that screams "socially maladjusted" and/or "low sex drive"

>practice gfs
>dating in college
Dude you were veting for marriage who are you playing?

Yes, unless she decides to start telling me all about how big their dicks were or something.

yes. Women are allowed to enjoy sex too. It isn't a sin.

quit saying veting faggot

You won't believe it either if you keep thinking like that. You'll only be able to live in a meaningful relationship if you assume it's even possible.

if they have the love gene then they still can physically love bro.

Nope, that's double the absolute maximum acceptable value depending on age. Casual sex is trash and irreparably damages you in ways you don't consciously notice, it affects any and all future relationships you have whether you want to admit it or not.

No. I would not want to dat a girl who bad casual sex more than once or twice.

>I can't argue against it
>I know, I'll hand wave!
You're literally retarded and you're veting potential mates even if call them hook ups or practice gfs

not unless I had casual sex with 10 girls before her.

Just like your veting marriage potential when you masturbate

Do you know what that word means? Because that doesn't make any sense

Thats not an argument. Try again

At this point I would date any woman under 40 years of age and 180 lb of weight

No it is an argument because your statement didn't make any sense.

Yea. I dont see how any of that stuff matters

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Not an argument at all tbqh

No like your point requires clarification homie idk what you're trying to say. Are you trying to imply that the act of masturbation is examining a partner for marriage, or that any form of getting your rocks off is vetting?

Yes, it would be hypocritical of me to refuse since I myself have had lots of casual sex.

I wonder what proportion of people saying no are virgins...

That you are assessing men and women for their potential to be your husband/wife when you masturbate, based on your logic. When I fuck girls or anyone else cums they have different reasons, but you are always thinking about putting rings on guys

Except that's not what I'm saying. Does a dog consider a couch it's mate when it humps it? No thats ridiculous because the option of romantic pursual isn't there. if I jerk my dick I'm getting my rocks off but if you call over a tinder date and fuck well enough you could legitimately pursue. Dating and interaction with a partner on principle is vetting for marriage

>Met a gril on tinder
>Flirted, things took off fast and well
>She says shes been with 11 other people and she hopes it's not an issue
>Tell her that its 2019, women have sex and it's no big deal
>We fug, and throughout the night we chat and she reveals she might have feelings for me whilst I lovingly reassure her
>She confides in me and reveals shes extremely depressed about how everyone she has sex with inevitably never considers her as dating material, and ghosts after first fuck
>We sleep like God during the holocaust
>Get up at 5am, leave her home, instantly block her on all social media and never think of contacting her again
You cant make a hoe a housewife, eat shit Amanda

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Of course I would, that's irrelevant

It's not like I have to fight with her exes or something

it's not vetting if he doesn't make it vetting though. if he goes full mgtow pump and dump and doesn't consider any woman dating by default then he's just masturbating when he has sex with one. it doesn't even matter if she thinks hes compatible if he has completely discarded the option of compatibility.

But it is vetting because even though he's just pumping and dumping the reptilian part of his brain is gonna activate and his biology is gonna try and impregnate.

Practice being comfortable around women without jizzing your pants

But I am comfortable around women? I don't understand why taking the pair bonds between two people seriously is a bad thing

Only if she teaches me how to please a woman.

Because you are not an albatross you dumb fuck you are a highly socialized ape, even in the most traditional non-sand nigger countries you don't marry the first girl you see, how would you know she isn't a total cunt?
You can still date girls you just can't fuck then before you get married.

Of course you can. You date to vet that's the whole point of dating

Don't complain when your girl is frigid and sexually dormant, guys. The ones who have a high sex drive seek out what they want in the same way you do. You all just want to be a special little cupcake to your girl.

no bc she probably have a personnality that i don't like (and bc sex addiction is still an addiction and i dont want to date an addict)

>Would you date a girl if she had casual sex

So friendship?

These whores cant even pair bond. Why even marry one?

extraordinarily based post.

Why wouldn't I tho

Too many. Double digits is where I draw the line.

Reminder to all mentally ill female whores on this board that you will soon grow old and we will still be fertile and able to marry younger, virgin women.