Is anyone else that much of a fuck up that they just want to submit to someone in a fucked up bdsm relationship?

It would make life a lot easier if I was just serving someone else since I don't know what I want and no decisions I make work out well

tfw not a cute girl or feminine guy so this could never happen.

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i want to know if anyone else thinks like this

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Done it. Not worth it. I'm not the most masculine guy but after 8 years of endless stress and bullshit that comes from that kind of relationship built on those foundations. Basiclly you're going to attract people who will walk all over you and put you in fucked up situations you do not want to be in. You're better off just trying to find someone stable, maybe a bit on the kinky side but no a girl who only see's you as sub. She won't love you, she'll happily throw you away when its convenient, then come back to you when whatever guy she left you for cheats on her or whatever. You can do better user, don't make the mistake I did. Its cost me almost a decade of my life.

yeah I guess objectively you're right but i doesn't stop me from wanting it. i hate having control

>8 years
jesus fuck

Found out she cheated on me last month. Straw that broke the camels back was she didn't even have the courtesy to tell me she was fucking someone else. It was a student at her job too. I knew one day she'd find someone else. But yeah her reason for not being upfront and telling me two days after it happened "I didn't want to spark a negative reaction from you. I'd gone to the US to see this fucking whore. we'd gone traveling together in Europe. Glad she's fucking gone. Hate that I wasted all that time. Whole time I was saying I'm fucking done with her she was denying any resonpbility "That's just how I am" etc and then getting emotional the whole "Can't we be friends." Like no, just no. Enjoy the student you cheated on me with I hope you get fired you miserable, lying putrid cunt.

Hey user. You make your own choices. But I would not want another guy to end up wasting the time they could use to finding someone who won't end up using them. Maybe you experience will be different and better. But just a cautionary tale from an user who had that.

>tfw not a cute girl or feminine guy so this could never happen

Yep, this really hurts. I'm a qt little slave inside some fucked up fat autist.

If you're just fat it's fixable, i'm tall and have broad shoulders and masculine facial features, feels bad man.

Thanks for the warning anyway user, appreciate it.

Yeah I desperately want to be reduced to the status of a toddler. Sent back to diapers and made fun of for failing to be an adult

Why is it whenever I post, threads die?

Sorry user I was playing a game,
i also don't really have anything to respond, ageplay is alright i guess

not sure why youd want that, itd never last and then youd be too old
and being feminine is nowhere near as great as you think

I'd love a submissive/slave boyfriend, but I want one who obeys/serves me because he enjoys doing so, not just because he cant deal with the responsibilities and choices of life on his own. It'd feel like exploitation to be with a guy who has no other choice but to look for a relationship like this, idk. If a DS relationship is truly what he wanted, then Id be okay with being his domme.
Oh, and user, you got this wrong. You dont have to be a twink or a woman to be a sub. Anyone can be a sub, all you need is the desire to submit, literally nothing else. Just like I dont have to be a 6 foot tall amazonian woman to be into femdom (im 5'1 lol), you dont have to be a feminine skinny guy to be into submission.
Dont give up on your dreams, user.

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Why isn't it?

I mean i'd enjoy it outside of me being a fuck up but perhaps the root cause of the enjoyment would still be that idk.
And to the last part, i'd say you don't need to be feminine but that it makes it a lot lot easier, at least at first, right? It feels awkward imagining me getting dommed.

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This saddens me, my friend

>5'1 domme
W-what are you into...?

What there could make you sad user?

>Why isn't it?
people don't take you seriously, it doesn't age well, if you're straight women won't find you as attractive and those who do usually have bpd/issues where they feel a need to be in control, if you're gay the wrong kind of gays will find you attractive mainly being prison gays and the like who only see you as a sex object
I could go on but the point is that it has a lot of downsides and that you shouldn't think it would fulfill your life if you were it, you'd only feel as if though you lacked/wanted something else and what you really need to do is find a purpose in life (no not being locked in a cage)

I live for attention

Are those women worthwhile if being feminine puts them off? Seems like a way to get rid of vain women from a dating pool. Plus I think it's getting more and more common/acceptable.

I am also trying to find a purpose in life outside of this, I just wanted to vent something.

have another (you)

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But I don't just want (You)s I want my fetishes acknowledged

>Are those women worthwhile if being feminine puts them off?
I'm sure you wouldn't date a fat hog
attraction has to be there to make something happen in the first place and it's not like you end up getting the cream of the top just because some "vain" (it's not vain but lets say it is) women won't want you, you just have even less options to go for

I wouldn't date a really fat woman but I would date a tomboy.

Then make a thread about them?

tomboy as in a butch masculine-looking woman or as in a sportsy cute girl?

Shit I didn't really think that through, I wouldn't be very attracted to a butch masculine-looking woman but I think the personality trait is good.

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Why would I do that when this thread is already related to them?

Stacy with short hair.

>Is anyone else that much of a fuck up that they just want to submit to someone in a fucked up bdsm relationship?
I do. I'm managing to scrape by in life but it's constant stress and unsatisfying to the point that I hate it.
There are no girls that would want to dom like that and like you I'm not a girl or trap so there's no chance of it happening.

A plan I've had for a couple years now for when I'm making more than I do now, I've wanted a houseboy really badly. Just a cute, feminine boy or boyish girl to serve me, my gf and some of my more open friends whenever they're over. The plan is to pay them a living wage to live at my house and do anything I request of them during predetermined work hours.
I figure I'd mainly use them as a live-in maid with the occasional demand to wear a lovense vibrator while working or to suck my dick, etc.
I think the goal is to make sure they can still grow as adults and find real work but in the meantime offer them a place to live for menial labor and casual sex. Not aiming to ruin a life here.

That sounds nice, you could probably find plenty of interested people.

how do i arrange a fucked up bdsm relationship? I'm a 24 yr old hon but i wanna have some hedonistic depraved kinky fun
before I'm a washed up 30 yr old

>24 yr old hon
The hon part is going to be your biggest obstacle. What are the main things that are clocking you?

my face is the biggest problem
I have a twink body
but a hideous face

a heroes of newerth?

>my face is the biggest problem
What's so hideous about it?
Are you on hrt?

it's just manly looking and not in a good way

I'm not a footfag, but I'm pretty darn sure that if I had an older sister and she wanted me to lick her feet, I'd lick 'em really good for her.

Uhm, why is the first thing that comes to mind an older sister?

>TFW Sayuri will never be my sub slave

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Well idk what to tell you user. Depending on how feminine your body is you might just have to have your depraved kinky fun with a gay guy.

Who's that user? Bit of a weird thing to post in this thread..

Diapers! :D

>who is sayuri?

Holy shit how new are you?

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Fuck off tranny chaser

In that doujin she is literally his older sister.

>implying you wouldnt fucc sayuri

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Wouldn't touch any tranny with a 10 foot pole. If he wasn't a tranny sure

I'm open to new experiences, as always, but there are some things I know I'm into. I've never had actual sex but I have dommed quite a few times before, and Ive come to the conclusion that some of the thinks I like doing to subs are bondage, forced servitude, forced masturbation, orgasm control and impact play (riding crop is my favorite). Something I personally love is to wear corsets and heels, and I consequently am pretty into boot/high heel worship. Other than that Im pretty open to explore, any type of DS relationship is enjoyable to me and Id be willing to adapt to a partner's wishes.
What are you into, user?

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Oh, lame. Extremely vanilla

I'm into verbal abuse, rape, public humiliation, petplay, maybe some minor body modification (like tattoos or piercings), and of course [spoilers]diapers and ageplay[/spoiler]

Goddamn ruined the spoiler. Oh well.

I never put much thought into body mods as in tattoos and piercings, but I have branded a guy before and I thoroughly enjoyed it. That counts as body mod, but its definitely not minor lol. Verbal abuse is fun as well.
Im not that into rape play, because Id rather have someone who submits to me completely than someone who fights back, even if its just roleplay. Just sounds like too much work, desu. Brats as well, they are a pain in the ass. Petplay isnt my thing either, as Im into being either a regular domme or a mommy, not a pet keeper.
About public humiliation, as fun as it may seem, its not that realistic, because more often than not people arent truly willing to do stuff in public. Finding people who would be willing to watch would probably be hell too.
Maybe I came off as reasonably vanilla, but I like 24/7 BDSM relationships and not just play, as in my partner being a househusband while I bring home the money, so he's completely dependent of me. The play is merely the icing on the cake in my opinion.

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>Maybe I came off as reasonably vanilla, but I like 24/7 BDSM relationships and not just play, as in my partner being a househusband while I bring home the money, so he's completely dependent of me. The play is merely the icing on the cake in my opinion.
I wish more women wanted this, sounds great honestly.

>24/7 BDSM relationship
As long as it doesnt end up legitimately abusive that sounds pretty hot desu. Now I have a new fetish

>no sex but bdsm
Thats kinda appealing.
Im a (male) virgin but the very few times I did dom someone were quiet intense and didnt make me miss intercourse those nights.

>Im into being either a regular domme or a mommy
>or a mommy

Mommy user plz respond

This, I have failed at so much, I feel like the only thing that could give my life some sort of meaning at this point would be serving someone.

Would you be willing to go back to diapers? Start fresh? No responsibilities at all, until you're ready to learn some of the most basic skills, like potty training