Awhile back I saw a picture of a gallon of milk costing $20, either it was in Canada or some country in Europe...

Awhile back I saw a picture of a gallon of milk costing $20, either it was in Canada or some country in Europe. Is it because of the VAT tax you guys have imposed there? I know this Yang guy wants to impose the same kind of VAT here, in the USA. Can anyone tell about me it and how regressive it might be?

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$23.51 chicken drumsticks in Canada

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I don't know if it's because I'm brasilian but wow, this is really expensive mate

It's because their money is comparable to monopoly money.

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that shit looks like overfed fat crap
even in eastern europe we get better quality (can compare to home fed chicken) and it costs 7-8eur/kg, hell you can get a whole 2kg+ chicken for 4eur

somethin dont sound right I cant imagine a society functioning where they dont have much more value in their dollar then ours but the average grocery store trip costs 3000 dollars

not possible something about this is made up. you cant possibly spend 20 dollars for one food item every day grocery shopping would be over 1000 dollars

petrol is cheaper than milk where i am


yea me too dude... so what? I paid 2.70 for a half gallon of almond milk and its 2.99 for a gallon of gas. that has nothing to do with chicken wings costing 30 dollars

I believe it. I am an American and whenever I buy goods it always compares the Canadian prices and how its the double the cost of what the US charges us American consumers

i dont think you understand that the dollars have two different values. thats literally all that is its the conversation rate.

Yang wants to exclude basic goods from VAT so that it wont hurt the poor. He wishes to place higher tax on luxury goods that are more likely to purchased by the rich though. Yang's version of VAT is actually something like a luxury tax

who gives a shit yang wont win, screenshot this

They said this exact same shit in Canada

>almond milk
Disgusting. Why even.

>he exclusively drinks cow's milk
>a liquid filled with natural animal estrogens
Have fun with your new pair of tits

those expensive food picturs are from alaska. has nothing to do with taxes. transporting goods to a harsh and isolated part of the world is just costly

Jesus. That is some expensive chicken.
Can any Canada anons comment on whether that's some fancy brand or expensive shop? I find it hard to believe that's the normal price for plain chicken.

Australia's known for having a high cost of living but I bought some chicken drumsticks a week ago and they cost me $4.50 a kilo.

VAT wouldn't be enough to explain such a big difference in price. We have the Goods and Services Tax here and sure, it adds 10% to the cost of our goods and services but it's only 10%.

They're not though. The label clearly says Saskatoon which according to google maps doesn't look all that isolated.

Here are Burger King prices from Quebec. A cheeseburger is close to $20.

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I mean, the prices aren't all that much lower in the US. You could pay a few dollars more here and go to a sit down restaurant.

Mfw Aus Burger King sells a whopper, cheeseburger, 3 nuggets, fries and a drink for less than a Canadian whopper meal even before I account for exchange rates.

And our minimum wage is almost twice theirs.

Hang on, are you rusing me?
That price appears to be in Swiss francs or CHF, not CAD.

It's a CHF menu, Switzerland really is that expensive.

I literally ate there yesterday for under $5, what shithole do you live in?