Hope you lads have remembered to get your dad something for Father's Day edition

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I didn't get him anything, what has that fucker ever done for me? You know, apart from working hard all his life to provide for me and give me everything I ever asked for and loved me unconditionally.


Original comment I swear on me muver

Nah he walked out when I was a baby fuck him. Got my step-dad a nice card though

Cola's bf is ashamed of dating cola.
Censored pics proves it.

Someone PLEASE rescue him to the United States so that he doesn't have to deal with the vile pathetic cowards in this country

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Lifting lads what kind of cool down exercises do you do?

This game is fucking great

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but fuck paying twenny qui

whys this place obsessed with an mtfg tranny whore

Sick of this Hollyoaks drama bullshit

Hello I am lifting lad.
>tfw read this post 5 times trying to figure out what a 'down' exercise was

I still don't know what you mean by a cooldown exercise though

>tfw no asmr gf

Maybe their just a meme then. Thought they were meant to calm your body down and help prevent injury/DOMS

Because we're all so so very alone.

I've been really enjoying it to lad. My only issue so far is I still don't have the fucking broadsword after 4 hours. Thats the only problem with the random generation.

Could do some stretches on a roller
Some light jogging on treadmill, it's all about lowering your heart rate slowly

Then date me gdi

gonna dedicate my life to being male

You can do static stretches before your workout if you want, that might help prevent injuries. I don't do any stretching or cooldown exercises though and I've only been injured once, DOMS stops happening after your noob gains are done

cola's bf is a murderer, obviously, he doesn't want his face out there.

Are you a nonce?
You sound like one.

Feel like you could aim higher tbqh

For the seventh time in my life I shall buy a pack of dumbbells, use them for a week and then allow them to gather dust in the corner until they go missing.

No but beanboy is

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They arent socks m8 how are you losing dumbells?

Gonna dedicate my life to posting on /Britfeel/

SJW trash game that damages the Zelda brand


tfw no Belorussian ASMR gf to steal my genetic material without my consent

kek, spiclad is done for.

Think they go missing every time I move house/flat, probably just forget to take them with me because they're stuffed in the back of a cupboard or something.

Which service stations are the best?
Moto, Welcome Break, Happy Stopper or Extra?

It gets even better

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welcome break
happy stopper

>19 with a 17 year old
Nonce hunters are getting more retarded by the day unfortunately

Am I supposed to know or care who this Mexican is?

thought this post was really cute and deserved a (You) :)

>nonce apologist
ok retard

I worked in welcome break for 10 years
nice fish and chips but I'd never pay 8 quid for it

who posted his id, and why?

I've heard eating carbs is bad if you're trying to lose weight but I've been to Japan and they all eat rice by the fucking bucket full while staying skinny.

Even if he's some spic, this is /BRITFEEL/ and here the age of consent is 16. If you don't like it then fuck off back to /yankfeel/

Someone literally just asked him and he complied

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Japs have no muscle and are basically chub attached to bones.

Carbs are sugar user. If you want to lose weight, would you think eating loads of sugar is a good idea?

It's sugar that really makes you fat in my experience

Almost as if it's about calories, not carbs

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being critical is a good thing, despite what people tell you

>this is /PEDOFEEL/
you're a well of comedy!

Carbs are not bad. Too many carbs are.

I'd happily fuck a 16 year old in her tight pink pussy. A 15 year old too if it were legal

AOC in Mexico is probably about 12

Checked most of what I eat and it's all absolutely loaded with sugar haha I'm fucked.

he really is a fucking retard lol

*eats a large kebab and chips every day*
wtf why am I getting fat the Japanese eat rice

and i bet you'd fuck a 14 year old too, you creepy fuck

I've seen it a while back.
Can't wait for the party van to turn up.

You have no idea the extents

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litterally flawless I'd get huge
>b-but muh shoulders
they'll be fine
>b-but muh legs
no one cares faggot

Do your part! Hope this fucker gets deported

Same! We shouldnt have this scum in England

you got this absolute retard to deal with too

>no one cares faggot

Never hitting lower body or abs
Why do you hate having peak physique

How can u get out of unpaid wageslave tomorrow?

Why would you even consider working for free

>cola literally has hiv

Gonna do some workposting today to make up for the lack of moni in your lives yesterday

what??? really f

A blessing for /britfeel/ on Fathers Day. I hope you and your dads can enjoy this day together.
Special blessing for those who can't be with their dads today. May you receive positive fatherly energy from another source.

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Haha cause I'm an autist and it's VALUABLE Experience haha so they just ship me off to do shitty manual retail despite being educated to university level haha ha

>working on a Sunday

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You get your dad anything for fathers day?

what did you do do at university lad

Fuck so much for cucking Len lol
Im O U T

Newest thing from the job centre. Put the autists in retail jobs for 'work experience' despite most of them being intelligent in some field e.g. computers, science, engineering etc
All without paying them
Autists are the new slave labour force

Computer science innit
Fucking hated uni

That's so grim. I think that would actually work on me and force me to get a job because working for free would drive me fucking mental.

I've been told that because I'm on benefits it's not working for free lol despite not being on jobcentre bennies but ESA and pip

well unless you're in the support group on ESA you do have to do things for the bennies like go to group meetings and free labor and shit so they're right

I'm glad I was neet during the golden age of bennies. All I ever had to do was sign my name and lie about job searches. It sounds rough these days.

nothing stopping me ordering a large pizza and a few side orders
absolutely nothing in the world

Have you tried getting a job working with computers? I'm guessing even if you told the job centre about your qualifications they still wouldn't help. Most they'd do is try to put you on a level 1 computer course with the spackers or get you to volunteer at a spacker computer group in a church they tried to do this with me, mental health services do the same there is no support for people with whatever disability who are intelligent
How much is your ESA? PIP does NOT count as employment income. Divide the amount of ESA you get by the hours you are being forced to work. If it works out to less than minimum wage for your age group then tell them about it

I am in support group, the work experience is through a servicr that helps autists and not related at all

>can't survive on a planet we're basically designed to survive on
>lets go to mars so we can survive on a planet that we're not designed for

>modern slavery

then why not cut off from the service if you don't want to do it and your bennies don't depend on it?

Because it looks like I'm trying to get help even though I know I will never function fully in a work place
The case worker they have me with is a wanker anyway and the service has largely been useless

so you're complaining about working for free whilst choosing to work for free?

I know what you mean but I'm between a rock and a hard place, my mum and stuff would give me shit for not sticking it out despite it being largely useless experience because I'm not even being trained as if I was an actual employee

Why do wanks when you just wake up feel so underwhelming?

but if you can managed to do unpaid work why can you not get a job?

Lad just don't go tomorrow. These new 'helping autists into work' services are a scam, they are using autists as FREE labour. They are private companies essentially functioning as an agency without having to pay the workers.

What big computer related companies are near you? Email some of them saying you're an autist who wants work experience. They might even give you a proper job if you're good but at least it will be relevant experience.

ikr? idk ive always wondered that myself

Would like a bit of KFC right now with some gravy

Extra, name any service station in the country and I'll give you my review of it

Pakimode or what? Jesus.

Not even a side of coleslaw?

He's a good boi who din do nufin wrong

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>killer the thread with personality drama from another fucking country