Why do some of you even want a gf? Never would work

Why do some of you even want a gf? Never would work

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Your parents and their parents made it work.

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the grass is greener is why

Sex, hugs and general human warmth on a daily basis, can go do stuff with her that I can't or wouldn't feel comfortable doing on my own, the list goes on..

Hitler also made it work

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Hitler has charisma though

Different era

>Youll never chernobyl for the first time ever again

graphite is safe

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>Sex on a daily basis
Confirmed for never having a gf

the LID is off, the STACK is burning

First of all you should probably learn to read, but more importantly WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU ARE??

You are not telling me anything I didnt already know, comrade.

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why didnt he jump in

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wtf that's my waifu!

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shes coming for you user

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>that pic
It's totally possible to fuck 19-year olds as a 30-year old just go for boys

to have someone eat my butt out of love


Imagine thinking healthy couples don't have sex at least once most days. You won't fuck literally every day, and you may even go a week without, but if you are dating and not fucking at LEAST 4 days a week on average you are just like one of those human battery pods from The Matrix.

Well yeah, graphite is just a form of Carbon. It's a pretty inert things and we've been using it for pencil lead since forever. Like just about anything though it isn't so safe after it's been next to Uranium.

>It's a pretty inert things
Why do I always type out something retarded? I wasn't like this a few years ago. I think my brain is melting. Gonna have to start proof reading all my posts before hitting the post button.